Why Kids Kill Kids


By Bill Burkett

Violence in public schools is rooted deep in the subsoils of our public educational system. This is not just another commentary analyzing the violence in the public schools. THIS IS THE ANSWER TO CHAOS!

Its not gun laws we need to turn the nation away from violence and hostility – you cannot legislate violent behavior. You must change the behavior by taming the beast inside of man! Behavior issues from the inner man and the latent qualities which he develops as he passes through his environment in growth. Learning moral values and developing a young persons character qualities should be a top priority of the educational process. The moral character of people who make up a society and for that reason should be the supreme priority of the educational system of any nation that wants to establish a secure and peaceful society. Character is behind all failures as well as successes from the white house to the School house.

Most of us have seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you can read this, thank a teacher?” I always liked that sticker. I think I can say that most teachers in today’s educational system do not agree with everything the educators send down the pike to the local schools. These good teachers are a very special asset to our nation. They are underpaid and not heralded nearly enough for what they do for our young people and our nation.

We have some good teachers, and thank God for every one of them, they are excellent role models with values that leave right impressions on their students. But we have too many teachers today who are the product of new teaching philosophies, the new morality and situation ethics; teachers that teach sex and will not mention abstinence as the only guarantee against pregnancy, scalding tears and mental anguish; Teachers that show X-rated films to their debate classes (as one teacher at Columbine did and was vindicated by the local courts) just before the massacre there.

The one thing today’s top educators don’t understand is education!


kids kill kids

They can talk it academically and theoretically but their ties to the system and their commitment to unproven teaching techniques advocated by the educational aristocracy only takes us further into the quagmire of immorality and tragedy. They attempt to educate the mind, the reservoir of human intelligence, but then completely ignore the intelligence of the heart (conscience) reveals a serious flaw of bigotry in modern educators. Both the mind and the heart possess the capacity of intelligence and both are centers of intelligence needing to be intellectually nurtured and brought to maturity. Both of these soul centers have the capacity to perform intelligently. The present educational system is focused on the brain having failed miserably to achieve education of the heart center, to recognize both of these centers and provide the proper and balanced development of intellectual and moral values in youth. We are only now beginning to reap the harvest of this blunder. It is a classic example of the stupidity of “intellectual worldliness.” Isn’t this great, we have an educational system that is doing nothing to develop the character, the moral intelligence in our young people! We hear speeches, pass laws against guns and fill the media with philosophical solutions to the problem of violence and killing in the public schools. We have placed metal detectors at the entrances and armed police on guard in school halls. Keep it up! its only going to get worse so long as you refuse to recognize the supreme importance of character education. Furthermore, its not going to stop the escalation of violence. Politicians void of moral values themselves make fair speeches that strike fear into the hearts of simple minded citizens making them believe that the whole problem is guns and that new laws must be implemented to restrict the sale of guns. These political eggheads demonize organizations such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) for standing in the way of more gun controls. But none of these people have once hit on the real problem behind school violence and the takeover of schools and streets by our kids. These gun control advocates who speak in calm assuring tones and with such proper grammar are themselves the very cause of the violence and the utter degradation of the last two generations of our society! Our problem is that Satan has outsmarted the intellectuals making them think that religious morals are not needed to have a better society and by that persuasion he has put them on a self destruction course. Those at the top of our educational system in America, beginning with the legislators on up to the White House, are responsible for the moral impoverishment of our youth.

One news wire entitled Crime Spike Caused by Youth and gang Violence, writes; “WASHINGTON — Increasing violence among teenagers and other youths appears to have contributed to a nationwide crime spike, the Justice Department said Tuesday. Gangs and gun violence are partly to blame for the rise in crime that is on pace to increase for the second straight year, says Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in a prepared speech.”

The only way to offset a crime spike it to create a character spike inside the public educational program IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM!

Guns are made to be the “the fall guy” because they are visible and can’t talk back.

But, a gun is not bad or good. They can be dangerous but they cannot be good or bad. The thing that makes a gun dangerous is when that gun is held in the hand of dangerous person – it is not in the gun itself (you dummies!). It’s the character our social values and educational system has produced – not the gun itself.

It seems to be a rather simple deduction that the real cause of violence is not in the gun (or the knife or the fast cars) but in the man holding the gun. That “guns” are in themselves intrinsically bad is a falsehood that sounds good to the simple minded . If that were true, then even the police would not carry guns – but in the hands of a policeman that gun becomes good to defend the innocent.

Why can’t an educated person see the true cause of the problem?

The character of the person holding the gun determines
whether gun is good or bad.

So, why don’t we see that the problem is societal and caused by lack of character values of the individual and then start immediately to treat the real problem and start passing legislation that will reverse the real problem.


Guns are bad when in the hands of bad people. You will change the gun problem when you change the character of those who hold guns. Hilary Clinton made a remark to the effect “That growing up includes a person learning how to control their impulses.” This is quite a statement coming from the Clintons. But, let’s give her credit for one thing; She came very close to the need of blaming character for bad conduct when she made this statement. Why doesn’t Mrs. Clinton go on to advocate a character development program in our school curriculum?

May we also add here that all societal evils are the result of the American society turning from the Christian perspective of producing a society of moral values based on altruism (a moral value system that seeks the good of others above self) and turning to the humanist obsession with the sciences as being able to give us better answers … and for that splendid bit of stupidity look at the mess we are in !!! and remember, what is happening in our schools, reflects what our next generation of society will be.

I repeat, derelict government educators and proponents of a Godless educational system in the classroom are the cause of the present moral dilemma in our public schools!


Phyllis Schlafly writes in one of her excellent reports; “For the past 25 years, the prevailing dogma in public school teaching has been Values Clarification (as in the tremendously influential 1972 book of the same name by Sidney Simon). That means teaching students to reject ‘the old moral and ethical standards,’ and instead ‘make their own choices’ and ‘build their own value system.’ “

Educators play a major role in character education of the heart and conscience as well as secular eduacation of the mind. More than even most parents they spend more time with young learners than the parents and they are, you know, educators. form the character of each generation. That group of educators at the top that formulate the methodologies of classroom curriculum is the same group of people who control the minds that mold the lives of our children and grandchildren. Many of these people are committed to destroying the Christian value system and in its place follow the Sidney Simon philosophy that teaches our kids to reject the old Christian moral value system and form their own amoral values.

While behavioral values needed in the educational system are the same qualities taught in Jewish and Christian scriptures (right and wrong behavior is a universal factor), these values can be taught without reference to a religious entity. Most national religions teach a moral code of proper behavior. If the system can teach sex without moral values then they are certainly capable at the same time to teach moral values without sex.

The sensitivity training program being eaten up by brainwashed educators is designed to destroy Christian sensitivities and make the trainees insensitive to moral values they may have that are derived from values instilled in them by their parents and Sunday School teachers. There has been a calculated effort to remove God from the education equation and one of the results has been the merging and more frequent psychopathic killings. The only concern of educators is to raise the level of academic achievement in graduates, but they even flunked that test! with no concern whatsoever for moral values and character. Did it ever dawn on the educators that just maybe instilling moral is part of their job as educators? They will not grasp this until they grasp the importance of the development of the whole person? This is what the Bible teaches America and in better times they heeded it.

The reason we have dummies coming out of our school systems that can’t count change, read or spell decently is because dummies can’t teach dummies! I have taught at university level for years and I know how important it was to my students that I wove into my lectures and class discussions moral values. I am still receiving email from students thanking me for teaching them good morals years after being in my classes. I am not inditing the teacher in the classroom as much as I am those who impose amoral curricula and educational techniques on teachers that dumb down the student morally and leave him or her without moral moorings. Its the system being put on the teachers that does not allow the classroom teacher to successfully develop his/her students as every good teacher wants to do. The cause of most of our social ills as a nation is the stupidity being displayed by intellectuals who think you can educate young people without developing their character values simultaneously. When we don’t pursue both levels as being equally vital we get what we’ve got today – a system that produces some twisted minds.

When we return to teaching moral values in the classroom again with strong discipline and lots a love – you will be able to forget the gun laws because they won’t be needed any more.

You bunch of dummies! Why can’t you see the bond between the development of intellect and character?

Intelligence apart from character produces Hitlers and Stalins and serial killers and shooting rampages by deranged kid killers.

Your immoral and amoral educational philosophies and experimentation using our kids as guinea pigs is doing more to destroy America from within that any of her enemies from without. We are allowing these badly informed (at college level) educators to lead our nation into the abyss of moral permissiveness and promiscuity. They go right on practicing their disproved and demoralizing theories of sensitivity training and self esteem. It is not sensitivity! It is desensitizing the conscience and stripping our kids and teachers of every value they were taught before they entered the secular classroom. America, wake up and grow up! Your following the wrong politically correct eggheads.

We’re all tired of hearing about the Columbine High School massacre and now the Virginia Tech massacre. But I am coming to the conclusion that those politicians and educators in charge of our public school systems, are either conspiring to remove all traces of Christian values from school systems or they are stupid – one of the two – some of them may be both. In either case they are not fit to be leaders or educators. Analyzing what happened to Cho at Virginia Tech is an exercise in futility. You’re barking up the wrong tree! You people who seem to be so interested in stopping this carnage had better wake up to the realization that this is a result of producing amoral homo sepiens who have been robbed by the educational system of learning about the moral value system that could have made them very useful to society and saved scores of lives in the process. But they were deprived of a systematic education on moral values, ethics, altruism and grooming.

The answer!

Look at the curriculum in any public school today. It is completely void of character development subjects or programs. The educators could turn America around and save it from it’s inevitable judgment if they would include Social Ethics and Business Ethics; Grooming sessions in the form of a finishing school for girls and boys.

Classes on moral values and behavioral principles built into the class schedules from grade 1 through 12 would change America and restore to her to the greatness she has lost. Or, should I say, save her from what is being taken from her by the low life morals projected by the dollar loving entertainment industry and its’ celebrities, the perverted sports industry and the political swill being crammed down the throats of naive kids with gullible minds.

Moral Values; Inter social relationships between young and old; Beginning with the first grade as a required session at least twice a week covering such character developing subjects as Manners, Decency, propriety, Courtesy and Proper Respect for others and especially all symbols of authority; Promote the cultural arts, and then above all, every graduate coming out of high school with a separate certificate of achievement for completing ninety six hours of study in Altruism!

Religion wouldn’t even have to be a part of the program but include universal moral principles that would be in every moralistic religion – just common decency and propriety could instill character qualities that would change the destiny of America. For starters, a study of a list of all virtues and vices would have dramatic effect on our kids starting in middle school. But, instead we are teaching about condoms, four letter words and promiscuity – and then ask, why? when another school is shot up and teachers and students lie in their blood in the school house. Teaching virtue and character qualities that too many parents are not teaching is the ANSWER.

Thank God, we still have thousands of parents across the land who teach their children moral values and respect for authority. These are the parents producing the only good element of kids out there – they’re outnumbered, but there are still many of them. Every once in awhile you meet an outstandingly polite teenager. But he didn’t learn those values in school -he/she learned them at home. What a pity that our schools can teach sex and encourage promiscuity but they haven’t got the sense to teach moral values. Not all, but many high school students, especially in groups of three or more, you meet on the streets and in the malls are loud and boisterous taking up a whole side of the concourse. They often show little or no respect to the elderly or what other people think.

These are the signs of poor character. If its taught by the parent – good – then when that young person goes to school and learns the same thing in an academic atmosphere he/she will learn why the parents place value on good manners and courtesy toward others. There is no breach of the First Amendment in teaching values that enhance the social structure and insure happiness for each kid’s future. Prisons would drop in population, crime rates would plummet and millions would be saved in taxes we now pay to cover the cost of crime. But will the “brainy bunch” see the light? We can only pray they someday will – but the reality is that these people will not ever acknowledge something they simply do not believe in – good moral character.

All character building subjects are scoffed at by the NEA. This is the epitome of intellectual arrogance – splendid idiocy! The educational system along with the judicial system is where the socialist free thinkers have infiltrated to cram their humanist theories of emancipation down the throats of Christian America. We have produced two amoral generations through the new morality educational system that fails at every fad program they promote and feed into the life streams of our kids. The answer: Teach character values apart from religion as a part of school curriculum; Take away the power of the social services; Make kids subservient to parents and symbols of authority again and give the authority you’ve given kids back to the parents. We have enough laws on the statute books to put away the violent parent. 90% of our problems would dissipate within the next generation if we would begin now to instill strong character building courses in the public school systems of America. Put character education and character development at the top of our school learning priorities where it belongs and watch all the laws we’ve enacted become obsolete! This is not an oversimplified solution. Our problem is rotten character development.

Don’t dare place the blame on the parents, either! Many parents have their kids hurt or spoiled by the influences of the public school syndrome – immoral teachers, thug students and the lewd sex education curricula. They could have all been saved if the power of a proper education had been in place at the school where it happened. As someone so aptly said, “You took down the Ten Commandments from the schoolhouse walls and now you have to hose the blood of the students from the walls you removed the commandments from.” They stopped them from praying when the class day begins, now they all want to pray when they hear the crack of guns spewing death and pray again in the aftermath of the slaughter, and then pray again when they attend the funerals of the dead. Mrs. Clinton piously offered a moment of silent prayer in one of her recent speeches (5/99). Why doesn’t she espouse prayer in the public schools if she believes in prayer?

The root of the problem is that we have failed to educate our kids to be what we want them to be – good! The socialists have produced that generation of godless kids without traditional moral values they claim they need to build the new world society of the next millennium, but your new society is doomed because you cannot build any kind of society without the moral character of the God of the Bible! The lessons in the history books you teach from proves that! The violence we are witnessing today is the product of the humanists dreamers who sit at the top of the system and dictate their ideologies downward to the common people, all based on the perverted sciences of depraved people. It’s sad to the common people respond to them almost as if they were gods. Wake up, America! Your problem is not guns! Your problem is the nit-wits at the top of the educational system who have advocated an educational program that supports the amoral element of dummies with diplomas coming out of the schools with no character values instilled. We have encouraged the proliferation of immorality and the base appetites and then call them the liberated generation. Yes, the prisons are full of people who have the “liberated” mentality – free to do what they like, incontinent and violent. They know how to use prophylactics but they don’t have the slightest interest in character values. This is the product of an educational program that does not understand the true meaning education.

Good kids are good because of the values their parents and their pastors taught them in spite of the libertine school environment. Kids without good parents brooding over them, teaching them right values, come out of the school systems more interested in pierced tongues, fornication and tattoos having no idea what it means to be dedicated to the good of others around them. The national directors of our educational system have wrongly desensitized (the whole purpose of sensitivity training) our kids to right and wrong and laugh in their seminars at anyone who dares mention abstinence and moral integrity based on the traditional biblical teachings of Christ. The result of these “professional absurdities” is now being seen in the rash of violence breaking out across the nation on school campuses – Columbine being one of the prime examples of what our educators have produced. Now that the results have come in, you won’t admit YOU produced this amoral mess and want to blame it on guns. It is this pride of the gurus that will not admit the error that their ideologies, the ones their professors at University pawned off on them are not working and they will not work because they are void of the excellence of character.

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