S. M Lockridge

Shadrach Meshach Lockridge Born March 7, 1913 Robertson County Texas. S M Lockridge was the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, a prominent African-American congregation in San Diego, California, from 1953 to 1993. He was known for his preaching across the United States and around the world. He died April 4, 2000.

That’s My King
It’s Friday but Sundays Coming
The Existence of God

  1. Angela Reply
    Practicing and non-practicing are such ellusive terms. I often think about how so many pepole who wouldn't call themselves Christian are practicing Christianity much more (ie. by working for non-profits, doing relief work, social work, volunteering, serving, being involved in their communities and living a life with deliberation) than many who would proudly claim to be followers of Jesus. On the flip side, and this really applies to Catholics in particular, there are so many little habits that you could practice, go through the motions of doing, without actually believing. And then you could actually believe without going to confession, to church, to communion, etc. To me, the difference between someone who practices and someone who does not lies not so much in what they do/don't do, but in their understanding of self. There are plenty of good pepole who are not Christian, and plenty of Christians who are not very good. But to recognize that you are fallen, that you are in dire need of being rescued from sin, from yourself and to trust that it is God through the Lord Jesus Christ who DOES save you, literally, that is Christianity. This is the world-view that fills you with humility, grace and empathy towards others, and a hope that can only come from God.Thank you for a thoughtful post!
  2. Duff Stevens Reply
    This ministry still inspires men today.

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