Walter Beuttler’s Commentary Notes


Walter H. Beuttler was born in Germany in 1904.  He immigrated to the U.S. in 1925.  In 1931 he graduated from Central Bible Institute.  He served on the faculty at Eastern Bible Institute from 1939-1972. in 1951, God called Beuttler to “go teach all nations.” Walter Beuttler traveled extensively in overseas ministry, teaching the principles of the “Manifest Presence of the Lord,” and “Divine Guidance,” until close to the time of his death in 1974. His personal commentary notes as well as other study notes were given to Bill Burkett by his
wife Elizabeth



  1. John Heide Reply
    Hi Bro. Burkett; I have been listening to and enjoying your messages on the web site. Do you have Warren Beuttler's 72 pages on "The Manifest Presence of God?" We are presently in CA and leaving Monday to spend Christmas and New Year's in Arkansas and MO before returning here. God is blessing our services and we are believing for a move of His Spirit in a greater way in 2014. Sis. Heide is well and looking forward to going back to see her 91 year old mother. If you are ever coming this way please include us in a stop. Blessings, The brother, John
    • admin Reply
      The Manifest Presence of God can be found in the sub-category "Walter Beuttler" under Selah Library main category

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