When Salt is Good for Nothing


Bill Burkett

Salt magnified shows it in its 4-square crystalline shape. Check some salt sometime under a magnifying glass. Salt has many wonderful qualities but when it loses its savor (taste) it’s good for nothing! Matthew 5:13.

I. Salt is a type of God’s preserving power in the redeemed. Jesus first said, YE (you, the Christian, the church) are the salt of the earth. Then He said that if the salt loses its savor (flavor, taste, saltiness) it is GOOD FOR NOTHING and thrown out on the ground for men to trod under foot. The power of salt is to preserve meats and other perishables from spoilage. Every animal sacrifice that was to be offered by the priests to the Lord upon the altar of sacrifice had to be salted with salt. Mark 9:49. Salt is a preservative that even today is rubbed into meats in some developing countries where refrigeration is not available. Stacks of meat including beef, lamb, swine and fish are stacked high all covered with salt in the market places. Anything offered to the Lord had to have the salt rubbed into it to insure the sacrifice was not corrupted or impure.

II. Salt is also a type of speech that has preserving qualities. Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Salt itself is not just a preserving agent of perishables, but it is also a type of preserving peace between men. Preserving speech in a man indicates a person who can control the body in every other sector of his life. Read James 3:2. With our words we can foster peace and love between the brethren or we can cause division and heartache. Scripture tells us there is a time when evil must be rebuked and the wicked and disobedient must be shamed before the church that the church may fear and avoid sin. 1 Timothy 5:20. But those are rare occasions when the church is threatened by evil doers influenced by devilish spirits and influences. But the normal Christian speech throughout his normal everyday life should be with words that tend to bond of us together in love breathing goodness and peace into the hearers. Romans 12:9; Galatians 2:13; James. 3:8. Kindly speech will have a preserving effect that will want to see brethren encouraged and strengthened in the faith. Salt preserves the goodness of a thing and kind words preserves the goodness of the body of Christ.

III. Salt adds flavor to our food as mentioned by Job who many Bible scholars believe lived before the Patriarchs and Abraham. He said, Can anything that is unsavory be eaten without salt? Job 6:6. Salt has a savor that enhances the flavor of anything it is added to moderately. Salt was also precious in the days of Christ. It was a sought after seasoning. Roman soldiers were paid with salt and who then bartered and sold it to others for their keep. Hence we have the common proverb that says a lazy man is not worth his salt. But if salt loses that savor it is good for nothing! It has no preserving power, it adds no savor to the food its added to and it does nothing to strengthen the brethren and minister peace to the body. We must remember that we are all carrying around the dead weight of a depraved nature in an enticing world in an untoward generation, and that we are all struggling against sin sensuality and Satan. We`are all in the same battle struggling against common enemies! We all have flaws, some of which we may not have noticed or admit. We sure don’t need to add nasty criticisms to the list of enemies we are already struggling against! NO! We should be encouraging one another and if there is sin, withdraw. On our ACTSion.com pages we will expose sin and apostasy and all evil influences that defy or attack the teaching of Christ and the apostle’s doctrine. But among ourselves as brethren we must show some latitude in our attitude with kindnesses without compromise.

We are the salt of the Earth as God’s children. We must speak out against the corrupting forces and resist them, disallowing them to corrupt my immediate world around me and wherever I can be an influence for good. I will speak out against evils about earthly things on these pages that may have a political tone. I want all the visitors to my pages to be assured that we will avoid endorsing or supporting any political party but will strike out at all evil influences that raises it’s evil head against the truths of God’s precious eternal Word. We are the SALT OF THE EARTH. Our job is to preserve the institutions of the living God.




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