Some Holiness Preachers

Some Holiness Preachers Are Stricter Than God
They make more demands on God’s people than God requires
By Bill Burkett

STRICTER THAN GOD? Is it possible to preach a “holiness standard” God does NOT require? I remember when the maxi skirts were all the fashion in the sixties and the sub-culture (hippies) made the maxi skirt fashionable. I heard preaching against the maxi skirts declaring they were “worldly.” Its the old adage (modified wording) “Your cursed if you do and cursed if you don’t.” But, did it ever dawn on some holiness people that sometimes the world does do something right that complies with the Bible’s teaching on decency? Because the world makes something popular doesn’t make it wrong. Its wrong when it violates Biblical principles. If the world gets something right, then let’s not knock them when they wear their skirts down to the ground, when they make modesty the fashion. Recently at a camp meeting the speaker preached against panty hose. Panty hose!? Don’t we have a deeper message than panty hose at camp meetings? It’s for the ladies to teach about ladies underclothes. A preacher doesn’t have any business preaching under a sister’s skirt so long as she maintains a visibly modest and unprovocative appearance. Amen!

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