The Four Peaks of Power



By Bill Burkett

The Four Ascending Crucified Life Experiences – Death to self – the doctrine of mortification: Coming into the foulness of life in Christ is illustrated for us in this beautiful range of mountains. Full of beauty that comes with many challenges to achieve the summit. how misled modern Christians are becoming who are taught to indulge in the world and even live in sin because Jesus forgives you. There will be no excuse for the false teachers or their followers to embrace such a carnal gospel. The Bible is clear and nowhere does it teach the indulgent lifestyle. There are four high achievements upward to have the Christ life. I call these, The Four Power Peaks of the gospel. The true purpose of the cross as Scripture explains is the desired result of reaching a high level of holy character that we may call supernatural character or holiness, a nature that only God can give to men who wait in His presence. But in recent years an apostasy has set into the church causing most of Evangelicalism, and especially the Pentecostals to fall into a state of almost total renunciation of the life and message they once embraced. Much of this was lost when the church started believing that they had to relate to more to the world and become like the people in the world to win them. But we haven’t been called to relate to depraved man’s lifestyle! We have been called to please the Lord and obey His commandments. When we do that we will be in a sharp contrast with the world and that holy pure life is admired and the Holy Spirit works His miracle of transformation out of that contrast. But many Christians who once held pure apostolic doctrine have turned to the gods of this world for their pleasure and gratification. When a Christian renounces his belief in holy behavior the result is apostasy. He slips into a church world environment completely void of teaching on the power doctrines of sanctification and mortification of the flesh, 1 Corinthians 1:30; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4; 2 Thessalonians 2:38; 1 Peter 1:2;Romans 8:13; Colossians 3:5; Galatians 2:20; two of the most vital doctrines of the cross! And this word sanctification is always translated from the Greek word hagiosmos which means in a state of being or continuing in purity. C.T. Studd eloquently described the worldliness of apostate Christians as “splendid idiocy.” The apostasy of evangelicalism has reached the proportions of unconscionable heresy and renunciation of kingdom purity of the antinomian Laodicean church of Revelation 3. Jesus exposed this church as corrupted and could be a type of the end time church. The apostate gospel is a gospel that pets and soothes the carnal lust for bodily indulgence. High profile Charismatic preachers have created a body oriented gospel placing most emphasis on wealth and pleasure – diametric to the emphasis of the apostles. We have lost the message of Romans 6 through 8 replacing its’ truth with emotionalism and a sloppy kind of fleshy sentimentalism. They think their praise will win God’s favor but God makes no such concessions. I will share with you a word that has helped me much, so many times and in so many ways through my exciting life; Read the Word and then follow the truth wherever it takes you! Read the Summit scriptures at the top of the chart from 1 to 4 and discover the high calling of the Christian according to God’s Word which can only be achieved by God’s Spirit working in us.

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