What is a Liberal


by Bill Burkett

Just recently in an Evansville paper Bonnie Erbe wrote in a column under the heading, FROM THE LEFT, how a “Christian group ends battle on gay marriage, fights abortion.” So, here goes FROM THE RIGHT. Several of her statements needed to be addressed and redressed. This lady declares she is speaking as a leftist. There are hundreds and thousands of people across America’s fruited plains who think just like her who advocate the moral philosophy of the Left’s neo-socialism.

Erbe states, Imagine how much time and energy the so-called Christian organizations are wasting, I mean devoting, trying to lobby gay marriage out of existence. Why, they could probably use that same time and energy to build homes for homeless Americans. My, my, what a humane thing to say. Uh, Ms. Erbe, our president appropriated 20.3 million dollars to immigrate Palestinian Muslims from Gaza that includes members of Hamas, a terrorist organization. You could build a lot of homes for the American homeless with that 20.3 million dollars – could you not! This is the philosophy the Left embraces using my taxes and yours to bring thousands of Muslim’s into the United States. No Muslim – not one single Muslim should be allowed to enter the USA without first being screened and made to sign a document denouncing the Muslim doctrine that Israel must be wiped off the map and declare that Israel does have a right to exist, and all teaching of Islam that calls for the death of Americans wherever they can be found. Furthermore any Muslim who enters the United States of America denounce any part of any Muslim effort to establish sharia law anywhere in the USA under the penalty of deportation if they in any way violate the paper they saigned upon entering the United States. They should also be required to have on their person an ID card proving they are here legally and have signed the paper denouncing the Muslim call for the death of Americans and Jews. To allow Muslim’s into America who hate America and call for the genocide of Israel is splendid idiocy on the part of this administration! Where are the legislators “Americans” voted into office who took an oath to protect and defend our nation?

This 20.3 million dollars also provides for these terrorists their housing while many Americans are homeless. With that 20.3 million dollars Mr. Obama is giving assistance to Muslims in the Middle East while our own unemployed families are suffering from his socialist economic policies?

These people on the left are so naïve about realities. Leftists believe anyone who does not embrace their Leftists agenda to bring down the traditional values of Christian/Constitutional America are poor backward uneducated and simple minded people that need elite intellectual professionals like Ms. Erbe to advise and govern them. The Leftist believes they are the ones who know what is best for those who do not accept the new socialism merging in America under this president. If we do not accept their leftist agenda then they are here to protect us from our ignorance and stupidity. I think of leftists with that superior attitude as Ms. Erbe as pseudo Americans. “They is, but they ain’t.”

A good example of this the way the Left tried every semantic trick in the play book to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of simple minded uniformed illiterates as a passing phenomena when in reality this spontaneous movement was the reaction of “We the people.” It’s “We the people,” who will stand to the last man to restore government to the people who believe in the immutable principles of the Constitution of the United States and if it fails a greater movement will rise with a greater power of the people.

The leftist when let to keep talking will always spill the beans and expose their superior attitude. Such as, making insolent remarks about the “antiquated parts of the Bible.” May I recommend to all of you leftists a book entitled, Final Authority by William P. Grady, a fully documented history of the bible and its impact on the nations and the world up to the present. Anyone with any knowledge of the history of the scriptures will see that the leftist’s real problem is ignorance. If they would put their misplaced credibility in the bible that they have put in their university secular humanist professors in college that indoctrinated them in atheistic socialism, lies and half truths they would not make themselves look like fools when you get out of your field of twisted knowledge. They have no business commenting on subjects out of their field of knowledge and especially theology. They have gobbled down everything their socialist professors told them like pigs slurp up slop.

Leftists don’t mind being arrogant about some things that to others of us is very sacred and holy. Millions of Americans feel that life is sacred and that killing a fetus is brutally immoral. Millions of Americans see homosexuality as being unnatural It’s a little difficult for two men or two women to reproduce) and threatening to the order of society as well as being a fornication lifestyle. Leftists don’t mind at all that Most Christians are offended by their insulting remarks about the Bible, patriotism and the sacredness of life. They have no concern that they are insulting the beliefs of millions of Bible believing Christians. As Dr. Sproul has said; What was once abnormal behavior becomes normal by the depravity that is in all men. And then that which was abnormal and became normal declines again becoming abnormal until the abnormal once again becomes accepted as normal behavior. When a society begins to accept what was once abnormal behavior as normal it will affect everything in the national system because a nation’s stability depends on the good qualities of character to perpetuate the nation’s strength. Lose good character qualities and you lose the nation – it’s just that simple! Any national leader who does not see the relationship between the character of the people who make up a nation and the greatness of that nation is not qualified to be a national leader or a leader of any social entity making up that nation. Unfortunately men who have ascended to places of power in America have abandoned Biblical principles of behavior. There has even been a call by Ted Turner for our government to stop using the Ten Commandments as the basis of our judicial system! We have put prayer and the Bible out of our educational system under the false and insidious misinterpretation of the second amendment

The godless and infamous ACLU now tells the American judiciary what the Constitution says that follows the agenda of the Satanic Left. We will call him, Power X.

What is a Leftists? Even our nationally known talk show hosts have missed the meaning of the leftist as opposed to those on the right. But behind all that is happening the world over there is a very deep and spiritual principle at work that is beyond the understanding of a casual observer of all that is taking place in the political arena today and it is beyond the reach of human intelligence although humans are being controlled and used by Power X. To prove there is an inhuman mastermind with super intelligence behind what is happening in America today I would make the following explanation. What is a Leftist and what do they believe as opposed to those on the right? Or, What is the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative? What are the motivations behind these two political entities wherever they may be found?

Most people who use the terms liberal and conservative, on the left and on the right of issues do not really have any idea what these oft used terms boil down to, It is a reference to what we call the liberal left, or simply, liberal. What is a liberal and who are the liberals?

A formal definition of the left states; The people and groups who advocate liberal, often radical measures to effect change in the established order, especially in politics, usually to achieve the equality, freedom, and well-being of the common citizens (including free loaders, frauds and illegal immigrants) of a state. (Note: Parenthesis, highlights and underscoring are the authors to place emphasis and make contemporary political policies relative and clear)

To mastermind the overthrow of a nation like this great United States is more than a mere man could accomplish. Where there is a master plan there has to be a mastermind. We have already eliminated a mere man as being capable of executing such a tremendous and complex undertaking as the overthrow of America from within, which is against laws of our land.

The liberal political party in our government bases its whole philosophy on championing the needs of the people. In more simple language liberal politicians believe the laws should be subject to the people. It’s the people who determine when a thing is good or bad, should become a law or not.

The conservative party in a government who are also spoken of as being on the right believe that law should be based on established principles of order that have been so established by a final authority – or by the fact that principle, a rule of order has been established as being immutable and unchanging. The conservative lawgiver is usual a person who makes principle supreme once it is established as being an immutable principle or rule of order. So the conservative believes that the people are subject to the principles of law.

So the liberal on the left (of the constitution) believes the law should be changed as the people change while the conservative (on the right side of the constitution, the supreme law of the land) believes that the people are subject to law and that law is established by immutable and unchanging principles.

So conservatives believe that the people are subject to law which is established on unchanging principle. But the liberal believes that the law is subject to the people to accommodate the ever changing society.

Satan rules with relish among those who believe his doctrine of changing the laws to accommodate the change that comes to a society of which he is the god of without them realizing who they are following. They Think they are following a system of law that is tolerant of promiscuity and allows some necessary latitude in moral behavior that Christianity has wrongly refused to allow claiming that it is ancient and unrelated to the modern way of life. A great majority of people in the entertainment field, athletics, medical field and education share this need for more latitude and moving away from the biblical principles set forth by the creator.

What is happening not only in America but all over the world is the master plan of a supernatural intelligence. He is called by Jesus and the apostles the god of this world. I choose to call him Power-X because he is the unseen power that still beguiles man and can be the only evil power with the supernatural intelligence and well organized kingdom to possibly be manipulating the leaders of the world and bring the world together under a global system as we see it forming all around and in almost daily news developments.

But there is one more very important factor (principle) we have not made clear that is the basic and underlying cause for all iniquity that occurs. I will call it, the first factor. It is the first fact underlying all that is happening on the world scene today and nothing happening would be possible for even Power-X to carry out his plan without it.

Liberalism is the party of depravity.
When we discovered that liberalism is the party that subjects principles of law to the people rather subjecting the people to the principles of law we discover Power-X’s big source of energy he uses to carry out his plan through our government in the near future.

The factor is that while the principles of law do not change, people do change and they change for the worse from generation to generation. It is called, degeneration. That is, each new generation loses many of the virtues of their mentor generation. The next step in this distancing of each generation from the previous is that finally there will come a generation that usurps the wisdom and virtues of their mentors and ascend to the throne of authority over the older generation. Proverbs 30:11-14. When that happens it brings that hapless civilization to very near its end by some cataclysm.

President Obama Officially Declares America a Sodomite Nation.
Depravity is a degenerating condition which means that liberals are changing the laws and even creating laws to support sin! National sin brings the judgment of God upon a nation! The United States government is forcing homosexuality upon the American people against their will. But many are accepting it now because they are godless and void of any knowledge of God’s word in spite of the gospel being taught by radio and TV. Mr. Obama declares he is a Christian? It is impossible to be a Christian and believe homosexuality is not a sin unto death. Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Deuteronomy 23:17; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:10; Jude 1:7. Other examples where Mr. Obama is changing God’s laws would be, abortion, Sodomite marriage and government dependency pandering to the shiftless. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard.” A close reading of the daily living conditions of the Babylonian society would be a real eye opener as to how close America is to God’s judgment! Thought of at one time as criminal behavior these are now considered to be normal and anyone discriminating against them as being immoral could be prosecuted as the criminal! Yesteryear they were called immoral and criminal acts as the bible declares, but today they are called “Civil Rights”. In his 2013 inaugural speech president Obama made history by approving the homosexual lifestyle and same gender marriage. This makes America officially a sodomite nation linking this once Christian nation to the rancorous bands of homosexuals that roamed the streets of Sodom raping men. The second thing his legalizing homosexuality does is prove beyond any question that Obama is telling another lie when he says he is a Christian. He does not believe that sodomy is a sin which it is declared to be in the Word of God. Obama is a Sodomite. He may not be a homosexual but he approves of that lifestyle and will be like the many Sodomites that were not perverted but burned with the homosexuals because they put they tolerated it as an acceptable lifestyle and did nothing to stop it. Could it be that in the near future that Christians may go to prison because they will not accept homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle but believe it to be what the bible says it is?

Degeneration is a condition in man that is akin to the second law of dynamics that (notice it is a proven universally accepted scientific law) that nothing left to itself will regenerate but only degenerate. When man separates from God he has become disconnected from the regenerating energies of the creator and begins the descent into degeneration and ultimately damnation. He may be clever, enjoying life through the appetites (Libido, hunger and ambition) and succeed in gaining great wealth. He may develop a high tech world filled with creature comforts but – he will morally degenerate into an animalistic moral state living entirely for pleasure by the instincts of his three animal appetites losing all respect for God, for goodness and his redemption from sin. No civilization, no matter how advanced, how opulent and luxurious it may, or what intellectual heights it may gain – without character it will fall and end in utter ruin. Without God man cannot continue for long after he breaks that connection with the energies of God the Holy Spirit.


Living for self and self alone.
Living for self and none beside.
Living as if Jesus never lived,
As if the Christ had never died.


The liberal politician notices the degeneration and that all of the laws on the books based on principles are no longer relative to the lifestyle of the people. So the liberal is voted into office by these people and he will subject the laws on the books to the moral behavior of depraved people who have become completely detached from principles. This is precisely the state of affairs now across America and on Capitol Hill.

Liberals want laws that disregard principles including God, the bible, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution of the United States down to the statutes in local courts.

What Power-X is accomplishing through lies and deception of his human pawns is an appeal to the depraved nature of a fast growing sub-culture to become the ruling majority. It is all being staged by Power-X, the god of this world, Satan.

Why? We ask do kids go off on a killing spree seeking to kill other classmates? You can blame a lot of different things but the root of the matter is the condition of depravity in the fallen human nature. Most naturalists and humanists do not understand this nor do the media who is nothing but an unelected ultra-liberal political machine controlling the minds of millions of Americans. None of these intellectuals understand depravity!

Depravity is a condition that we can only understand and learn about by believing and reading the scriptures. It is an inherent condition that affects the complex triune nature of man. It is a dominating factor of the nature of man.

Liberalism especially is being seriously misled by the philosophy that law must be subject to the changes in society and it is people and not principle that we must consider when framing the law. By their ignorance liberals have become the chumps of Power-X!

When we use the word liberal left we have to bring in the word conservative because they represent the opposites in beliefs. What is a conservative and who are the conservatives? Why do we equate conservatives with those on the right? By understanding the difference between a liberal and conservative will make what follows much clearer to the reader. A formal definition of the term, right is; To be on the side of law, morality, or justice. In the case of American politics it is referring to the Constitution of the United States, i.e., those who want to lower the moral standards abandoning the moral commandments of the bible Christian and replace Christian moral law with a secular humanist system of law that, for example, legalizes, adultery, fornication, abortion, homosexuality, evolution and other Antichrist crimes and iniquities established by God from the beginning of time. The laws and principles set forth in the Constitution are rooted in the bible and this divine rule of order made America great. Her decline has begun and we are now living in a post Christian America that is no longer based on Biblical values. So, the difference between being on the right or the left is the difference between those who change to lower moral standards, while the right stands firmly on the principles of the moral law, morality principles and justice.

So, in our society we have two movements as mentioned that exist across the spectrum of the national scene. You have these two certainly in the church world, in journalism, in Industry, in the judicial and in politics as well as the industries and economics in particular.

Our economic crisis today in America was brought about by liberal policies of abandoning sound and honest fiscal policies to give people mortgages who could not make the payments because the Left said, “Every American should be able to own their own home.” This was based on a humane theory rather than a financial principles.

At this point we must ask, how has America made such a sudden move from the right to the left in such a few years? Those of us who have lived most of a century see the dramatic changes in values shift from right to left before our very eyes! How has this happened?

Liberals on the left of the issues and conservatives on the right of all issues is not new in politics. In fact, this is healthy for a nation and brings balance and benefits to the people who elect them. At one time this was considered to be healthy debate or dialogue. But today the leftists call it a divided nation – another repeated erroneous statement to make the people believe by simply using repetition until they believe it to be true when actually it is a terrible distortion of the fact!

For a nation to degenerate it only has to be disconnected from its source of energy for one or two generations for it to happen. The energy that preserves a nation is in its ability to remain good and for people to coexist under a peaceful arrangement of civil order. For this to happen there must exist in the people good character qualities. Disconnected from the source of its moral power and goodness – that nation will degenerate becoming morally corrupt and go down a path of self destruction through massive disruptions of social order.

But still the plaquing question is, How can a nation as great and well founded and becoming the most powerful influence among the nations of the world fall into disarray in a few short years having lost it’s way in to a corrupted illiterate electorate?

As the loss of moral values and degeneracy set into that society many social problems and a new low life lifestyle becomes the norm creating new governing problems. At that point government will either have to enforce the established laws and create educational programs to preserve its moral standards or, it may decide to change the laws by replacing them with lower standards as the standard of the people lowers.

I personally witnessed this as a frequent visitor to the Soviet Union over a period of 26 years and was there in 1989 when Communism fell. A Communist militia (policeman) told me one night when I picked him up in a cold rain that I should be careful because since the police state had collapsed every thug, every thief and murderer that was in hiding was now coming out into the open making the streets dangerous after dark. I saw the rise of the mafia and witnessed them openly taking protection money from venders in the market. Today in Russia the Mafia controls almost every industry including some government bureaus.

So the liberal is given to change that keeps taking the nation lower and lower into the abyss of who knows where it will end?

On the other hand, by embracing the idea of a government based on the immutable nature of truth and principle we are guaranteed the most enduring and stable form of government.

Now there is even being introduced the idea by the intellectuals that pedophilia is simply another alternative lifestyle the same as they have given license to homosexuality now considered to be just another normal preference – a complete departure from biblical morality and punishable by death according to God’s moral law.

In the social sciences and politics we are casting off the higher morals of the past to accommodate more and more the depravity of man.

But we still have not reached the real cause behind these moral declensions. Pwer X is still to be implicated and his identity revealed . . . and no, it is not the Antichrist.

The Conservative says; That to preserve the peace and order of our nation we must abide by the immutable principles and moral values that guarantee the preservation of the nation. Good character in the people is the strength of a good and orderly society. The strength of a nation is in the goodness of the character of the people who make up the nation.

A liberal believes we must change with the downward trends of society. A conservative understands once a principle is established that it is immutable – it never changes, It is therefore concluded that to violate or trifle with an established principle exposes those who do so to the dangers of ultimate disorder and lawlessness which we are seeing now in even the small communities across America. This applies to families, to communities and to the church. If man does not respect and preserve the authority of immutable (unchanging) principle (an established rule of order that cannot change once established as a rule of order – law – whether in science, religion or in the laws of a nation) he is destroying the future of his own children and his nation!

Yes, that’s right and history has proven it many times as the science of archeology scours through the dust and artifacts of all the ancient nations of history which were once great and powerful have fallen before us. The invincible Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Egyptian empire, the Greek city nations and The Roman Empire.

Once a principle is established it is eternal and immutable and that is an eternal principle in itself.

The folly of liberalism is that they think they can trifle with the dynamics of an established principle that is based on scientific and historical facts, actuality and truth and win the battle against even one single established principle. To even entertain that idea will only make it sure you will end up on the heap of smoldering ashes of nations and empires (let alone the family unit, city municipalities and church’s) that have tried to ignore the principle factor and failed. You cannot destroy an established principle(s) and to try is just another futile attempt to fight against the powers of a cosmic universe held in

I think you should add bible in parentheses to clarify instruction manuel.
the sway of quintillions of laws that God put in place since the beginning. Don’t fight it because it’s going to whip you in the end if you don’t have enough smarts to understand that this is a world of cosmic laws created by an omniscient creator who backs up the instruction manual (bible) that came with it when He created it. And, by the way, He also included a guarantee and His word is better than gold! Read the last two chapters of your Bible and you will understand.

An old adage says; Truth is a like a straw tossed and driven on the raging storms of the open sea of human emotion. The sea turns into churning mountains and valleys hurling millions of tons of water into the air and then crashing down upon the straw. The winds of adversity scream, lightning cracks and the thunder rolls again and again across the darkened deep in anger! But when the storm passes and the sea becomes calm once again the straw rises to the surface basking in the sun having survived and conquered! There is not a storm powerful enough to sink a straw and there is a not a tyrant or a demonic political system that can destroy principle or truth. In the end goodness conquers because we live in a cosmic creation of order divinely established by myriads of established principles of order.

Christians respect principle and we know that principle once established is immutable and never changes. Evil often emerges in power for a brief time but ultimately established principles that do not change returns to the people who see the fallacies of liberalism or, God brings devine judgment upon that people ending the reign contrary to God’s moral laws. Sodom is one example. This is why the Bible is not reverenced by those on the left as much as those on the right. The statement insinuating that the Bible is antiquated and parts of it need to be ignored because it is antiquated, and knowing that there will be many people who agree with her, does she realize how many people do not agree with her that she has offended? This is precisely why this response is being put forth. We usually take their rudeness in stride. But some things said need to be shown as inaccurate when they are so grossly misleading and do not take into consideration that it offends a lot of good people in the communities where these zany leftists read their heresy in their local newspapers.

They sound so cock-sure of themselves. Did you know there are more than 140 prophecies in the Old Testament that were miraculously fulfilled in the New Testament? Are these people who see the Bible as antiquated book going to explain that? Or, please tell me how the atom evolved – a masterpiece of light particles in motion of which everything that is made is made of these tiny wonders holding enough energy to atomize a nation! The evolution liberals are teaching in our schools financed by millions of Christians paying taxes to these teachers to indoctrinate the terribly flawed evolution theory that even Darwin disavowed at the end of his life, and disallowing the scientifically supported instantaneous intelligent creation by the creator insisting that evolution started when lightning struck a highly condensed rocky mass and ignited a life form. BUT these dummies do not attempt to tell us how the rock came into existence or how the highly complex combination of elements needed to produce the lightning came from.

Liberals see the Constitution of the United States also as antiquated and out of touch with the new amoral society they want to see come about, and for the same reason want the moral principles of the Bible to also become extinct – and then choose which morals they will allow. You might say that they become God to themselves. After all according to evolution we are all just a high order of animals still evolving and must change any moral code to accommodate the changes in moral behavior as we continue to move “up” the ladder of evolution. One of these days in the not too distant future your theology is going to undergo a cataclysmic and instantaneous change when the living God decides to come out into the open and bring his “change” to a wicked world!

The fact is that globalism, which liberal thinkers believe in so strongly is one of the most antiquated and disproven political systems in the history of mankind? Nimrod was the first globalist in 1868 B.C.. He built a tower so the people would remain centralized which was contrary to what God had commanded when he told the early world to go into all the world and multiply and replenish it. Ambitious and godless men have tried it scores of times since 1868 BC! The antiquity of globalism goes back much further than Christianity. Ms. Erbe, did you know that Marx and Hitler basically believed that world peace would only come if all nations were to be brought under one politic – theirs, of course. But, unfortunately Communist nations started goint to war against each other and that put that philosophy to rest. Both National Socialism and Communist Socialism failed because they both tried to beat the principles of God’s moral order, persecuted Christians and banned bibles. Democratic Socialism is headed in the same direction and will meet the same fate. Whoever tries it again will end up on the junk heap of nations who have tried and failed again and again. King’s, tyrants and dictators have all embraced that premise and tried to govern against the principles of love and goodness over the millenniums and all failed!

Now it is being believed by many on the left – by liberals in America – that we need to replace the dynamics of a pure democracy with this antiquated and disproven revival of ancient Nimrodism of 3,879 years ago plus all of the sorry examples of failure since then and try it again. Those of us who read and understand biblical prophecy know exactly where the world is headed today and how it all ends up after a seven year reign of the final fool to try it.

Let me also point out to the egotistical intellectuals something about a recent dictator who attempted to bring the world under him, a man who was an eloquent speaker and brought all of Germany under his spell. Hitler would end his speeches most of the time with his famous slogan interacting with his crowd, shouting, “Yes we can! Yes, we can!” Does that sound familiar?

Those who want to change America want to level the playing field and dismantle our nation until it is no longer a super power able to offer some stability to the world.

Our president during the preliminaries said, “America is no longer a Christian nation.” Uh, says who? As the classic novel stated on its pages, “Speak for yourself, John.”

The Left wants to multiculturalize America by leaving the borders open and then allocating 20.3 million dollars to bring thousands of Hamas (a terrorist organization) Muslims and their families to our shores with a sharia law in their plan for America. After the Egyptian revolution this administration sent 1.5 billion dollars to the new Hamas terrorist government of Egypt.

This was all done “in the interest of the United States.” These are the people who hate Israel and America calling for Israel’s extinction from the face of the earth and lob rockets over into Israel. Our government did this to bring Muslims into this country who have Americans on their death wish list and call Christians infidels. Hamas is a terrorist movement, and being brought here “in the interest of the United States?” The government or media never brought this to the attention of the American public. This is what the left is doing to our country. And where is that conservative house of legislators who moved to Washington to save us from the insanity of spending policies?

This lady made a big mistake that many columnists make when they get out of their field of journalism and venture over into anthropology or theology. She said, “Daley’s concession that religious ideology needs to change with the times is a wise one. But taken to its logical conclusion, it should mean all antiquated parts of the Bible should be revised as well.”

Maybe these people want to tell the rest of us what parts of the Bible are antiquated and what parts of the Bible are not antiquated. Actually, these people are saying, “What parts of the Bible must be changed to meet the approval of the changes we are making in society. Or, in other words, the bible must be changed as we change and it must change with our changing society. That is more of the liberal left thinking, the elite who feel so superior they want to live lower than the present law. They may succeed in doing that but they cannot change the Word of God and so they trash it and subject it to their superior intellectualism. We must declare parts of the Bible as being useless and antiquated to render it impotent. “We will treat this Bible with condescending scorn and render it as nothing but an antiquated book that we will alter to conform to our depraved level of lifestyle preferences.” This is what liberal New Ager’s treat anything or anyone who threatens their immorality.

One senator a few years ago said that we must re-educate our children to a global mentality or they will not fit into the global society of the furture. The liberal elite have also taken over the educational system in our nation to corrupt the minds of our children with multiculturalism, the global community concepts, and fornication, that many of them cannot read or make change. The NEA and our local schools systems in recent years have gotten over into God’s domain showing some indifference for the place and influence of the community churches by having their activities conflict with church services that have traditionally been held on Sunday and Wednesday nights of each week. The NEA is not only failing to teach moral values to your children, they are actually avoiding any mention of God, nor do they allow teaching of values in the classrooms and, instead teaching a lifestyle that is contrary and immoral to the traditional Christian America values we have taught our children through America’s history. Now the liberal left is taking over the minds of your children with a secular humanism curricula that excludes God, their redeemer and Savior. Add to that the removal of the Ten Commandments from the classrooms and you have the formula for turning kids into nerds and weirdo’s capable of shooting up a school classroom full of kids . . . and then we pray! Then we start asking the foolish question, Why? The equation and cause is made quite clear above.

The breakdown in American society is not because our education system fails to teach math and spelling but its failure to include a morally oriented curriculum to develop character. Character is the undergirding of all we excel in whether it be automotive engineering, journalism or political science or any other professional field. I noticed and do congratulate the valedictorians in this year’s graduating classes for their great academic achievement. It was noteworthy to see that they mentioned these young people by first stating they were the son or daughter of, and named the parents. The reason they name the parents is because when young people accomplish such honors it is because it means their parents taught them values that guided them to the honor they received. Can you imagine what would happen to our nation if every teacher in every classroom across America would start teaching character values on a daily basis as a required course?! You wouldn’t have to use a Bible or a church catechism to do that. In fact a very capable man by the name of Bill Gothard has developed a character improvement course that many schools have invited to present his program. But he teaches values and moral behavior. May I suggest that such curricula is perfectly feasible and could be enhanced by the heads of the CHD (Character Enhancement Department) holding quarterly meetings with the parents to discuss character development subjects that need to be treated in character the CHD classes. Parents are the rightful source of directing all character issues that affect their children and the harmony of their homes.

The NEA have taken on themselves far too much authority in determining what your child will and will not be taught. Mom’s and Dad’s, the bureaucrats are taking over your children’s minds. No, they won’t teach Judeo-Christian values but they will teach their own godless secular humanism value system that is contrary to the parent, to God and nature. Dewey, the father of the modern educational theories was an avowed socialist. It was he who convinced educators to replace phonics with a see and tell system that led to our illiteracy today. In the poverty days of the great depression American youth were near 100% literacy. Today nearly 50% of graduates are illiterate. Don’t deny the facts because unfortunately we live in the computerized information age and all facts can be easily Googled as to the “success” of our national education results.

Schools were once, in my lifetime, run by the local educators who regarded the parents in the parent teachers meeting held regularly. Today the local schools are controlled by a government national curriculum, another change made by liberals. The scary fact is that today’s parents also received secular education and have become neutral toward humanism taught to their children. Yes, things have changed rapidly in recent years. And the liberal left loves it. As Edmund Burke said, The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

Intruding on the parental bond of the parent with their children is the epitome of government intrusion and control of your child’s mind. Thank God we do have private schools where a parent can send their children and be sure they are not being taught the secular morality of humanism (animalism).

A few years back homosexuality, abortion and pornography were all underground because they were illegal and punishable as a crime in in America. These people could be what they wanted to be and simply keep it to themselves. It was kept in check so as not to become a threat to the general public and disrupt the social order and moral values of our children. Today our schools give students reading assignments that portray the homosexual lifestyle as a mere choice and perfectly acceptable. In fact, the liberal left has succeeded in reversing this moral value so that those who will not accept abortion and homosexuality are the real bad people, the evil members of the new moral society. Yesteryear the pornographer was the enemy of society but today it’s said to be healthy and those who oppose it are the oddballs. Yes, things have really changed in a few short years and where will it end? The pornographic industry is the most lucrative industry in America today!

If Satan wants to destroy a nation then all he has to do is corrupt one generation and possibly two and it will happen . . . and is happening right now before our eyes. Unfortunately there will be some who are helping him achieve his goal.

We have taken the Ten Commandments down from the walls of our classrooms and as one Christian writer observed, and now we are washing the blood of our children off of the walls where once the Ten Commandments hung. The changes in education effecting our local schools in many instances is the advocating the behavior of animals and sex education is one of them, then we wonder why we have fornication, pregnancies, drugs and violence in the halls of our schools. It proves there is a stupid side to many elite educators.} Give us back our parental authority and how our children are educated and then give back to the church the preferential treatment you once gave it so we can teach our young people and their parents those values more important than your sport programs. The hearts and minds of our children belong to God first and then they will be better students and improved learning statistics and the save America, too.

I remember when schools were very respectful of church activities and avoided activities that conflicted with regular service nights. The argument that churches have different nights through the week is a weak one. The school system could simply recognize one day of the week as the church night and consider the church services when making schedules. But that is just another instant of social changes and the calculated thinking of people who apparently are activists to bring change. When I started out in the ministry sixty years ago there was a strong bond of mutual commitment between the school authorities, the police and the churches of the community. But things have changed and even reversed over the years. Even back then I saw the beginning of sex education in the school curriculum and took issue with it and with other pastors defeated it from being taught in my community.

A vital part of education includes the education of the spiritual man. The spiritual part of a child or young adult has a capacity for knowledge as well as the psycho physiological man. This area of the soul includes the conscience which gathers the knowledge of moral values and convictions of right and wrong that in turn sensitize the conscience which in turn serves to give us the power to choose good over evil and reject immediate pleasure for the ultimate good. A knowledge of moral values is woven into the very fiber of our character and affections that in turn effects and alters our personality, instills the highest state of moral good man can achieve, altruism, or, in a language we all understand, love – that is the joy of seeking the good of others first regardless..

Our young people are passing through an educational system today that fills the brain with a technology, a skill and practical knowledge but without one iota of character training. This is precisely the original cause of all corruption in America today! Unchecked this liberal mentality that demands our government must change to accommodate a society bent on immoral behavior continues to draw our nation closer and closer into the vortex of collapse and extinction.

Leftist liberals should not be allowed to go without a reply from a Christian who holds Biblical traditional values such as the God given sanctity of life and the distinction of the genders in mankind. To contradict the living God and declare sin as acceptable and good for society. To do so is to follow the errors of Sodom that led to divine judgment.

America has only one way out. These people on the liberal left that are bringing this calamity on the heads of Americans have only one way to escape the consequences of God’s displeasure;

If my people, which are called by my
name, shall humble themselves, and
pray, and seek my face, and turn
from their wicked ways; then will
hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land.
                                          2 Chronicles 7:14.

Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it. Jeremiah 6:19

O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD. Jeremiah 22:29

Ms Erbe’s mindset reflects the New Age thinking (whether they call themselves that or not) all across the fruited plains of our land. Thousands of people who believe that we must abandon Bibliocentric morals and change our present form of government to follow the drug ridden suicidal low life Rap Pop culture into their oblivion of moral degradation and judgment.

Ms. Erbe in her column mentions “interpretation” and very cleverly links Jim Daly, director of Focus on the Family with Harold Camping by using the term saying, “his fellow interpreter, Harold camping.” Does Ms. Erbe really think for one minute that Jim Daly is a “fellow interpreter of Harold Camping.” This woman has no shame in implying a falsehood as being truth. Such semantics are intentional efforts of gutter journalism to leave wrong impressions to put Jim Daly in the same light with a man like Harold Camping. Shame, shame. Of course, these people respond by saying, “Oh, I didn’t mean that, I meant . . .”
It was very bad taste on this woman’s part, and to think that there are thousands of these people like Ms. Erbe in journalism making these statements leaving false impressions on who do not understand the agenda and twisted thinking of these people who think they are superior to even the authority of the Bible.

  1. Calvin Reply
    Bro. Bill, Thank you for putting this out there. Sadly, it is the truth. I'm approaching 39yrs upon this old earth, and I have really noticed a serious decline in common morals over the last decade. It really hurts to see our countrymen being fooled into this liberal garbage trap. Please keep up the good fight. God Bless You
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