Secrets of the Heart


Deep within each of us there is our secret self where we talk with ourselves and all of our original thoughts and decisions are flowing hidden away from the view of all others like a subterranean stream. It is here that we talk to ourselves and make all of our decisions out of sight from others. This is where the real person exists that no one else knows and no one but myself and GOD can go there. This is the secret inner person, the real you that even your own husband or wife does not know. God’s Word speaks of this secret inner consciousness often. He calls this secret place, THE HEART. It is the seat of our affections distinct from the soul which is the seat of intelligence. Deuteronomy 30:6. Every act and every word I carry out that is seen by the outside world originates in the thought streams of that latent inner consciousness. It is here that holiness is achieved. Only as I keep that secret inner stream of thought clean where the Lord and I walk alone is true holiness achieved and the manifest man seen by others around me show a godly life. Click here to read how to keep the thought streams clean and unpolluted.


  1. Chuck Stephens Reply
    All adult human activity proceeds from the heart or inner man, so in that sense, the inner man is not "latent". It is very much in control of everything an adult does. Infant behavior is based solely on their physical needs, so their inner man is "latent" in the true meaning of the word.
    • admin Reply
      Chuck: I am speaking of the very core of the soul where we hold secret consort with our own self consciousness when I use the term latent. Latent simply means the unseen inner man. I make a distinction between that inner latent man and the manifest deeds he carries out as a physical articulate being. The action he takes in the form of conduct is the manifest man even though his actions had their origin in the “seed thought” of the latent man. I make a distinction between the inner latent source of an idea as being the latent man while you are saying that the thought of the latent man and his actions born out by his original thoughts are the same. I don’t believe that is true academically or experientally. Bill.

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