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Bill Burkett

Secular professionals admit the need of inner transformation: It was interesting to hear an interview over NPR (National Public Radio) of a Mr. Baum affiliated with TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL. This organization investigates and monitors the corruption going on within international business. Mr. Baum, in essence stated, over NPR that what we need is a new inner character development to take place with the very people involved in business and international affairs before we will ever see any changes for the better. But this is what I have written on so many times; taught it and preached it over the years with every other evangelical preacher! Jesus Christ came into this world to change the world by first changing the hearts of the people who make up the world. When a person experiences a genuine encounter with Christ and repents of his sin and rebellion against God, it is only then the Spirit of God enters that life and that life is morally transformed – or, in the Words of the Bible, transformed by the renewing of the mind. We congratulate Mr. Baum and Transparency International for making this observation that is precisely the way the gospel of Christ is designed to transform the world. NOW, Mr. Baum, and all committed to Transparency International, all you have to do is underwrite a great thrust to preach the gospel of Christ to the all of the business communities in all the nations and by this you will bring about the change of the inner man you now understand to be the only thing that can put a stop to international corruption. Then you may consider making just a small change in your name from Transparency International to TRANSFORMATION INTERNATIONAL.



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