Seven Ages of Man

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 The two study charts below showing the 5 periods of social digression every age period experienced indicates an identical pattern of 5 digressions. Man’s depravity took him through 5 basic stages of digression until he came to the point where God had to judge the sin of man and initialize a new beginning. Each new beginning marked the start of a new age and the judgment at the end of each age marks the end of that age. God’s purpose for creating the world was to replace the fallen angels with creatures of choice. This chart reveals the drama of the ages as God carries out His plan to the end. Most Christians living today will see some terrible times unless Jesus returns for the church before the reign of the Antichrist. It is this writers impression from Scripture that the church will not come under God’s judgment when it falls during the tribulation, but that the church will come under the persecution of evil men prior to the snatching out of the church. The thing I noticed about each of the seven Biblical ages was that each started with a purged renewal and then went through a cycle of 5 stages of digressions, all following the same path to total godless depravity that finally ended with a final blow of divine JUDGMENT. All of the ages of man started with newness after judgment and ended in judgment. It seems this sequence determined the length of each age. All five ages up to now ended with judgment that purged man from his social sins but then once he was cleansed he returned to following the same cycle back to JUDGMENT again. See CHART II to see the 5 stages of each age. This chart (CHART I) is a description of each of the Seven Biblical ages. CHART I and CHART II below showing the 5 digressions of each age are to be studied together. Repeat: This first study shows all seven ages while the study below is a closer look at the five stages that each of the seven ages passed through.
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Seven Ages


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