Power X

Power X Makes His Next Move

By Bill Burkett

 Twenty years ago while waiting for a connecting flight to China at the LA airport I saw the cover on Scientific American magazine emblazoned with the UPC bar code. I immediately grabbed it off the rack, paid for it and sought out a quiet place to read. As I continued to traveling over the world in the following years I watched as the bar code appeared in country after country over a very few years. The UPC price code bar now appears on every product you purchase in any industrialized country. We are all making our purchases every day with the bar code on it that carries the 666 on the code bar.



At first I did not realize the 666 was on the bar codes but I continued to be fascinated by the bar code knowing now how it bore the 666 on it. I started connecting the dots between the biblical prophecies in Revelation 13 as the number of the Antichrist who would appear at the end of the church age having this number.
But I avoid conspiracy theories because so many of these I have heard were conclusions proven wrong with time. I didn’t want to be identified with those who claim Neal Armstrong never walked on the moon, or that there was no Jewish holocaust. Forty two years ago I was talking to a patriot Dentist who had guns and ammunition stored in his basement. He told me then that within six months America would fall to the Communists. As I said, that was 42 years ago. Then, the scanner suddenly started appearing in super markets and my first experience was a shocker when holding meetings in Tucson, Arizona. All purchases were being recorded and stored in super computers. Every time I went to the store or made a purchase I was recalling the scripture, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17.
Now, more than forty years have passed this is no longer a conspiracy theory, this is reality! Power X has established a “universal” price Code system that can easily be implemented if the United States defaults on its debts and the United Nations decides to adopt a new world currency and place all commerce on a common currency exchange. If the US stock market crashes and our currency is replaced by another currency by a world monetary vote of the United nations or even a group of nations, America will fall from its perch of power becoming a third rate country in one day! Everything monetary-wise is now in place for the nations to make this move and America would be helpless. Prices would skyrocket in a hyper inflation and the US dollars value would drop to an estimated 10 cents on the dollar. Banks would be closed for weeks by the Feds to stop draws; riots would break out in the larger cities as lawless mobs ransack stores to stay alive until order is restored. It will be much worse in this next market crash because in 1929 Christian values were held by the great majority of people. Today there are masses of godless unemployed besides 12 million Mexican illegal’s, many of whom have criminal backgrounds. Humanism and immorality abounds in the America today compared to the America of 1929. It is a different crowd out there today than it was 82 years ago!

If, and I am saying IF, America has a financial implosion, that event would provide the perfect opportunity for our socialist government to join the globalists in finding a solution and making dramatic changes in the way of life for every American forever.

Now there is another amazing development to the mark of the beast that is very alarming. We are going to have to get used to these developments taking us close to the revelation of the Antichrist and the time when the church will come under a strong persecution of a new godless generation of leaders with a whole different value system based on a super socialism taking over every aspect of a person’s life. Here is the evidence of where we are heading.

In Obama’s Health Care bill; Required RFID implanted chip; National Medical Device Registry described in H.R. 3200, Section 2521, Pg. 1000, Will require a Radio Frequency Transponder Implanted in Every American between March 2013 and December 31, 2017. Read it for yourself. So, between now and December 31 every American will be required to take the implant for “medical purposes.” But if you take the time to read pages 1000 – 1003 in the above Health Care bill section 2531 you will also see the words, “surveillance,” and especially note the words, . . . and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.

First the government will tell us how important this is for health reasons. With a high percentage of senior citizens in the population it will be seen as a very good thing. But, after the transponder implant comes into use the next step will be to connect your transponder to the purchasing system and use the transponder to make you safer by using your 666 ID so cash will not be necessary and bring the crime rate down besides taking you out of danger of thugs and thieves. The implant can also locate lost persons including children by a GPS tracking signal. This transponder will be the device of the Antichrist to bring every human under the control of his “Czars”. The United States has already been divided into 14 districts that will be under one government superior. All of this information is easily found by making Internet search. Bing it, and you will be able to confirm even more that I have explained in this space.

Christians should be staying informed for the sake of their children and be like the wise virgins who trimmed their lamps; they snuffed them out to preserve their oil. This whole parable is not about fire or light but it is about the oil. Note that a cry came that the bridegroom was coming for his bride but he did not come immediately – he tarried – and it was while he tarried, in that short time between their knowing his coming was soon that the foolish virgins ran out of the oil they had in their lamps but had no extra oil to refill their lamps. They were skimpy on having enough of the Spirit of God burning in their lives. It’s good that we all take heed to the nearness of his coming and walk in the Spirit living holy lives and letting our light shine before men.
Stay knowledgeable about America’s present economical volatility. We are living in the age of information when much knowledge is available to show us the indicators of where we are in prophecy and how to go through this period and be looking up, for our redemption draweth nigh.

It is this writer’s belief the seven churches Jesus addressed represent also seven historical periods of church history with each church remarkably corresponding to the conditions of the historical condition. That Revelation 3 and the church of Philadelphia could well be the remnant church that has followed the pure doctrine of the apostle’s creed. The next and last church of the church age is the Laodicea church which is the end-time apostate church that will be left behind that Jesus warns to repent and purify their lives and turn back to the teaching of the Philadelphia church. Why? Because in Revelation 3:3 it seems quite clear that the Lord will return in the Philadelphia church period while at the same time the corrupted Laodicean church is overlapping it – co-existing with it for a period of time. The Laodicea church would also be the last church and the church left behind to be under the wrath of God with all of the undesirable church he implies that he will return in the time of the Philadelphia church. Today we can all see the sharp contrast between two very distinct Church systems that both claim to be living according to the scriptures. But one of these churches is rejected by Christ the other is accepted by him. As with the Laodicea church Jesus rejected the church In Matthew 7:22-23 also and both of these rejected churches had very high opinions of themselves, but after hearing them both he rejected them both!

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22-30

This is the apostate church that overlaps the Philadelphia church in the end time. That bunch of Laodiceans are with us today who claim they are “gods” and that Paul the apostle did not have “revelation knowledge” and throw people backwards by blowing into the microphone and declare God was going to destroy the entire homosexual population (which he never did). I heard one prosperity teacher say that his hero was “that ole tobacco chewin, cussin General Patton” during a diatribe he was giving over national television against Christians who questioned his doctrinal errors. These people all preach that money and riches are supposed to be the lifestyle of those who have faith. Materialism is their god and pragmatism is what they live by.

Coexisting with the apostate church the remnant church made up of those who hold to the gospel of moral perfection and holiness is still in the world showing the apostates the true redemptive values that scripture teaches. Holiness (character) is and always has been the very essence of redemption and moral transformation followed by “perfecting” that moral transformation.

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 7:1.

Taking up their cross daily, mortifying the flesh and following him to the top of the hill to have the flesh put to death (mortification)! Paul clearly declared, I am crucified with Christ. Water baptism demonstrates the sanctification process – to be laid in the tomb (water) of death with Christ, and then raised by the power of God (symbolized by the minister’s hands) to the new life in Christ of purity, love and death to self. I for one, choose to belong to the Philadelphia remnant church and receive from God the grace to say, no! When I am told to come to a designated station in my town where the radio frequency transponder will be painlessly implanted under my skin, I will have to make my choice then to say, no. On the slider you clicked on to get to this page it gives the location on the body in the Health Care bill where this implant will be placed and when it will be implanted on all US citizens between March of 2013 and December 31, 2017. You have between now and the end of 2017, if the dates given in the Health Care bill are not changed, to decide if you will say no as a faithful remnant people belonging to the Philadelphia remnant.

But now Power X is quickly making several more moves that are just as revealing that Power X is in control of men’s minds. Last year news sources such as the AP news wire services were notified that writers were given a new policy that certain words would no more be appropriate to use when referring to the Muslim acts of terror. The word terrorist and Islam should no more be used in reporting these acts. The news writers are playing down these people who slowly saw off the heads of Americans and then show it on national news making Christians out to be the terrorists! I know liberals make a difference between the terrorist fundamental Muslims and the non fundamental Muslims but this is a semantic ruse. Actually, the peaceful Muslims are part of a Muslim fifty years plan to plant Muslim immigrants in countries around the world and then rise up Muslim communities demanding to be under their own Sharia law.

Every Muslim who applies to immigrate to America should sign a paper vowing to assimilate into the American society and accept the laws of the land or be deported if they violate the agreement. They should sign a paper denouncing the Muslim belief in the destruction of Israel before they could enter the United States. We wouldn’t have many Muslims coming to America if we had true Americans heading our government. Both fundamental and non-radical Muslims hate America. Why do they want to come here? I will never understand Muslims immigrating to America because they (the peaceful ones) hate Christians and coming under the laws of a Christian nation is contrary to their beliefs unless . . . they are coming to eventually rise up against America from within. Not possible? Tell it to Belgium or the British where the Bobby’s are not allowed to walk the streets in certain sections of London because those Muslim sections of London are under the control of Shariah law! The elections in Belgium have been over the influx of Muslims gaining political power over the nation. Power X is working around the world to bring about his master plan and set up his global leader, the Antichrist.

Our government is in the process of reversing the whole meaning of what is good and what is bad! It’s unbelievable that this generation is allowing this insidious plan to keep moving in this direction. Our kids are taught that America is in a transition to produce a whole new generation with a whole new set of values that previous generations have wrongly lived by. This is a very well known concept of the New world Order (hyper humanism/socialism) where everyone must needs to be under the control of government oversight providing (or refusing to provide) for all care of individuals. Those who do not accept the control of the government and do not receive the implant – sooner or later – will be shut out of the system to ply for themselves. This humanist socialism vision is popular with the young university students who have been indoctrinated (brainwashed by sensitivity training and constantly bombarded with evolutionary lies and being kept from intelligent design creation by the living God and all Christian evidences which far surpass the credible evidences of humanism who believe in the “The world of tomorrow,” when there is not going to be a tomorrow. But this is exactly what scripture prophesied would happen in the last days, and here we are! Power X is right on schedule with everything the scriptures say about him.

All of our historical Christian values are being reversed to accommodate the maggots in society and the ultimate elimination of all traditional moral values of the Christian world. It can only be attributed to the supernatural powers of Power X. The battle is not political – No! It is a purely spiritual battle we are in! It is a battle between the bible and the Satanic forces the neo-Sodomite delusionaries (my newly coined word). Delusionary? Yes, those who have access to the truth and falsehood, but choose falsehood rejecting the truth. They have chosen to believe that the truth is a lie and that a lie is the truth. The bible tells us that in the last days before the Lord’s return for the remnant that he will send a strong delusion so that they who rejected the truth will be damned. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.

Fox News recently (April, 2013) broke the story that in the new US Army manual that many Christian churches including evangelicals and Catholics are now considered as dangerous religious extremists on the same list with Al-Qaeda and Hamas! I know what you are saying out loud right now, you’re saying, “No, that just can’t be true!” Fox News and several conservative talk show hosts have announced it. If this is withdrawn or changes it will be quickly announced on this web site! As of now it is a fact.
What we are seeing is that this socialist government under Obama is quickly moving to hang an albatross around the neck of the church and the message of love through the redeeming atonement of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This government hates the moral law of God and is replacing every teaching of Christ, every doctrine of the apostles and every moral commandment of the bible with new humanist demonic values that gratifies human preferences over God’s commandments allowing the animal appetites their full expression. The ancient mariner shot an albatross, a symbol of good fortune to seamen, with bow and arrow. His crime was found out and they took the cross from around his neck and tied the dead albatross to him in the place of the cross that had been hanging there. The present socialist government under the direction of power X now mind controlling the US government is beginning their campaign to get rid of suppressing Christianity and taking away the cross replacing it with a dead stinking rotten albatross called, The New World Order; Humanist socialism. This is the only explanation for placing Christians on a list of extremists with Muslim terrorists. People in powerful positions in government are making these determinations and what they are doing proves they are discriminating against Christians and violating every effort they make to not offend minorities and discriminate against religion. They are carrying out an agenda against their opponents they censure as being right.

I must make a comment here to warn the saints of the remnant Philadelphia church of Revelation. Be careful in thinking that because we may share the “fate of hate” with Catholics who have also been placed on the list, and accept them as brethren, but be very careful to remain faithful to the pure doctrine of God’s word. Be very careful in these last days. There will be many attempts of Power X to deceive us and lead us into error and away from the redeeming power of the true gospel of the apostles. If I share a cell in prison with a Catholic person there for the same reason I am there, I will respect him as a person and love him as a human and share with him the transforming power of being born again. Let me tell you that the reason such a broad range of churches is included by some insidious authority in the government policy that will bring persecution to all believers in Christ. This statement added to the Army Manual was inserted by someone in government determined to demonize Christians. Of course, we know it is Power X who controls the minds and motives of those who have rejected truth.

All traditional values held by Americans is taking a frontal attack front those agencies under the Obama administration. All 34 of his Czars share his socialist agenda. As we watch how the nation is being disarmed morally by the government agencies and the educational industry. Just recently (April 2013) for example, the NAE has become openly vocal on their true agenda. A spokes person, I personally heard, has declared that children do not belong privately to their parents but collectively to the government. She said that we must invest more money in this kind of education. She insisted that, we have to get rid of the idea that our children belong to the parents only. In other words, children belong to everyone. This means that the educational system under government control will control the minds and determine the way they will think as adults making them able to fit in to the new global government. And then I would go one more speculative step further and say that Mr. Obama is taking this country into economic collapse intentionally. He continually says that everything is looking up and improving on every front; Employment, unemployment, housing, future rise of consumer purchases, etc, etc. It seems he wants us to believe everything is looking good from the governments handle on things when he knows he is driving the country into the ground. When the stock exchange crashes he will blame everything on others, on conservative policies and past presidents.

Power X has made several very significant moves toward his goal of global government. First he created a powerful Antichrist base of humanism and gave it an image of being a credible authority based on a highly educated elite intellectualism and philosophy. This had its beginning more than a century ago.

All of these developments are pieces of a puzzle that only Power X could bring about and fit together. I see in these developments and many more that will soon follow. First it was the UPC price code bar bearing the numbers 666 that appear on every purchased article in the nations of the world. I have lived in 49 nations and the 666 bar code is in all of them I have been in!

Now, we are discovering the radio frequency transponder will be implanted in every American between now and December 31, 2017. My dear brethren, all who are faithful to the Lord, we have no idea when this crisis of choice will befall us. It could happen within the time frame as now stated in the Health Care plan or could be extended – but it is real, it is in the Health Care document and it will be carried out because the scripture says it will. This is no longer has anything to do with a crazy conspiracy story – this is real and we are living to see it! Everyone reading these pages will make the choice to take the 666 transponder and survive in this world or refuse and qualify for the great miracle of being caught up to be with the Lord.

Oh, and as we end this explanation of some very complicated events I am sure some of you wonder why I keep referring to Power X. No mere man or group of men could possibly mastermind such a plan to destroy the entire Christian western world and a nation like the United States from within for over a hundred year process bringing about the dramatic changes we have been seeing that will insure the demise of national sovereignty. We sure don’t have any men that smart in Washington. In fact, they are all quite demented. Evil men are all demented. Sin is a form of mental illness. Only Satan has the intelligence to mastermind such confusion the world over before our very eyes. These men are under the guidance of the unholy ghost. Satan is Power X!

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