The Dog and the Dove

A Word About Dualism
Preface to the DOG And The DOVE

Most Christians in Evangelical circles today have never heard the words Dualism, or Marcion, or Gnosticism. But it was at one time as common in church circles as our words today, Charismatic, Jehovah Witnesses, World Council of Churches and names like Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Moon.. It’s a fact a the remnant of the Gnostics doctrine still remains in parts of the middle East today! The influence remains even though we have no idea of it’s existence. So, for those who are interested, here is a good web site to read more about the Gnostic movement of the Second century and Marcion it’s greatest teacher.

We should insert a at least a few words about the history of the doctrine of Dualism. Dualism is really a theological subject not many modern 21st century Christians will know much about. Dualism is a doctrine of the Bible and in particular part of the many revelations given to Paul and embedded in his writings to the churches in many places. Romans chapters 7 through 8 the strongest along with Galatians 5. Dualism is first introduced by Jesus when on two occasions He alluded to the flesh and the spirit of man being two entities making up the nature of man. Matthew 26:41 and John 6:63.

In the second century of the church’s history a antinomian (against law) movement was raised up by Satan to oppose the apostle’s teaching. The Gnostic’s attempted to destroy the authority of Scriptures denouncing any epistle or writing that taught moral law. Gnosticism held many teachings of mysticism that were based on pre-Christian mysticism, philosophy and so called revelations of knowledge mixed with some Judaism. One of their most appealing doctrines was that the flesh nature and the spirit nature of man were two distinct entities in man (which is true up to this point) and that what a man did in his flesh would not threaten the destiny of the spiritual man. In other words, you could live like the Devil in the flesh and as long as the spiritual man believed in Christ and worshiped Him as Lord and he took part in the fellowship of the brotherhood, nothing he did in the flesh would keep him from heaven because the sins committed by the flesh did not effect the spiritual nature. You could literally be living a double life and be saved. Of course this effected every doctrine within justification through the blood of Christ! Repentance was not necessary because according to this teaching the spiritual man did no sin. This Gnostic movement became popular and powerful in the first centuries of the church.

By it Satan hoped to bring the fall of the church. Gnosticism was a take-off of Christianity combined with other ancient pagan theories about God and drew many Christians away from the early church. Marcion was perhaps the chief doctrinaire of this popular movement in the second century when it reached it’s apex of popularity. Here is an explanation of Gnosticism given by; Gnosticism, The name (derived from the Greek gnōsis, ‘knowledge’) given to a complex religious movement based on a myth of redemption. It was perhaps pre-Christian in origin, but it became prominent in the second century AD and had Christian as well as pagan forms. Gnosticism distinguished between a remote and unknowable divinity and a Demiurge (a deity descended in some way from the former, who was the (imperfect) creator and ruler of the world, his imperfect creation. Some individuals, however, possessed a spark of the divine spiritual substance and these might hope, by correct observances in this world, to return to the divinity after death. A redeemer was sent, perhaps Christ (or there might be another redeemer still to come), from the divinity, who brought gnosis and temporarily inhabited the body of a human being. Gnosticism in various forms persisted for many centuries.

To have a better understanding of Gnosticism let me make the following terms a little clearer. Gnosticism claims a very deep knowledge of the spiritual realm through the ancient writings of Persian and Eastern mystics. In Gnosticism there were two levels, the low level uninitiated gnostic who possessed exoteric knowledge and the initiated esoteric believer who accepted the deeper level knowledge. The reason Biblical dualism was rejected was the result of the early church councils declaring it to be error as taught by the Gnostics. Gnosticism taught that the spiritual man’s destiny was not effected by the sins of the flesh. So, by denouncing Gnosticism they denounced the Biblical doctrine of dualism along with it which is a powerful principle for godly living! It can be applied to the person and it does NOT teach that because man has a dual nature that he is not responsible for sinful behavior committed in the flesh, but quite the opposite.

According to Kenneth Scott Latourette, an authority on Marcion and dualism, there are three “dualistic systems” and not just one by Marcion and his pagan predecessors. To think there is only the Marcionian doctrine of dualism you must willfully ignore the dualism taught in the Scriptures and think of it as a stigma of sorts, a doctrine of disgrace, as a reproach and infamy of some kind. Church leaders contemporary to Marcion and for centuries after him over reacted to his error instead of teaching the Biblical doctrine of dualism and coming down hard on the fact that Biblical dualism destroys the Marcion teaching of laxness toward sin! They should have taught the Pauline revelation of dualism with such a fervent anointing that it would have sent Satan back into his war room shaking his head and mumbling to himself, “Back to the drawing boards, that one didn’t work too well?”

Actually there are three kinds of dualism. Two of them are humanistic and only one has it’s origin in the Word of God. The actual dualist systems current were of three different kinds: the Pauline dualism of Sarx-Pnuema; the Platonist dualism of the sensible and intelligible orders of reality; and the Gnostic dualism of the Pleroma, the transcendent world of the Supreme God, and the Kenoma, the material universe made by the Demiurge and dominated by the evil powers.” Kenneth Scott Latourette, 126. Daniélou, Jean Gospel Message And Hellenistic Culture. (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1980), 396: “

Modernist seminaries distinguish the three different kinds of dualism but are not able to teach it. The Biblical ramifications of it can only be appreciated and lived out by a new birth experience.

Instead of teaching the correct dualism of the Scriptures they attacked the whole concept of dualism and played right into the hands of the Devil that virtually nullified one of the most powerful doctrines of the cross. If you have had the wrong concept of dualism as taught in liberal of Calvinist seminaries, then you should rethink the facts as we have explained them here and think for yourself over the pages of Paul’s revelation in Romans chapters 6 through 8. The doctrine of Biblical dualism begins with the teaching of Jesus that, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that born of the Spirit is spirit.” John 3:6. Throughout Scripture man is depicted as having two distinct mentalities, a flesh mentality that is greatly driven by the appetites (Se, Hunger and Greed), and then the Spirit mentality (guided by intelligence, Conscience and [consensual) Emotion).

So when the church fathers rejected dualism they failed to make the distinction between Biblical dualism and pagan dualism.

Gnostic dualism was derived from much of the teaching of the Iranian prophet, Manes, who lived contemporary with Augustine, the early church father. Augustine headed the cause for the bishops to denounce the religious dualistic philosophy of the Gnostics and at that time dualism was sharply taught against. Marcion, who lived contemporary with bishop Polycarp several hundred years earlier indicates that the religious philosophy of dualism had been plaguing the early church for centuries. Unfortunately, Biblical dualism was ignored and not taught in it’s Scriptural form. Pagan dualism had brought a reproach to the very term to this very day! But pagan dualism is no way resembles the doctrine of Biblical dualism taught in Scriptures.

You can see that it was a complicated religion with ,any departures from Christian doctrine which included belief in a deity that was also the creator of all evil. It taught that man passes through zones of spiritual accomplishment to a state of pure knowledge which if achieved allowed you to pass directly to the presence of God without any further trials. The basis of gnosticism was the doctrine of Dualism which declared that man had two natures and that what he did in the flesh was independent from his behavior in the flesh. According to gnosticism the God the Old Testament did not exist! It taught that we were not guilty in our spirits of committing sin but that the sins of the flesh would not damn the spiritual man – that they were two separate lives. Marcion removed from the bible all books that contained commandments. Jesus was the loving figure of the Bible and the true revelation of God and did not condemn anyone. So Dualism was a deadly apostate doctrine threatening the very existence of the Church of Acts. The condemnation Jesus laid on the church at Pergamos denouncing those there who embraced the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate – was believed by Many Bible scholars to be the doctrine of gnostic dualism.

Dualism had become an evil word and left the church so shaken it overreacted to the threat and denounced dualism of every kind. Augustine compiled many writings against it and gave strong teaching against dualism until it became dreaded by the church. Tradition has it that Polycarp the bishop of Alexandria passed Marcion one day on the street . Marcion stopped and turned and said, to Polycarp, “Polycarp, don’t you know me?” Polycarp turned, looked Marcion in the eye and said, “Yes, I know you, you are Satan!” The threat of gnostic dualism was so viciously resisted that all forms of dualism became evil in the minds of church leaders and Christianity to this day. The early church equated gnosticism with dualism and dualism with doctrines of Devils. Dualism became synonymous with the gnostic apostasy and false doctrine.

Today in modern Christian seminaries dualism is taught to be an evil doctrine based on a limited knowledge of what dualism really is. I see this total rejection of dualism as a Satanic strategy to negate Scriptural dualism that is actually the highest efficacy of the cross. I see Biblical dualism as one of the most powerful sin blasting doctrines of Christ and the apostles. Satan did not want the doctrine of Biblical dualism to be taught or known by Christians so he created a para-dualism doctrine to stigmatize and blind the leaders of the church by over reacting to the dualism of Marcion, which he taught and which became the doctrine of damnation!

But, to believe that all dualism is evil is a very big mistake and a clever deception by Satan conceived in his war room with his imps as an effectual way to destroy perhaps the most powerful revelation Paul received from God during his three years on the desert receiving the true purposes of God and the prime efficacies of the power in the cross.

In this teaching I am showing you what the Biblical dualism is. You will see the great difference between Biblical dualism and the dualism taught by the dualistic philosophy of ancient mystics, Zoroastrians and the ancient apostate Christian doctrine of the Gnostics.

In nearly sixty years of ministry I have not heard but two men speak or teach dualism from these chapters! One was my dearly beloved Milton T. Wells back in the middle of the last century and the second was myself, Here in the chapters below are a few facts about dualism that you probably will not hear from any other source. It is my great privilege granted by the Lord of my salvation that He by His Grace has chosen me to revive this precious teaching and make it known to the church in the last days. In the doctrine of Biblical dualism is the God given power to achieve death to self, mortification and the depths of sanctification. Here in these chapters below under the title of The Dog and The Dove, are the explanations that have helped thousands take back the power we need to rule over our depravity.

The conquering of self can only be achieved by the many principles contained within this doctrine of the Lord. Our people need this teaching of the two distinct natures they possess so they can live victoriously in this end time world having a knowledge that can be used to commend us to God.

These are two very distinct forms of life and diametric to each other. If you are looking for new power and knowledge about your nature and a new command of your life, then read this explanation of the dueling natures that follows. Chances are that there is not another Christian site you can go to and learn the truth about Biblical Dualism. Read on …

DandD 2


Jesus didn’t say Christians were the sugar of the earth. He said we are the salt of the earth!

He was speaking of its power of moral influence. If it lost that power, it was to be “dumped.”

In a modern world the Christian disciple is not only supposed to be able to maintain an overcoming life over it’s enemies, the world, Satan and the flesh, but he is also to have enough power beyond that to be a moral influence on his society.

This message is dedicated especially to those Christians who are not satisfied with sweet tooth religion and want the experience of a discipleship on God’s terms.

The message of The DOG And The DOVE is directed to the Christian seeking the joy of genuine discipleship.

My prayer is that a different person reads the last page from the one who started reading the first page.

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The Parable of The Dog and The Dove

Let me tell you a little story that you’ll never forget. Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a house all alone. He brought a stray puppy home with him one day to keep for company. The puppy grew and became big and mean.

Then one day a dove perched on the sill of his upstairs window and he fed it.

The dove became friendly and the man brought it inside to keep as a pet also. But the dog resented the presence of the dove and barked and leaped with jealous fury.

The man tried to keep the dove away from the dog but the dog kept barking at the dove every time he sensed its presence.

Finally, the man decided to get rid of the dog and keep the dove. But he couldn’t get the dog to leave the house.

He tried everything . . . even bribing it out the door with morsels of Meat . . . but nothing worked.

He even tried force, but the dog growled and snapped at him.

Finally, he decided to go to the professionals. He told the veterinarian his story and then asked him what to do. The professional said, “It’s simple . . . get rid of the dove!”

The man returned to his house disappointed. As he placed the key in the lock of the front door, he heard a terrible commotion . . . the dog was yipping and barking. He quickly unlocked the door and ran into the house.

In the middle of the living room the dog was standing over the body of the dove! Feathers were everywhere! The wings of the dove were spread pitifully and there was blood.

The man leaped across the room kicking the dog in the side with all his might. The dog went rolling and howling, scrambling for shelter under the table.

Tenderly the man picked the dove up from the floor. Its body was limp but he saw it was still breathing.

Carefully folding its wings he took it to the kitchen and began to care for it.

He then took the dove to another room and set food and water by it, closed the door and returned to the living room.

He looked into the eyes of the dog glaring from under the table and said, “I’ll get rid of you if it’s the last thing I do!” He began to shout at the dog . . . “I’ve kept you and fed you . . . “ There was a sudden and long silence as the man stood staring at the dog. He froze with thought. Turning and staring out of the window, he snapped his finger loudly and said, “of course, why didn’t I think of that before?”

He turned to the dog and said to the dog in a low tone filled with glee, “Your days are numbered”.

In a burst of action that scared the dog causing him to jump backward, the man literally ran to the kitchen and opened wide the doors of the cupboards. He gathered all the dog food he could find in the cupboards and then went to the corner of the kitchen floor where the dog’s dishes were, scooped them up, and threw it all in the trash.

He then went back to care for the dove.

After checking the dove he returned to the living room and stretched out in his easy chair to relax. He glared right at the dog, and said, “Now I am the master! You depend on me to feed you . . . and I have stopped!”

The dog became hungry late that night and went to the kitchen and sniffed where his dishes had been.

There was no food for him.

That night the man slept very well and the next morning he awoke with new peace in his heart. It seemed the sun was shining brighter than ever before.

He heard the dog whining for food in the kitchen but paid no attention to him. and went about doing some cleaning and fixing his breakfast.

The dog whimpered and paced the floor licking his chops as the man ate his breakfast. It took some self control but the man refused to give the dog a crumb. When he finished eating, he went in and fed the dove.

Day by day he noticed the dove was getting stronger . . . but the dog was getting weaker.

While he lost all concern for the dog, his care for the dove was meticulous!

Have you started seeing yourself yet?

Each day he fed the dove and starved the dog.

Each day the dove became stronger and the dog became weaker.

Finally . . . the day came.

He walked over where the dog was lying on the floor, grabbed him by the collar and drug him across the room, over the threshold and out into the yard.

He returned to the house and fed the dove.

Today, the dove is well and flying around the house again.

The dog? Oh, he’s adjusted to his life outside quite well.

The dog you see, is the flesh nature in me.

The dove, as you may know, is the Spirit that has come to dwell in me.

For you see . . . In every “me” there are two natures, the Spirit nature and the flesh nature.

Here is a spiritual secret that can bring much longed-for change to your life . . . if you have the courage to face the changes reality often demands.

First, as Christian disciples, we must know something about ourselves which Jesus and the disciples taught us. Each of us possesses two life natures – there are two of me, the Flesh and the Spirit.

A nature is something that has distinguishing characteristics. It has a personality all its own when compared with other things. We have two distinguishable natures within each of us.

Paul put it this way; So, then, with the mind I myself (one nature) serve the law of God; but with the flesh (another nature the law of sin. Romans7:25

There are also two minds; the carnal mind and the spiritual mind. Romans 8:6

Two different sets of desires. Romans 8:4

And these oppose each other! Galatians 5:17

The opposing minds or natures are positive and negative in a moral sense.

The negative nature is the nature of the flesh and
The positive nature is the nature of the Spirit.

These are as different from each other as clay and steel . . . as a DOG AND A DOVE.

This is a universal fact with which every man living experiences.
Man, within himself, is trying to go two directions morally at the same time!

For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other; so that ye cannot do the things that ye would (want to). Galatians 5:17.

It was this negative fleshy dog nature in man that hounded Jesus to Calvary and then watched Him die!

For dogs have compassed Me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed Me: they pierced My hands and my feet. Psalms 22:16.

It’s a Fact:
The appetites of unregenerate man, or of the human body, and dog are basically the same. Here Are The Three Flesh Appetites.

They are also called sense pleasures.

(1) The sex sense pleasure,
(2) The hunger sense pleasure and
(3) The greed sense pleasure.
Most of man’s behavior is influenced by these flesh appetites which are in the worldly environment.

When these appetites of the flesh nature are favored and gratified, in the worldly pleasures, you are feeding the Flesh nature and making it stronger.

By this we conclude that the carnal or fleshy, dog-like nature has affinity with the world environment that attracts the flesh. I John 2:15-17; 4:5

The dog nature, that is, the sinful carnal nature receives its strength from the world.
But . . .the spiritual nature of man is attracted to the holiness of God. Matthew 4:8; John 17:16; Titus 2:12; James 1:14, 27; 4:4; 2 Peter 1:4; 1 John 2:15-17; 4:5.)

Sin in the flesh has broken the human spirit’s communion with God. So, the spirit of man languishes inside an appetite-controlled body.

These selfish and corrupted appetites of the flesh are everywhere exerting their influence!

You see them everywhere you look – In literature, the arts, advertising, music, television and on your personal computer. He is in the entertainment world, in politics and business, reaching out appealing to the appetites of the flesh to indulge. Lust for gold, food and erotica keeps driving man toward hell and hounds him to the grave.

But God has burst upon the scenes of human history to give us a chance to escape the life of the dog and become like God! When man seeks God and associates with God through His Son Jesus Christ . . . .he becomes like Him, like a son of God.

For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son. Romans 8:29

This should be man’s highest goal in life – to become like God! This is the will of God for every redeemed person once they become saved.

Every man is born between God in Heaven and the devil; Between a man and an animal; Between a dog nature and a dove nature.

If man fails to reach for that “prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” he reverts to his appetites to find pleasure and never with peace. Without God, man at his very best, is just a very intelligent animal.

The Christian overcomes temptation by being in moral, emotional and mental fellowship with God! it’s the only way God makes happiness available to us – through goodness, His goodness. For man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

We were designed in the creation in His likeness so we can have things in common with our Maker. For life to be meaningful and have fulfillment we must live and function for the purpose we were created. We must think upon and communicate with God intelligently. Since this demands a rational capacity, animals can’t do this. We conclude, then, that the soul of man is his rational self.

When man forgets God and others and thinks only of himself and seeks to indulge in all sorts of sense pleasure activity, that man is considered sensual and has animalistic tendencies.
No, there’s just not much difference between the carnal man and a dog.

The dog nature is given to the impulse of appetite . . .See him running along with his nose to the ground . . . scavenging . . .Gobbling up morsels of he knows not what . . .Eating that which belongs to others . . .Casting his waste and filth in beautiful places. He mates shamelessly in the open. He selfishly protects food he himself will not eat. He is vicious toward any who approach his domain. No wonder they call bad men dogs!

The Word Exposes the Dog Nature:!

The Bible calls this dog-like nature in us “carnal.”

Paul called it the law of sin. Romans 7:23.

He also called it the “body of death”. Romans 7:24

The “carnal mind”. Romans 8:7

The “deeds of the body”. Romans 8:13

The “lust of the flesh”. I John 2:16

The “flesh with the affections and lusts”. Galatians 5:24

The “old man with his deeds”. Colossians 3:9

The word “carnal” literally means meat or flesh.

The word “lust” means to crave wrongly. It is the “dog” nature in us that amounts to sin in the flesh.

Lust can only occur through the appetites of the flesh nature.

Lust is appetite out of control!

And so, we come to another conclusion; That if the appetites can be brought under control we have the cause of sin conquered!

The Bible makes the connection between appetites and sin very plain. Let’s make a simple observation in Galatians 5:19-21 and see that the “works of the flesh” are divided into the three categories of the appetites.

SEX: Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, lasciviousness, uncleanness.

GREED: Hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, sedition, heresies, envying, murders, idolatry, witchcraft.

HUNGER: Drunkenness, revealing and such: “banqueting and revealing” I Peter 4:3

Note! All of these “works of the flesh” can be classified under one or more of the three appetites of the flesh.

Let me repeat, that it is impossible to sin except through the appetites. This is very important Biblical fact.

What a pity! God created the appetites in us for our good. Like everything man touches, we have twisted them into selfish perversions.

The Appetites Are Good!

When the Spirit of Christ enters our life at the time of salvation, He does not cancel or destroy the appetites. He teaches us to bring them under the control of the Holy Spirit and use them properly. They once more become the meaningful servants God intended them to be. When Christ comes within He brings His dignity and returns honor to the body.

If lust is appetite with no control, then holiness is appetite under Spirit control!

Bring Flesh Under Spirit’s Dominion

A person “in their sins” is a person under bondage to the appetites, whether you profess to be a Christian or not. Six of the ten commandments are restrictions against the appetites. The Bible contains SPIRIT KNOWLEDGE for us in the form of instruction “that the man of God may be perfect”. 2 Timothy 3:17 When the Christian allows the Spirit and the Word to teach him the control of appetites this is called “moderation”. Philippians 4:5

But how can this powerful appetite nature be overpowered by the Spirit abiding in me?

Christian, the appetites are more of a problem to us than Satan himself! Once appetite power is controlled, Satan and the world influence become a mere spiritual “mop-up operation”. Yes sir! The big problem we have with sin is right under our noses – in our flesh! Don’t look for it in other places. But I see another law in my members bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. Romans 7:23 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: Romans 8:3. This is where Christ directed His strike! At “sin in the flesh”…or the appetites!

The Other Nature? We said there were two natures. We have talked about the “dog” nature . . . now let’s talk about the dove nature.

The scripture does not put the guilt upon our spirits as is does upon the flesh. Sin is always referred to as being in the flesh but never is such blame put on the spirit.

The scripture does not speak of such as things as “sin in the spirit” but it does, in many passages speak of the sins of the flesh – the works of the flesh.

From this we understand that our spirits are affected and degraded by their close association with the sinful flesh nature but not depraved in the sense that the flesh is depraved. We venture to say that while man’s flesh is depraved, his spirit is deprived.

The disobedience of the flesh destroyed man’s fellowship with God.
In the first Adam man’s spirit was imprisoned inside sinful flesh, became the prisoner of the carnal nature . . .  until the Last Adam appeared! That was when God started the new creation, the regeneration! The first Adam turned my paradise into thistles and blood, sweat and tears. The second and last Adam turned my tears and pains back into paradise! The first Adam took me out of paradise but the second and Last Adam put paradise inside of me.

Life begins all new when we see God’s great plan of redeeming love reaching out to us from Calvary. It’s irresistible! We just can’t ignore it. We fall in repentance. Then comes the Spirit of Christ crashing through the bulwarks of Satan, invading me with His regenerating forgiveness! For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13. Now the presence of His Spirit with my spirit links me up with heaven!

Before my repentance at the cross, my indulging flesh life had its strength and affinities in the world system. But now my spirit will gain its wishes of control and strength through my new connection with the Kingdom system! Now He joins me in my battle against “the old man”. I must crucify him and “mortify” him by choice . . . by many right choices.

But wait a minute!

The battle still rages! Satan still attacks, the flesh still rises! It seems there is an escalation of the spiritual battle within since I was born again in the Spirit. What is happening to me ? I thought the battle would die down after I had such peace at the altar of repentance !!

The explanation.

You see, before you were a Christian you had one sinful nature in control which was agreeable with the world value system. Your spirit was a prisoner of that strong and prevailing flesh nature. But now the Spirit of Christ has come and joined my human spirit, giving me a strong spiritual nature to do battle with that opposing sin nature which is also strong. Now I have two strong natures grappling for the reins of my life. I have a flesh nature, and I have a newborn Spirit nature within me. I have a dog nature and a dove nature.

The battle of Romans, chapter seven, is on!
In my mind I know the right thing to do and want to do it, but appetites are still winning some of the battles. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Romans 7:19

On the struggle goes . . .
To go to the big party with my friends, or go to church, when there should be no questions. And then there are the matters of my associations. To load my plate again? I really need to lose 40 pounds! or stop because I know I’ve had enough. To wear provocative, sensual fashion . . . or be modest as the Word and the Spirit  teaches me? To stare at a pornography poster in the shop or look away? To let my imagination dwell on erotic things, or quote the Scripture and put my thoughts on things that are pure and turn my eyes to the non-biological things, accepting the discipline of Spirit-knowledge?

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:4

Should I tell the guy off . . . or humble my spirit and leave it with God? I keep the struggle up but never seem to make gains in the number of battles I win. I must ask myself – Is the spiritual life of the over comer real or the pipe dream of an idealist? I cry out with Paul . . . “who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Romans 7:24

Read closely now and get ready for a taste of victory!

Here come the answers to this dilemma!
We each have two natures or, two difference lives, actually. For any form of life to continue living it must be fed! It’s really quite simple. You have a carnal life, and you have a spiritual life. You feed the life you want to live and starve the life you want to die!

It’s at this very point we create our own spiritual struggles and defeats.
We try and live for God while we feed both of these forms of life! The flesh and the Spirit. This is what creates the struggle and makes life almost unbearable! But if the spiritual nature was strong And the flesh nature weak . . . that would be certain victory!!

Jesus Christ made this possible!

The Bible holds the secret again . . .
But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. Romans 13:14

The real question is this . . .Which life do I want to be weak? The flesh, of course! Well then, if you don’t want the carnal life to be strong . . . stop feeding it!

Let’s consult spirit-knowledge. If you want something to live you feed it. If you want something to die, you starve it. For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. Romans 8:5 The key word in this scripture is the word, “mind”. This word in the Greek is PHRONEO. It means to provide for, or be concerned with. You have a flesh life and you have a Spirit life. You give “attention” to the nature you want to win and be sure not to provide for the nature you want to die!

Here is the principle again . . .Mortify (put them to death!) therefore your members which are upon the earth . . . Colossians 3:5 And again, Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Romans 12:9 It is a matter of exposing the spirit nature to pure and excellent things that strengthen it!. If you are truly born of the Spirit, then you will be concerned with providing for the Spirit-life.

Your diet determines your destiny!
By the way, doves don’t eat garbage and dogs don’t prefer peanuts.
Each nature has its own source of nourishment. Let this Bible secret work for you! Feed the Spirit life. Seek out Spirit food. Feast on spiritual things. Choose your spiritual friends carefully. Control that close inner circle of friends. These are the people you will admire and imitate. While you feed the Spirit life, starve the indulgent demands of flesh appetites. Deny them when they whine and plead to indulge! It won’t be long till the life you feed is stronger than the life you starve.

It may mean you’ll have to make some big changes. In friendships . . . in the kind of literature that you read . . .in pastimes . . . it’s going to mean some big plans spoiled and provocative, immodest clothes thrown out and other carnal and egotistical items dropped forever from the list of personal possessions. It’s going to mean a whole new and glorious discipline!

Now, Get Rid of the Dog Food!

When you care for something it takes time, money, and attention. You’re the master of the house! Go to the pantries and get rid of the dog food! Start searching the cupboards and pantries right now. In your prayers, ask the Holy Spirit to direct you in putting away anything and everything the lower nature feeds on or is strengthened by.  Ask Him for discerning powers for what is pure and clean and for ultimate good that you may prove your love to Him. Philippians 1:19-10 Start with your associations. Check the pantry marked “entertainment”. Are you sure the little innocent things you protect with claims of being small and innocent, aren’t feeding that dog nature? What about your pastimes? And pleasures? Your language? Your thought life? Has materialism and luxury unconsciously blinded you to the difference between essentials and non-essentials?  What about the music you listen to and tapes and albums you possess? Are they dog food or the whole-grain cereals of the heavenly dove? Television? Magazines? Does it feed the dog or the dove? Don’t get sentimental now and start feeling sorry for the dog!

For as much then as Christ has suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same mind: For he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin…that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God. I Peter 4:1-2

Could it be you have the discovered the “law of life in Christ Jesus”?

Humans with “dog-like” natures, will not be welcome in Heaven. When the redeemed are finally gathered in the city of God and the coronation anthems are bouncing off the stars the “dogs” will be yipping outside to get in. Luke 13:24-25

“Blessed are they that do His commandments that they may enter in through the gates into the city for without are dogs Revelation 22:14-15


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