The Clique Cult


A saint singeing report on the wildest sin of the holiness people.

I know very well. I have been the victim of wild rumors spread by “holiness” people.

In Proverbs 6 we are warned that there are six things the Lord hates and spreading rumors and evil reports about brethren and four of the six things he hates are sins that telling and spreading rumors include. These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Proverbs 6:16-19

You would think Jesus never warned us about being turned into hell if we accuse a brother or slander him falsely. Do we know what the word RACA means? Matthew 5:22. It’s going to damn some people who think they’re saved. Camp meetings have become running, screaming parties followed by retiring to the dining hall to attend the rumor mills and gossip rallies. Ichabod!

Certain preachers are kept out of some fellowships because of a wild rumor about him that someone believed without checking with that preacher, himself. Just recently a rumor was circulating that I was in cahoots with a prophetess (if you can imagine this) and that we were making money selling land together. Another rumor insinuated that I was too friendly with a widow in Switzerland! People must lay awake at night dreaming up these things or they get visions from the Devil in their sleep – probably the latter. Ichabod!

While I was on a mission to Brazil evangelizing, my web master of several years ago, a family I trusted explicitly, heard a rumor that I was coming to their city and split their church … just a rumor! There was nothing to it. She proceeded to delete my entire web site and even her backup files on her hard drive! When I called to inquire what happened to my web site, that I couldn’t find it on line, the voice said, “We heard a rumor.” These trusted friends had removed and destroyed all of my web files – years of work … because they heard a rumor! Tongues of fire will surely burn someday. ICHABOD !!! They not only destroyed a Christian ministry but far worse, they destroyed a wonderful friendship that was created by the Lord’s death on the cross. Their deed revealed that their spirit was driven by Satan and certainly NOT by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. ICHABOD !

A fellowship clique is the worst kind of clique! It bars men God has called to strengthen the body which amounts to working against the Holy Ghost. I have had so many rumors and slanderous things said about me by “holiness” people” – that if I did not know the real holiness of the Scripture I would have joined the Charismatics long ago! It is a growing sin in “holiness” ranks. Some tongues drag on the ground they’re so long. Ichabod!

I have been accused of being a homosexual and divorcing the wife of my youth. Several times my kindness to others was twisted to make me look evil. Many of you reading these lines have been the victims of the same evil spirit James warns the church against, and you know what I am saying is indeed a growing problem in the holiness ranks. Ichabod! The tongue is the most unruly member of the body but it can be tamed and it can be brought under the control of a praying Christian.

What will God do to people with tongues of fire who profess His name? In every case no one come and faced me directly and asked me about the accusation. What has happened to the order of the church Jesus personally gave us? Matthew 5:24.People who start and repeat such stories without going directly to the person they are talking about are worse off than the drunken sinners on skid row! Your foul tongue is the instrument of a foul mind and the curse of the church! Ichabod!

Yes, we have tongues of fire in the conservative churches but they are the tongues of fire that usually wag inside of a church or fellowship clique who share a common dislike for a brother because they can’t get anything on him so they start evil rumors based totally on the imagination of their evil minds. This is a serious Satanic mental problem. Ichabod!

God loves you but He hates your lying rumor spreading tongue of fiery iniquity and it will surely endanger your right to enter the Kingdom of God.

James tells us that the tongues of these people set the world on fire with the flames of iniquity lit by the fires of hell James 3:6. They are the tongues of damned people inspired of Satan!

A young preacher made a passive mistake not worth mentioning. A simple conversation could have cleared everything up. Instead a couple of preachers make an issue out of it and the rumor spreads and worsens with every retelling of the story. His ministry and his spirit was wounded, his wife suffered horribly and his ministry was scarred because the brethren had to talk it and spread it rather than tame their tongues. Brethren, when a man’s life and calling are at stake – have mercy and go directly to the accused brother and resolve it with him before you destroy a man and his marriage! And for goodness sake always remember in such cases that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us if the tables were turned! Don’t throw a man’s life and ministry to the wind like a pillow full of feathers.

There is a story that comes out of England of a woman who started a terrible rumor about her pastor. The rumor got out of control and caused much more harm than she had anticipated! Finally the elders of the church started an investigation and it led to this one lady in the church. They brought her before the pastor and she asked for his forgiveness. After listening to her the pastor said, Take the pillow from the couch and go into the city square and empty the feathers from the pillow and return here with the pillow case. Willing to do what ever was necessary to have his forgiveness she went to the square and emptied all of the feathers from the pillow into the wind and returned to the pastor with the empty pillow case. He then said to her, “Dear sister, now I want you to return to the square, gather all of the feathers and return them to the pillow case and come here once again and I will forgive you. The woman was in unbelief that the pastor had asked this! She explained to the pastor that this was an impossible request because the wind had taken the feathers and she would never be able to recover them all. The pastor then assured her that he forgave her of her evil deed and then explained to her that the feathers are like the rumor she started. While he can easily forgive her it is impossible to stop the harm the rumor causes by spreading and being repeated long after he had forgiven her. There would be no way to stop the rumor. So is the deadly spread of falsehood as it goes on and on long after the guilty may have confesses it.

Rumors and evil reports continue to destroy character long after they are found to be untrue. Slanderous remarks and insinuations are demon spirits playing with a mind that has some evil feeling that finds pleasure in hurting and bashing someone hated. It is also sometimes an attempt to throw off guilt and wrongdoing by making the person I have wronged look evil. At our camp meetings years ago we preached whole sermons on slander and gossip and filled the altars with repenting saints. Today we preach people happy and then sit around after the meeting and gossip about the latest rumors of fallen brethren when we should holding them up with tears of compassion.

A fallen brother came back to a Holiness church to feel the power of God again in his life. But he left the meeting with a cry in his heart … with no one caring for his soul. He was never seen again in our meetings. I tried to get in contact with Billy many times but could never locate him. Oh, God, I wish I could find Billy Guthrie and put my arms around him and tell him I love him. Hurting people come into our meetings and they leave without the help they long for – simply the caring support of a brother or sister. But the tongues of fire just kept wagging and Billy Guthrie is somewhere out in the world alone I don’t know where, because the clique didn’t let him in. Ichabod!


  1. M.L. Irvin Reply
    Thank you for this article. I was at a campmeeting a few years back and I introduced myself to another brother that I had not met before. He replied "I've heard about you". I stated I hope it was good, he stated that it was not, I asked what was it that was said and he stated I won't tell you. I then asked him who said it and he said a man of God who he had confidence in, then stated his name. I said I do not know him and had never met him or been in meeting with him, I then asked who told him and again another man of God that this brother had the most confidence in and again I stated that I not only did not know him but had never seen or been in service with him. I asked who told him, and he mentioned a brother that I did know who had told me that he robbed another mans flock (his words) to get the church he now had. I told him I would not believe him. He said he did. I found out later that the last preacher he mentioned was trying to destroy my ministry. Childish at the least

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