By: William Anderson, Jr.

There is a militant attempt today to tear to bits all the old established verities of the Christian faith. Such phrases as “scholarship is agreed” and “assured results of modern scholarship” and other swelling words make the saints tremble and young people afraid to commit themselves to “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3).

Years ago Dr. Robert Dick Wilson, Ph.D., D.D., Professor of Semitic Philology in Princeton Theological Seminary, asked and answered the question: “Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly?”

During his student days in Germany he proposed “to spend fifteen years in language study, fifteen years in Biblical textual studies in the light of the findings of his studies in Philology, and then, God willing, fifteen years of writing out his findings, so that others might share them with him” (Philip E. Howard of the Sunday School Times).

In order to accomplish this feat “he became conversant with some twenty-six languages” and, after forty-five years of scientific and scholarly research, came up with this amazing conclusion: “I have come now to the conviction that no man knows enough to assail the truthfulness of the Old Testament. Whenever there is sufficient documentary evidence to make an investigation, the statements of the Bible, in the original text, have stood the test.”

By clearly proved facts Dr. Robert Dick Wilson showed that the destructive “assured results of modern scholarship” cannot be defended, for the simple reason that they are based, not upon scientific facts, but upon perverted bias. Let God’s people not be frightened by the high-sounding phrases of those in professional chairs who pose as scholars.

A man once said to Robert Dick Wilson: “Dr. Wilson, how can you hold the position that the Bible records are absolutely dependable? They are not in keeping with what I conceive to be scholarship.”

Dr. Wilson said to him: “Do you read Hebrew?” “No.”
“Do you read Greek?” “A little.”
“Have you read the original records?” “No.”
“Do you read Sanskrit?” “No.”
“Do you speak French?” “No.”
“Do you speak German?” “No.”
“Do you speak Persian?” “No.”
“Do you know astronomy?” “No.”
“Are you a chemist or physicist?” “No.”

“What is the claim of scholarship you are making? I read Hebrews; I read and know astronomy. I know most of the sciences. I claim to be something of a scholar. On what basis of scholarship do you put your doubt of these records? On the basis of scholarship I put my affirmation that these records can be depended upon.”

By the time Dr. Wilson got that far, the man had sneaked out of the room. (The Conqueror)


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