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Pop Culture Coming Into The Churches

Through College and Church Choirs

Turning To Gospel Rock Music Entertainment

If you want to rock, just attend one of the meetings where a Bible College choir is performing

The Pop beat is there. It is a fact that Bible Colleges have joined the Charismatics and liberal theology that has come by the philosophy that to attract young people to our churches and schools we must go down into the music gutters with them to attract them to get them into our churches our and schools.

The philosophy of the Holy Spirit is to please God and He will draw all me to himself when He is lifted up! Using music that obscures that Biblical fact indicates departure from the Holy Spirit’s sovereignty over the church. You have replaced the shields of gold with the shields of brass! To make matters worse we refuse to repent and admit our departure from God’s Word. That’s what’s dangerous about departing from God’s Word. We see people coming in to hear the music and we justify our use of the Holy Spirit substitutions we have devised. But in the end there will be scalding tears and those we tried to please and the success we thought we had achieved will fade away into the mists of divine judgment and we will be left alone with only that we accomplished when we served him in purity and holiness. For some brethren that was years ago!

With the rhythm of the world the new Pop Culture music of the modern holiness Bible schools has lyrics praising Jesus rather than a message of moral or spiritual correction. It doesn’t matter how you present a message, whether in a sermon or song, it should carry the message of correction and perfecting of the saints. Here we are in the middle of the end time apostasy and we’re writing praise songs. Praise and worship are the emotional side of the faith. But that call to worship must be coming from a heart of holiness and obedience to God to be valid. Praise is not the message the church needs in this it’s final hour when it is steeped in worldliness and compromise.

Praise apart from purity is putrid!
And why call ye (sing to) me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? Luke 6:46 This would include fasting, supplications, a knowledge of the doctrines of God and following the apostle’s doctrine explicitly.

There are four objectives of the spoken Word:
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for (1) doctrine, for (2) reproof, for (3) correction, for (4) instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 3:16

There is no substance to worship music. That is, it does not instruct and give substance in the form of truth that transmits the pure doctrine of the apostle’s to the church, perfecting the moral quality of the believers heart making us stronger to do exploits for God.

Leadership in the holiness churches have become pathetically ineffective as leaders to steer our kids and curricula away from the world’s philosophy of positivism and entertainment. Pastors are allowing Christians in the church to divorce and remarry and remain members. Wild music and promiscuous relationships between teen teenagers. They have cast off the Holy Spirit for a cheap Pop culture kind of hybrid Pentecostalism, a cross-over religion that appeals to the carnal nature – and because their ladies don’t wear pants it means they are holiness. To prove God’s approval they create a lot of praise and emotionalism with their music and say it is the Spirit of God. Excuse me, sir, but when a thing is of the Holy Spirit it will in no way resemble the same thing that is produced by the same kind of music at a rock, pop or Bee Bop concert. In fact, the excitement and emotional response in a rock festival far exceeds the emotionalism Pop music produces in the entertainment put on in a church. You can use rhythm and sound to move the emotions of people but . . . move them to what? BUT when we minister within the lines drawn in Scripture and dedicate ourselves to not removing those holy landmarks, careful to remain within the defined sphere of Biblical doctrine and truth, the Holy Ghost will fall as at times before. As I have said many times; The way to God is to go back, not forward plunging headlong into the abyss of doctrinally illiterate liberalism!

The modern Pentecostal holiness movement has
unconsciously slipped further and further away from the strict
principles of the Word to the sloppy pandering to the world!

It’s not emotionalism or praise or any other form of excitement that makes a thing of the Holy Spirit. Rock sessions are void of character qualities but packed with emotionalism So, the Pop Culture with words about God in a Pentecostal church will not build character, they only aid Satan’s plan to demoralize the saints. And if the gifts are in operation in a music oriented church they will not have the depth of genuineness.

Music has it’s place in Scripture but it was always sacred and an overflowing on the occasion of a very holy moment – never as entertainment or a means of creating excitement or worship!

It expressed spontaneous worship but
Not used in Scripture to incite worship.
It was above all not choreographed from the platform.

The book of Psalms, David dancing when the Ark came back into Jerusalem and the hymn they sang the night Jesus was taken in the garden the day before His crucifixion are a far cry from the music programs put on today on church platforms that exploit the skills of the flesh, cause pride and exaltation. We have followed the world by producing high powered musical showmanship programs with high tech amplified sounds that mesmerize the faithful and turn God’s people into a bunch dumbed down doctrinally illiterate believers who think that music is a powerful tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. How many of the musicians that perform in these theatrics in the churches, and how many of those shouting and praising God and sometimes even running can give a simple definition of the doctrine of justification or tell you what two doctrines make the doctrine of salvation?

Worship music in the church, yes. modern Pop entertainment from those who embrace promiscuous lifestyles, NEVER!

In reality music creates a broad range of emotional responses as we have all seen when thousands of rock fans stand and in a worshipful fashion raise their hands overhead swaying back and forth, lowering their hands toward the rock stars swinging their guitars on a strobed stage engaging the swooning masses in the audience.

Many apostate church leaders are equating music with how the holy Spirit operates and even feeling that the emotionalism created by the modern gospel music phenomena is directly attributed to the Holy Ghost. Why is it then that with the increase of entertainment and music that the gifted of the Spirit (and especially the quality of the utterances) have decreased and in many churches it deceased! Miracles are fewer and prayer requests sound more like a medical class discussion than faith in God to do the miraculous.

Gospel Music has done more to pervert the truth about the operation of the Holy Spirit in the end time apostate church than any other extra biblical practice we have allowed to come into the church. My, but the Devil’s smart. If I tell you the truth you will hate me for speaking against the spirit of entertainment because this gospel Pop has become so rooted in the modern evangelical culture that which was once wrong is become the norm and acceptable. They want nothing to do with seeking God for the truth about it. The whole musical program in gospel churches of all evangelicals (except the Fundamental and Independent Baptists and some holiness Pentecostal churches) has taken over the church. Loud drums and worship teams are take offs from the rock scene and our pastors do not have the wisdom or the dedication to realize that if we would clean up our act we would see the real Holy Ghost revival. We have replaced the gold shields with the brass!

Let me shock you with a fact or two.

You Pentecostals, 60 years ago you had the gifts of the Spirit operating in your churches. Now that music and entertainment is in the gifts are fading out from existence in the “Spirit filled” churches. Music and entertainment is in and prayer and fasting and the gifts are out. As music came in the gifts, and especially the power and depth of the gifts started waning until today they do not any longer exist in most Full Gospel Churches! Why? because God’s people are coming to church to be entertained. This has become the mentality of most (not all) Pentecostals today. They have been sublimated by a devilish spirit of entertainment that no longer tolerates hard preaching against sin. The mentality of many churches has changed from doctrine to entertainment being the core of the church.

Music and movies (including the TV) are probably the two strongest influences on the psychic behavior of man. Now, even the “Holiness” leadership is allowing rock gospel music (if there is such thing) to take over their platform entertainment spewing this rock garbage out over the saints as they gather in the name of Jesus to be perfected by the Word of God. The flesh loves it and doesn’t realize it is the flesh that enjoys this Pop trash while the spirit of man languishes inside his breast. The church is God’s chosen race being redeemed back from the charms of the seducing snake, and we are allowing the rock sound to push out the hymns and melodies of praise for body raptured rhythm that memorizes listeners with a tempo synchronized to the beat of the human heart. Our stupidity does not reflect the holy wisdom God endows His children with.

While the holy Spirit is trying to bring men back under the godly influences of the Grace that teaches us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, this low life beat that entertains the flesh and cultivates bodily movements countering the efforts of the Holy Spirit. Gospel Pop is an abomination no matter how beautiful the words may be. The rock sound is from beneath and just another trick of the snake to replace the anointing with a substitute sound the flesh embraces confusing good feelings with the edifying ministry of the Spirit of truth!

Holiness kids now dress crossover in part Pop Culture style and modesty. The girls kink their hair (Pop Culture styling), wear tight clothing and unconsciously accept the Pop sound as perfectly acceptable. Where are the pastors and leadership? This music has a spirit that effects the psyche of the carnal nature and it is carrying us into the pits of ungodliness by degrees. Little by Little the snake is destroying the holiness we once possessed by his hypnotic influences that soothe the carnal appetites. Wake up brethren! Spiritual leaders who are to teach separation have become the indifferent servants of the snake!

The signature of the Holy Spirit being over a church is by two evidences being present in that church; First, by the message of prayer and holiness (moral perfection) manifested by separation from the world including the world’s Pop (not music)! Secondly, by the music that appeals to the spiritual man and leads him to brokenness and perfection of the inner man – not emotionalism and shouting or even praise in spite of his worldliness and sin!!!

Modern church music has become a celebrity cult following the example of the world’s Pop music industry, a strictly fan fed money making professionalism. If there was no money in Music there would be no religious music industry. The church would be the much better off today without music professionalism keeping music in the pew as only a form of worship blending the voices of believers in worship of the Lord. The Devil is leading churchmen into this worldly trend by the nose.

Our objective as ministers over the church is to perfect the character of believers. We teach and practice everything but that! In modern apostate churches you dare not mention the words holiness, doctrine, separation, worldliness, mortification, moral law, commandments, obedience to the Word in a positive tone. The reason we have sin, adultery, divorce, apostasy in the church is because holiness preachers will not touch or teach on these Biblical doctrines. Like Saul, they fear the people. If they know the people will allow them to preach against a certain sin, then they will come crashing down on it. The sin of the Laodicean church was that the Laity dictated to the church leadership what they wanted preached.

The modern Pop music phenomena in the church has distracted the church substituting the apostle’s doctrine with emotional entertainment. The religious Pop Culture is a moron Christianity who by their departures from the apostle’s doctrine try to make us believe their moronic doctrines are more effective and relative than the salvation message of the apostle’s.

They are not understanding two very basic facts:
First, the difference between being effective and the efficacy of the cross. According to the apostate mentality, the beautiful acoustical creations of Pop sound produces a rhythm that is more relative to the modern youth in today’s world. These philosophies that contradict the teaching of the apostle’s doctrine.

Secondly, The same pragmatism that makes any business successful can fill a church. Mr. Obama was credited with having one of the largest campaign crowds to ever attend a political rally. But what the media did not mention was that he had several rock groups performing before he gave his speech. The rock concert was what drew the crowd and that is pragmatism. Use whatever means necessary to get the crowd there to hear you. But alas, a person present at that rally reported that man people left the rally before he started speaking and during his speech. Apostates are coming by the same methods completely avoiding the strong message of repentance and the power of the Spirit to draw men to Christ. It is tantamount to saying, We don’t need the Holy Spirit in this modern age because we can now create greater results with entertainment and celebrities. Greater in number, yes they have. But greater in quality of character they have not.

But then they attribute all of their Pop Culture pragmatic success to the Holy Spirit! They use the world’s methods and then say it is the Holy Spirit. This gives their glaring successes credibility to people who do live by the Word of God. The world uses the same pragmatic methods and some rock stars are Demon worshipers! This world system murdered Jesus and many churches admire the Pop Culture celebrities that are corrupting generations of youth world-wide. Admire? Yes! If these apostate church entertainers did not admire the world they would not imitate their music!

I am for going back to the simplicity of the early church and eliminate everything that does not have a precedent in the book of Acts. I am for a return to Biblical puritanism including character development in our public school curricula. Mixing holiness preaching with pop culture music is like mixing water with oil. Pop and rock sounds do not belong in the house of God! I am for taking entertainment out of the church and getting so called “praise teams” off the platform and allowing only the Word of God that privilege as the place of the pulpit (Nehemiah 8) and not entertainment, or the putting up of people on the platform to perform in such a way before the church! Let me give pastors a simple rule; If it’s not a Biblical precedent, don’t do it! Let’s get people out of sight and get God back on the platform. Let’s try a whole new process and start studying the Word of God and revive all Biblical precedents and patterns that are pleasing God and following the patterns of the Word in our meetings.

When we do that we will see a revival never imagined! We have so taken over the church service with our own, “I think … “ that we don’t even talk about revival anymore. No wonder, revival tarried because we only had the talk and revival never came so now we stopped talking about it. Revival tarries because we have a lot of carnality and junk trashing our platforms. The Spirit of God won’t walk in trash. He inhabits the praise of HIS people who are clean and separated from the world.

Praise that is generated by men is superficial. Praise that is spontaneous is of God.

We hear less and less about revival as we ourselves more and more dictate the meetings. But they just keep going on in the wrong direction carrying them further and further from God being deceived into thinking they are getting closer and closer to God feeling no guilt or wrong. BUT, the day of the Lord is coming! and there will be a lot of surprises in the judgment. They have wrongfully thought that the things around us in this very real world are more real than what is written in the Word of God. But these people are deceived and Pop rhythm that even effects our visible standards is one of the newest things that has come into the church to carry it further into the oblivion of deception. Repent!

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