Bill Burkett

There is an empirical principle that towers above all else in the economy of man that must be accepted for any nation to survive. It is a universal truth proven by history that national leaders accept a final authority that all men, all laws of man and all governments must come under.

There MUST be a final authority that all men are subject to because this is the only way mankind can live in harmony. Without a final authority government and peace on earth is impossible to achieve. Final authority represents a common system of law that men abide by making them one. There must be this final authority that all men agree to abide by. That alone is the only way there can be peace where there are people living together with one mind under a single system.

Final authority is the only possible means of universal harmony. God gave to man those principles in a very simple form – so simple that we can teach them even to our children. God’s universal moral law as final authority is the only hope the human race can survive. If America would simply make the ten commandments the core system of moral law and every man, woman and child would start tomorrow to abide by those 10 core moral principles of conduct – the day after tomorrow would be paradise!

The way to social harmony for all men on the face of planet Earth is that all men abide by one FINAL AUTHORITY, THE WORD OF GOD, and those moral principles in the form of commandments that are perpetual, principled and impervious!! BUT, the moral commandments cannot to be obeyed by human effort of depraved man but only by divine enablement God gives once we are born again. It is the Spirit of God dwelling in the Christian heart when we receive Christ that gives us the desire to live out the commandments. So, it is not human effort but it is the desire to obey the God we love for our redemption. John 3:16. Under the law God gave Moses Israel strove to obey by human effort and man had no divine enablement or help from God to help. But John said, To as many as received him, to them gave He power (exausia, authority) to become the sons of God. No such enablement was given to Israel. But under grace we have been given the powers of his presence in the inner man, That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Romans 8:4. (Credit: Lewis Sperry Chafer, GRACE)

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