The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

May God turn the church back to the old paths again!

Written by Bill Burkett

Some modern Christians don’t like to hear the older believers speaking of the “The good ole days when….” Contemporaries say we are living in the greatest days of the church’s history. I beg your pardon! The greatest days of the church are recorded in the Book of Acts. Here is our origin, our precedent, our criteria for spiritual power. There have been visitations and revivals and reforms, but through the church age there has also been a digression of character and power from the beginning.

But we who have been in the fires of Pentecostal revival as it has swept across our land in years gone by know that what the church is experiencing today, and believing today, is different from the faith of yester year. We were born in the fire and can’t stand the smoke.

The early church had power because it had holiness of life. Only a return to that original praying faith will bring back that power to the church.

In Acts there were …

Earthquakes accompanying prayer meetings!

Angels visiting on the housetops!

Lying Christians dropping dead at the apostles’ feet!

Persecutors knocked down blind and turned into chief apostles!

The sick were healed by the shadows of the apostles as they walked by!

Deacons were translated through thin air to heathen chariots.

The early church transformed cities, challenged the pagans on Mars hill and rocked the Roman empire!

Angels picked the lock on Caesar’s prison and set the captive free!

The apostles had such an anointing the world is still talking about what they did 2000 years ago!

Those were the good old days! Nothing today matches it – and we should be praying earnestly in our secret closets of prayer for such manifestations – God visit us again before His return.

Bill Burkett

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