One Bible

Why I Believe In

by Bill Burkett

I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Psalm 138:2

God has exalted His Word above His Name! According to those who believe we do not have the Word of God handed down to us today as God gave it to the inspired writers, God is in trouble! That’s right. If His Word is exalted above His name and He can’t preserve His Word, what kind of a God is He? I will be quick to tell you in clear tones of Faith that HE IS A GOD WHO HAS EXALTED (TOWERED) HIS WORD ABOVE HIS NAME AND BECAUSE HIS WORD CONTAINS THE ONLY REVELATION GOD HAS GIVEN TO MAN. By Faith we understand that neither His Word nor His name will suffer

1. God has magnified (gadal, to exceed or tower) His word above His name. Literally, God intentionally towered His Word above His name! We know that the Word of God consists of the one supreme virtue of the Kingdom – TRUTH! The Word of God and truth are synonymous. (John 1:14; If God says He has exalted His Word above His name, but His Word is faulty, this is a reflection on His name. A corrupted Bible just does not coincide with all God says about His Word, His Power, His attributes or His faithfulness toward His children.

The minute we say that the Word of God has not been preserved as originally inspired or claim that we do not have the original text today and that there are errors in the Greek text available to us today, the Word of God no longer is the truth. Truth is a faithful account of facts, when all of the facts are made available to us. Truth is actuality. But if you say we do not have a preserved text then you no longer have the truth!

Higher scholarship and the textual critic who places scientific enquiry above faith may believe that we do not have the actual truth in the Textus Recepticus, but those who live by Faith know that God has providentially preserved His Word BECAUSE HE IS GOD!

I have been told that all of the translators involved in the NIV translation work were born again men. What does that mean in a day when everyone with every shade of doctrine IS “born again;” In a day when sound doctrine means nothing and every kind of immoral, insane and inane kind of persons sit in powerful seats of authority over the church; When hundreds and thousands of “Born again” people are advocating ecumenical oneness with the Catholic church and millions of Catholics who worship the Eucharist, pray to Mary and other dead persons and believe in purgatory and who have never preached a born again message and then scold the ecumenical gatherings for trying to get Catholics saved. Those who are joined to the harlot will share the fate of the harlot church.

For example; These born again scholars used the Vaticunus (Catholic) manuscript as the basis of the NIV translation. They may be “born again” but they are not even good Protestants let alone good scholars when many of the leading textual critics declare the Vaticunus manuscript as badly corrupted.

They may be “born again” but it appears they had some Calvinists according to the way they translated John 3:16 removing the conditional phraseology. The KJV translators give us the grammatical reading of, Whosoever believeth in him SHOULD NOT perish. But these “born again” fundamental modernists translate this phrase as, Whosoever believeth in him WILL NOT perish. Its good Catholic, Charismatic and Calvinistic doctrine but it does not line up with the Received Text interlinear.

They may have been “born again” but I would like to compare their credentials to those of the 54 Hebrew and Greek scholars who gave us the Authorized Version of the King James Bible of 1611.

They may have been “born again” but their carefulness to remain close to the Received Text was not the same as the 54 KJV translators. It would also be very interesting to compare the methods used by the NIV translators with those meticulous methods used by the KJV translators.

2. It is argued that when the King James Bible was first published it was rejected by the people as a new version also. BUT, the King James version was not rejected for the same reasons as today. The King James version was rejected because the Geneve Bible was in print and had become the popular Bible of the day. It was translated by _____________ and contained many of Calvin’s commentaries. But it was translated from the majority text the same as the Geneve Bible. Today the rejection of the new translations is based on the fact that (a) The translation is taken from the corrupted Catholic manuscripts; (b) That the Westcott Hort philosophy that the older the manuscript the more authentic the copy (when anyone knows that all of the older manuscripts could have been corrupted manuscripts. Age of a MS copy is only valid if there are other copies to verify it.

3. The Byzantine collection of MSS (manuscripts, parchments of copies) is also called the majority text because there are some 5,000 fragments which means we have so many of these remains that we can compare them with each other and see where the majority of texts all agree. To the contrary, in the Westcott Hort collection (the Catholic manuscript) of MSS you have so few parchments to work with you are not able to compare a given text with another to verify text.

4. God is immutable. He is unchanging and unchangeable! If Jesus is God and Jesus is the LOGOS (John 1:1) then how can you say the Word of God has changed and was not preserved by God? The answer comes, “Oh, you see, it was indeed the immutable word when it was spoken at first when given to the prophets and apostles.”

There is a problem with that answer – the word immutable means unchanging. This means that over a period of time or under any circumstances God does not and will not change. If God does not change and the Word (Logos) IS GOD, then how can His Word change and He not change? If you claim one has changed then you must admit the other has changed because they are the same!

5. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 Jesus promised us that we would know the truth and that truth and the knowing of it would be the key to our freedom in the spiritual life. But if the Word of God does not have the absolute truth, if there is truth missing such as in Matthew 17:21 where Jesus said that certain demons are not cast out except through fasting and prayer. The NIV has deleted this from the text and put a footnote on the verse advising us that according to their scientific deductions Jesus may have never said this. Many times when they say, “some earlier manuscripts do not contain this passage,” they are referring to the Catholic Greek text used by the NIV translators.

When seeing all of the departures from the KJV in the new translations one must wonder as did Pilate, “What is the truth”? (John 18:38) If we do not have a complete revelation of God’s Word then we do not have the complete truth; and if we do not have the complete truth then we do have complete freedom. You see, when you believe that we do not have the Bible revelation as God gave it to the inspired writers, Jesus is not able to make the truth known to us as He promised.

6. It makes no good sense that God would give man a revelation and then allow that revelation to be corrupted when it was in His power to preserve it from corruption.

7. But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. 2 Corinthians 4:2

8. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5:18

9. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Daniel 12:4

Here are three of many verses of Scripture that speaks directly to the matter of the providential preservation of God’s Word and to what threatens it.

10. Singular Authority – More Satanic Methodology
When we speak of a sovereign authority, immediately we understand that it is a singular authority. Sovereignty is never recognized as being in plurality. The moment you have more than one final authority, you lose final authority. The Godhead is a plurality but with a singular sovereignty. 1 Corinthians 15:28.

The minute you destroy the singular sovereignty of divine authority you have destroyed the absolute authority and credibility of the Word of God. If we do not have the revelation of God as given originally, with us today, then this means we do not know what the true revelation is. But we who by faith believe in the providential preservation of God’s Word, and hold to one collection of manuscripts as the divinely kept Scripture text do not have that problem of credibility.

The supreme court has nine members on it. The reason it has nine members is because the men who sit on that court are not infallible. They need to make decisions on the basis of a majority (or consensus) of opinions rather than on the basis of absolute sovereignty. If man was infallible then one man would be all that was needed on the supreme court to make decisions of right and wrong.

BUT GOD. . . is infallible, and His Word is infallible and inerrant. The only way we can claim true infallibility of the Word of God is if we declare by faith that there is one divinely preserved text of the Bible. If that premise is not held then you do NOT believe God’s Word to be inerrant and infallible.

Preachers who promote many versions of the Bible are not only denying the infallibility of the Word of God but they are spreading confusion, doubt and suspicion.

There are some young and learned (in modern seminaries that use higher criticism methods of textual criticism) that strongly advocate the idea of many possible English versions of the Bible. Those who promote this theory in the churches DO NOT BELIEVE IN INERRANCY, NOR DO THEY BELIEVE IN THE INFALLIBILITY OF THE WORD OF GOD, NOR DO THEY HAVE THE FAITH IN GOD THAT HE IS ABLE TO PRESERVE HIS WORD AS HE GAVE IT. If these Pentecostal modernists who promote the idea of many Bibles would get down to the work of establishing one authorized version of the Bible, God would bless them. If they continue to push the plurality of Bibles they will come under the serious chastisements of the Lord. Revelation 22:18; For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: We fully realize this deadly warning is given concerning any tampering with the book of Revelation itself. But will the consequence be lesser or GREATER if one dares to trifle with the entire revelation of God’s Word?

If God is infallible then His Word is infallible. If His Word is not infallible then how can God be infallible. The only way we can deny this truth is to change the meaning of infallible and modify it to mean something other than the actual meaning. We want to use the words infallible and inerrant but we then proceed to give them a special meaning when using them to describe the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

God is a singular sovereign authority and He has one singular sovereign revelation. To think otherwise is human but not the thinking of the new creation created in the likeness of God.

God is timeless and time means nothing to God. Time does not effect His power to preserve His eternal Word.

The Devil no longer needs the lie of evolution to imprison and damn the souls of men. It has been a chief weapon in the past to create doubt as regards the Bible being a divine revelation.

Demons have been so successful in creating confusion through multiple Bible texts that this tactic is now the chief Satanic thrust to destroy the authority of God over man. Not only has this conspiracy multiplied Bibles but it has succeeded in multiplying texts of the original languages from which we translate the Bible into our national languages that contradict each other!

When faith is active and the source of doctrine then the outcome will be the creation of order and peace. Faith is based on a singular authority and will produce a unifying effect on the body of Christ.

The modern publisher’s craze to proliferate the singular Bible text into many possible forms for reading with textual variations creates bewilderment, disorientation, puzzlement, stupefaction, bedlam and chaos in the mind of the laymen, but certainly not what you would call faith or effecting a deep confidence in the singular authority of the one true God.

A few short years ago this confusion was limited to the seminaries of the modernists who denied the deity of Christ. It was called higher criticism then. But now this secular science of textual criticism has invaded the fundamental Bible colleges and seminaries and is being taught to this generation of preachers in most of the Pentecostal theology courses.

And so, the “version craze” goes on unchecked while higher scholarship and the undisciplined publishers make a league to force the new translations down our throats. If you dare cite their unethical attempt to control the Christian consumer they laugh cynically and attempt to make their critics appear as poor demented extremists. This is the normal reaction of Christian mercenaries when they know they have the favor of the popular majority on their side. But in the judgment God will be voting and then what?

In just recent years the Christian Publishing Houses have found a new dollar maker in Bible translations. The whole industry is on a translation kick. In a single Christian publisher’s catalogue they listed 21 different kinds of Bibles representing many different versions. There was…
The Life Application Bible (the NIV);
The Disciples Study Bible;
The Life Recovery Bible;
The NIV Serendipity Bible;
The Memorize and Meditate Bible;
The Royal Reference Bible;
The Daily Bible;
The NIV Study Bible;
The Regency Gift Bible;
The Easy To Read Bible;
The Spirit Filled Life Study Bible;
The Life Application Bible (living version);
The Amplified Bible;
The Giant Print Reference Bible;
The NIV Full-Life Reference Bible;
The Parallel Bible;
The Royal Reference Bible;
The New Open Bible;
The Christian Life Bible;
The Navigators Topical Memory System Bible.

Most of the Christian publishers have become so obsessed with competition and sales stats that they have thrown such “small matters” as the good of the body of Christ to the dogs. Bible publishing is motivated by what sells rather than meeting the spiritual needs of the Christian. To stay in business they must do what produces dollars. What kind of Christians their literature produces is beside the point. If there’s a market – go for it!

Christian publishers are more dollar oriented than they are Bible oriented. The danger of capitalism is the perversion of the free enterprise system to yield to the demands of a corrupted society. In the case of Christian publishing it is the danger of producing material to the demands of a corrupted church. All one has to do to see this perversion of the Christian publishing business is to look through the catalogs they send out to their bookstore dealers. The “increase your sales” pitch in these catalogs in turn, is motivating the local bookstores to become as mercenary about Bibles sales as the publishers.

Pastors and church leaders have abandoned holy wisdom in regard to these modern abuses of the Word of God right at the point in time when the singular authority of Scripture should be protected and stressed as in no other period of the church’s history. Christ is preparing His Bride but the pastors have lost their bark at a time we should be barking our heads off! This is the rapture generation – the Devil knows it but the guardians if the church don’t!

Singular authority is an essential quality of the Kingdom of God. But here we are in the very last days when that singular authority should be stressed to give to the church the strength it needs to stand in the face of the false authorities of the increasing numbers of Antichrists multiplying over the face of the earth. Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many a Antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 1 John 2:18

The Word of God is the highest authority of the universe! It was given to man by a special revelation. Since that revelation was given it has been used as the pattern of law and social order of human government and those nations who patterned after the divine law became the powers of the world and gave to their people the highest living standards in the history of man. The Bible by close study proves to contain the perfect system of jurisprudence! (Law And The Cross by Creighton.)

There are many scholars and informed Christians who still, by faith, believe in the providential preservation of the Word of God. That is, we believe that God not only gave His Word by supernatural revelation but that He preserved that Word through providential power through the ages of the church.

We believe that those men who copied and handed down the original writings of the apostles were under the careful eye of God and that He used each man who touched the parchments to preserve the revelation as He wanted it to be given to the church.

We believe that when the singular authority of the Bible text, commonly called “The Scriptures,” is mentioned it is referring to those Scriptures and portions of Scriptures that is mentioned in the collection of canonized books as contained in the Byzantine collection, or the “majority text” and used by the 54 Anglican and Puritan Greek and Hebrew scholars of 1611 known as the Greek Textus Receptus collection. (See the list of suggested reading book titles to learn more about the King James Bible and those who translated it.) (Matthew 21:42; 22:29; 26:54,56; Mark 14:49; Luke 24:27,45; John 5:39; Acts 17:2,11; 18:24,28; Romans 1:2; 15:4; 16:26; 1 Corinthians 15:3.)

It is the right of the Christian to hold this position of a single Bible authority because it is in harmony with faith. Though providential preservation of a singular authority Bible is not supported by the science of textual criticism, it is supported by many internal evidences of the Scripture as well as much external evidence as indicated elsewhere in this treatise. The plurality of translations based on corrupted Catholic manuscripts does not reflect faith (confidence) in God’s power to preserve His Word for this generation of the church.

Motives Behind The Plurality Of Bible Versions
God’s Word should not be treated as just another piece of money making merchandise that produces big bucks for the publishers. The mercenary way Christian publishing houses promote the sale of never ending versions of the Bible has become the most recent abuse of the evangelical Church.

If you cite the commercialization of the Bible by the publisher houses, they are quick to defend themselves insisting there is no wrong in what they are doing. We shall now consider this very fact.

Religious Secularism Finds It Hard To Repent
This pretense of innocense reflects a spiritual crisis – They are beyond any admission of wrongdoing or an honest evaluation of how the pluralism of Bible versions effects the mentality of the church and distorts the individual Christian’s concept of the Holy Scriptures. They are mercenaries of the worst kind. For money they have prostituted the Word of God and trifled with its sacred warnings. Revelation 22:19

This is not a study of the origin of the Bible based on the authority of the sciences but a logical treatment of the authentic Word of God based on Faith alone. Faith and science are only compatible as science remains subject to Faith and as faith confirms what the Word declares.

This is not a critique of textual criticism by an achieved scholar of textual criticism, but rather a criticism of those scholars who have violated Biblical faith by their scientific beliefs. They have the cart before the horse! Scientific theories based on un-confirmable evidence does not confirm the truth of the Bible, but rather, when science establishes a Biblical fact, then science is established by the Word of God.

Some of our fine young men have had their faith in the Word of God violated by receiving the ideas of higher criticism now being taught in our Pentecostal seminaries. If these seminaries were intellectually honest they would invite in textual critics who champion the Received Text over the Westcott and Hort (Catholic) text. The fact they do not do this proves a bias in favor of modernism.

In our Pentecostal seminaries, our Bible language students learn that we do not actually have the Word of God as it was given originally to the apostles. They are taught that the original texts, which do not exist today, have been copied and changed until the original was lost. All kinds of insinuations are planted in the minds of young men sitting in seminary classrooms that tend to diminish the inspiration of God’s Word. One example; “the book of James was named after King James to appease the king.” After believing these “theories” for years it finally is proven to be a lie, but not until the faith of some has been destroyed and God’s Word is tarnished.

This is the science of higher criticism which at one time was confined to the seminaries of the modernists but has now found its way into our Pentecostal seminaries, and through the seminaries into the minds of the next generation of Pentecostal preachers.

Our Pentecostal seminaries should be teaching and defending the faith concept taught in the Word of God, that He, God, not only has the power to verbally inspire the Holy Record but then our God preserved and kept a Holy Record for the posterity of the church age! But, no, in our quest to wear the medallions of this lowly world system whose twisted intelligence and depraved knowledge is based on intellectualism, we have bowed and scraped to conforming to the science of higher criticism rather than defending God’s ability to preserve a pure text. Indeed, truth has fallen in the streets. Isaiah 59:14.

In talking to one of the young men trained in a Pentecostal seminary, we discussed the matter of scientifically proving that either the Received text or the Westcott-Hort was the original or closest to the original writings of the original. He and I both conceded that neither could be scientifically proven to be the authentic Word of God. And then I made my point.

Science is not going to prove anything buried under two millenniums of time. There are evidences, but then even those evidences are incomplete without other evidences that may turn up later, changing our theories again and again. Evidence is also twisted by the prejudices and bias of intellect. What can we believe? That is a very good question with only one answer – THE WORD OF GOD!

Some have the faith that God inspired His Word when He gave it to man, but that He could not or did not preserve it verbally inerrant. On the other hand, I believe with many others that the God who inspired the Word and gave it to man in the beginning has preserved that original Word verbally and inerrant.

OUR FAITH IS NOT BASED ON KNOWLEDGE but our knowledge is based on and subject to our faith and the Word of God. BY FAITH WE KNOW (Hebrews 11:3), that is, confidence in the evidence WHICH FAITH (not science) PRODUCES! The Word of God is ITS OWN AUTHORITY! Modern textual critics base their confidence in the Westcott and Hort text on the basis of scientific evidences. THIS IS A WRONG PREMISE FOR FAITH TO OPERATE ON! The Christian life that is not entirely and blindly based on the facts contained in the Word of God alone (specifically the received text) will have psychological reservations about the absolute authority of the Word of God. When that condition exists, the behavior of the Christian reflects an altered kind of obedience that is with reserve. There can be no complete obedience where there is no absolute authority. If you diminish the authority you will produce partial obedience. To subject the Greek text to scientific knowledge is to charge the Word of God with deficiency and conclude that God is not omniscient … and if He is omniscient then you must conclude that He was “slack” if He did preserve for us an unerring revelation of the original epistles. Mr Sturz has already presented some powerful evidence that proves the Westcott-Hort theory wrong and supports the Received text. Give the scientists enough time and they’ll dig up the original parchments of the apostles somewhere in an archeological digging around Antioch, and when they do they’ll find that those parchments read the same as the Received text.

This is the problem when I am persuaded and come under the influence of higher scholarship – its always changing – that is the nature of the sciences, all of them. But faith never changes because it comes from an immutable God, an unchanging Christ and an infallible Scripture!

Textual Criticism Is Based On The Science Of Higher Criticism
I am not a qualified authority on the subject of textual criticism, but I have read the works of several textual critic authorities. Most are biased one way or the other. But one very scholarly work stands out to me as being one of the most thorough and scholarly treatments of the original texts than other authors. We must keep in mind that all textual criticism makes its conclusions on the evidence of science and that faith plays no part in it.

We do have some very knowledgeable men in the field of textual criticism who violently oppose any text but the Received text. And even though they are very knowledgeable on the subject of textual criticism, they are actually critics of the textual critics more than they are textual critics. These men can make the textual critics squirm but they are really apologists with a great knowledge of Biblical literature. Now I want to mention a textual critic that has revealed great evidence of the veracity of the Byzantine collection of parchments from which the Received Text was taken that was the Greek text used to give us the Authorised Version of the King James Bible.

In his book, THE BYZANTINE TEXT-TYPE AND NEW TESTAMENT TEXTUAL CRITICISM, Harry A. Sturz concludes that the Textus Receptus is the more authentic text, based on the laws of textual criticism than has been said by the Westcott-Hort textual critics. In reviewing this book, professor Emeritus of New Testament, Oxford University, George D. Kilpatrick said, “His conclusions can have revolutionary consequences for the text of the Greek New Testament. The Byzantine Text is not just a later recension, but contains distinctive readings, going back to the second century, which may sometimes prove original. We now need editions of the Greek New Testament that will reflect Sturz’s views.” And while Sturz himself does not believe that the Byzantine (Received Text) is the best Greek New Testament text (because, remember, he is a textual critic), the observations he makes in his book disproves the Westcott-Hort theory and includes two rebuttals to the Westcott-Hort theory.

So much for the textual critics; now let us go on into the pure atmosphere of faith! truth produces order.

The Christian’s confidence in the authenticity of the Bible, and its claims to be inerrant, is based on three very reliable facts;

1. The statements made by Jesus recorded in the Word of God that the Word is infallible and will not pass away until all is fulfilled. Matthew 5:18.

2. By the millions of lives of those who have been morally transformed who have repented and walked in obedience to the teachings of the Bible.

3. In the scientific accuracies contained in the Bible text, e.g., the order of creation; the order of species in Job; the undulatory concept; the Spencerian philosophy confirmed; the colossal law of physics; the law of intelligence; references to light, etc., etc..

We find these three facts to be compelling to the honest and intelligent person. Faith is the confidence that God will cause to happen the thing He has promised. Faith must begin with intellectual humility. The brain of man must subject itself to the mind of God that speaks through His Word.

All faith is based on knowledge or facts. If there is no substance, that is, rhyme or reason to something, then faith is impossible. God does not require me to believe something unless there is a reason or evidence sufficient to believe it.

There has been some sloppy faith hanging around our pastors and in our Bible schools and seminaries in recent years. The Bible is the supreme criteria of the church. In it is the source of true faith. If the Devil wants to get rid of anything, it is the revelation of God’s Word. Not being able to do that he attempts to diminish it, to annul it with unbelief and riddle it with fallibility. That is His stratagem in these last days as he makes one last great blast against the sovereign final authority of God’s Word.

If the devil wants to destroy faith then he will first have to destroy our confidence in the Word of God.

If he achieves that, then everything that is written in the Word of God will lose the sparkle and brilliance of truth.

The Devil has not only succeeded in multiplying the number of translations in many languages, and especially the lucrative English language, but has also succeeded in multiplying the number of original Greek texts from which the English versions are translated from.

The fundamental form of denying that there is a preserved text which God has kept for the church, simply explains to it’s theology students that, “It is true that when God gave His Word to the apostles and prophets that it was verbally inspired. But that original text which we have today has been copied by many different sources and is not reliable and is not the Word of God as He gave it in the beginning.”

One of the favorite lines of these secular textual critics is that “The only way we can arrive at any conclusions as to the best text is to subject the collection of the text we have to the facts we have before us.”

Since when was faith subject to what science calls facts?!?

Since when does the church subject the Word of God to scientific criteria?!?

Satan has struck a deadly blow to the sub conscious mind of the church by multiplying translations with texts that contradict, creating a plurality of authorities, in the mind of the modern Christian.

When we multiply conflicting forms of God’s Word we have gone from singular sovereignty to plural authority. Actually, that means we have gone from faith in the omniscience of God to the intelligence of scientific humanism.

This means you can choose which translation you prefer.

It also implies that there is not one true revelation from God.

If you believe in the plurality of Bibles then you do not have an accurate and preserved revelation of God’s Word which in turn concludes that God either intentionally allowed the Word to become corrupted or THAT HE COULD NOT PRESERVE THE ORIGINAL TEXT.

There is certainly nothing wrong with showing the different shades of meaning that can be in a single text, but to create different Bible texts with different meanings and even different texts is the prostitution of the Word of God. In the process of making big business out of making all of these different translation available, we have created a spiritual despondency and aided the devil in confusing the church.

The modern Christian mentality has been deeply (though unconsciously) effected by the plurality of authority created by multiple Bible translations.

I say “unconsciously” because the secret thoughts of Christians that give him reservations about the Word of God once he hears these scientific untruths being presented as absolute fact (which it is not) by men who claim to be evangelical scholars with unquestionable academic credentials, which often they do not,.

Many of our young Pentecostal boys have been convinced in seminary training that we do not have the Word of God in our King James Bible. They received only that teachers views without seriously challenging the position and researching the opposite view by other men with excellent authority in textual criticism.

The modern teaching in Pentecostal circles that we actually do not have the pure Word of God today (though denied that they believe such a thing at first) is proven by the fact that they approve multiple translations.

If churches believed there was only one divine text then there would only be one translation or one Greek text to translate from. But the fact is, unknown by many average Christians, that they are using many different Greek texts to translate from including the Catholic Greek text (Vaticanus) which has been declared as being badly corrupted by many of the leading textual critics!

The faith of the church has been negated by the teaching idea that we do not actually have the original revelation of the Scriptures which is being taught in our Pentecostal Bible colleges and seminaries. This teaching that we do not have the pure Word of God preserved for the church today has created many unmentioned questions in the minds of the modern evangelical preacher who believed this teaching. This teaching creates a mentality through which a preacher is handicapped. If his congregation is holding several translations, the authority of his message is wrenched from him. They are holding or hearing a symbol of authority but only one of the many man produced versions of “what we think God might have said.” This translation mentality has rendered the pulpit impotent where it is believed.

The moment you destroy singular authority you have destroyed infallibility, inerrancy and the absolute sovereignty of God. How can God be sovereign when He is incapable of preserving His Word through the ages to the very jot and tittle as He promised?

Final authority is destroyed as soon as you create two Biblical texts that differ. Once there is more than one authority differing with another you have lost FINAL authority. FINAL authority demands that there be only once FINAL authority to consult. If you have two Bibles saying something different, FINAL authority is lost because it must be singular to be final.

The Kingdom of God depends on the absoluteness of final authority. From the very beginning Satan has been shown to be cleverly going about to destroy the absolute authority of God’s Word.

One of the greatest reasons many will fall away in the last days is because they will lose their faith and confidence in the Word of God by the plurality of Bibles contradicting each other. Without that final authority genuine faith will collapse.

Preachers who quote from multiple Bibles are not acting wise and are contributing to a subtle Satanic scheme to create confusion in regard to the singular authority of God.

The kingdom of God and the effect of His Word upon mankind rests upon the absoluteness of final authority. Satan knows this but many of God’s shepherds do not.

The Devil has come in the last days and through the secular science of textual criticism has attempted to apply the laws of a secular science to the historical parchments of the church to give the church what it declares to be a very faulty and defective translation of the Bible from many different sources that were rejected by the church Fathers and early translators.

If the church is to be accused of collective stupidity; if its preachers, its leaders, its spokesmen, its scholars have failed the church and God in any way, it is in this: It has failed in its faith and in its scholarship to recognize the Satanic plot to destroy the final authority of God’s Word through plurality of Bible translations, to see the terrible dangers in failing to determine and create a single classic Bible volume for the unity of the Protestant church.

The church could have done this, and could yet do it. But what have they done instead? They have aligned with the Satanic conspiracy create confusion and to destroy the inerrant, infallible verbally inspired singular authority of God’s Word.

When you read the writings of many fundamental writers today, they quote from as many of six to eight different translations using the translation that best expresses the point they are laboring to persuade the reader of. Most of the modern writers use many different Bible translation texts and then do not have the ethic or the propriety to place the translation abbreviation by the text to indicate which Bible they are quoting from!

With more than 40 different English Bible translations in available and more than ten in current use, and with six different Bibles being carried into the average sized church today, confusion mounts as readers are unable to follow the text being read by the preacher.

In many cases where texts have been changed drastically by paraphrasing or the text has been eliminated the reader is often stymied as to where to find that text in his translation when it differs from what he is reading and there is no translation abbreviation designated. If there was one Bible (which in reality there is because God only gave us one on the beginning) all such confusion would be eliminated. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 1 Corinthians 14:33.

Dr. Kingsley A. Fletcher wrote a book entitled PRAYER AND FASTING using Matthew 17:21 as the text of his book. However, he used the NIV translation throughout the book except in the opening page where he quoted Matthew 17:21. Why did he use the AV King James text? BECAUSE MATTHEW 17:21 DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE NIV – THE PRAYER AND FASTING VERSE WAS ELIMINATED BY THE TRANSLATORS! So Dr. Kingsley made a great contribution to the confusion. He wrote a book about a subject that had been removed by the NIV translators and used the NIV as the Bible of his book.

How can our youth sit in church and accept the Bible as the Word of God when the preacher is reading from one translation and the young people are all reading from various translations – then the preacher remarks in his message, “According to some of the oldest manuscripts some scholars say that this verse did not appear and so was inserted probably by Origen or a copyist contemporary with him.”

Or, what is the pastor reads his text and you find it does not even appear in your Bible but there is footnote stating that the “Earliest manuscripts do not contain this verse.” What is happening in the minds of those hearing and reading such things? I can explain what is happening. It creates a weakened faith in the authority of God’s Word! That is what it is doing.

Every individual has a right to have access to correct information and many of the best authorities on ancient manuscripts differ with the comments made in the modern Bibles about the certain passages not actually being in older texts. The reader is at the mercy of certain scholars or translators with no access to information that is to the contrary. Most translation readers have no idea of the correctness, the motives of the translators or other facts that may disprove the notes in his Bible. Translations are misleading because the notes are based on a science and not on faith. Yes, textual criticism and hermeneutics (the skill of interpreting ancient writings) are sciences used in the secular which have been brought over and applied to our Greek manuscripts to then be dictated to the church as “the best translation of this text according to the facts set before us”

The truth is that with the present system of plurality of Bibles and different sources of original Greek parchment, and then add to that the fundamentalists abandoning singular authority, inerrancy and final authority, they like Judas have betrayed the Holy Spirit and embraced the sciences of higher criticism of the modernists agnostics of the 1950’s.

The multiplicity of Bibles is Satan’s triumph over all of the claims of inerrancy and verbal inspiration!

All of you preachers out there who declare that the Word of God is inerrant and yet you quote from a variety of Bibles and translations that disagree with others make yourselves liars. If it is “inerrant,” then there can be no more than one text! As soon as you say it is inerrant you admit to a single text. If you do not believe God has preserved one text as His Word then stop using the word inerrant. You don’t believe that at all as long as you believe there is more than one final and authentic Word of God.

You either believe in the different Bible texts and versions of original texts and the difference they contain or you believe that God preserved one text as His Word. If you believe in more than one text then you do not believe in inerrancy, in verbal inspiration or the final authority of God’s Word.

Do men who call themselves men of faith really believe that God was able to give a verbally inspired message to men of God but was not able to preserve that text and bring that text down to through the church age by human instrumentality?

When you speak of the verbally inspired Word of God, are you tricking the people with a play of Words, causing therm to believe that you believe the Bible you hold in your hand is the same Bible God originally gave to man but in your mind you believe it is not? …that through the ages of time this Bible was corrupted by the process of going through many translations and that today we do NOT have “the verbally inspired Word of God.”

If you say that and do not believe it then you are deceiving the people because the average laymen believes that the Bible he holds in his hands is the same revelation God gave to man in the beginning to the prophets and the apostles.

Brethren, we need to get our act together.

1. Consciously or unconsciously, if you do not have faith that God has preserved his Word for the church at the and of the age as He gave it a provided it for the beginning of the age then you do not have a complete faith. This faith is not the faith God Gives His children.

2. If you do not believe (have the faith) God has preserved the pure text as He gave it to the apostles then (a) you cannot believe in the infallibility of the Word of God and (b) you cannot believe in the inerrant Word of God, (c) nor can you believe, in the strict sense of the word, that the Bible is indeed the Word of God. (d) It would be a misnomer to call the Bible the “Word of God” if you thought it contained the words of men that were not God’s Word at all. Another reason it would not be the Word of God is because it states in the Bible text that God’s Word refers to the verbal (word by word) inspiration of the Scriptures. (Matthew 4:4; 2 Timothy 3:16) But, of course, we would have to check with Westcott and Hort to see if this statement by Jesus and the apostle Paul is really accepted as authentic by the scholars of higher criticism. If declare it to be some addition or change made some centuries later by one of the translators then you certainly destroy the concept of verbal inspiration. Thank God we still have the Received Text apart from the other Greek collections being hailed by the textual critics!

If we do not have a verbally inspired Bible as the Bible declares itself to be, then what the Scripture claims is not true and the Bible contains error or, at very best it is certainly misleading. If the Scriptures have not been preserved by God’s providential care, then the psalmist was not inspired when he said, I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindnes and FOR THY TRUTH: FOR THOU HAST MAGNIFIED THY WORD ABOVE ALL THY NAME.

Would God exalt a corrupted revelation above His name if certainly His name is purer than a corrupted Bible text? If you say He knew it would be corrupted, then you fault God again, accusing Him of exalting His Word above His name when He knew it would be corrupted and stood by while it was being corrupted as if helpless. If you say He did not know it would be corrupted, then you deny His omniscience.

Preachers, afraid of their people and what the critics would say, are scared spitless at what the consequences would be if they stood for the truth against what was popular beliefs that conflict with Biblical faith. Pastors should be influencing and guiding the publishers with their God given authority. Anything that touches the church is the business of the pastors to judge. But truth is fallen in the streets and the these will fall with the Devil who used them in his conspiracy against the Word of God.

The printing press has been a great instrument in the evangelism of the world. But every invention of man has also been abused. The modern Christian printing industry with its many publishers are motivated almost entirely by printing any new rage in the form of subject material or items that “sell” for the sake of gaining dollars. Christians publishing houses have fallen into the trap of lust printing “what sells.”

If the printing industry has lost its morals and commitment to God then the Christian in the pew is going to have to be more discerning lest he begin to think that what the publishers are printing has truth and moral quality. We are being mesmerized by beautiful cover formats, graphics and the rhetoric of the speaker rather than the content of truth.

Modern Christian Publishers, with few exceptions, have no commitment whatsoever to provide doctrinally correct or sound character building books. They would go broke! They are committed to feeding the consumption demands of a modern Christian who does not want to think or make serious consecrations that would conflict with his worldliness.

Translations are one of the big money makers in the modern Christian world. The result, Christian publishers are turning out translations and saturating the church with them. The NIV has been crammed down the throat of the evangelical pastors, church leaders, denominations, the distributors and bookstores with a lot of PR and high powered advertising. The NIV and other translations are in competition with each other like Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola – trying to get one up on the other.

The Christian consumers have been the victims of all of this commercialization pushing translations – in more ways than one. The church is not the stronger, but the weaker in many ways through this plurality of Bibles. We have been duped by the Devil and then deny it.

The Christian printing industry is greatly to blame for promoting the many different Bibles, but it will be pastors and church leaders who will stand before God and be judged for trifling with His Word.

Are responsible to a great degree to destroy the final authority of God’s Word.

The plurality of Bible texts is a step in the wrong direction that is conditioning this generations of the church to deny and reject the absolute authority of God’s Word as final authority. It is creating secret reservations in the hearts of young people and quietly destroying the vital faith they will need to stand against Antichrist in the end.

Every preacher and church leader will give an account to God in this matter and be judged for the stand they took in defense of the Word of God.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if suddenly the original letters of Paul or the gospels would be unearthed and when examined would prove to be word for word the same as the Received Text of our authorized King James version! I feel there will be a number of scientific discoveries in the last days that will establish the accuracy of God’s Word – such a discovery of one or more of the original letters by one of the authors of a book of the Bible would be a splendid blow to the brainy heads of higher criticism.

But, such a discovery is not necessary for those who believe in God’s providential preservation of His Word, but for those who do not have the faith to believe He did preserve His Word.

We need one more Bible – We would like to make a closing comment directed to all of the critics and scholars who constantly cite the errors of the many translations out there on the market. It would be a great service to the church if the critics of the versions would give to us Received Text lovers an updated version of the KJV. We need this badly! There are many words such as “conversation” that needs correcting and updated to our present English forms. If our brethren who criticize the translators would take the time and bring to us an updated KJV, it would be a best seller – you surely wouldn’t have any problem getting the publishers to print another Bible.

Give Bibliography of books, publishers who do support the AV.


1. Trinity Publishers, England
2. Eye Opener ministries
3. The tapes by the old Baptist rascal.
4. The Battle of the Bible.
5. Textual Criticism by Sturz
6. Other titles – library book shelf.
7. Penny’s bookshelf, recommendations.
8. Dugan publishers.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalm 68:11
Added material

There is a strong tie between faith and the Word of God. The Word of God is the source of Faith. If the Word of God fails then Faith fails. To attack the Word of God in any way is synonymous with an attack on my Faith. Those Christians who believe the Word of God to be the final authority in life and the final and in tact revelation of God to man, will not believe anything that conflicts with the Word! That is our position of faith who believe in the providential preservation of His Word. That is, that God through providence controlled all men when handled the revelation of His Word to preserve it until heaven and earth pass away.

Faith in God gives full credibility to everything the Word of God says. Faith has the credulity it gives

Faith is unaffected by what the geniuses, the scholars or the critics have to say when they speak contrary to what the Word of God has already spoken. Faith believes God over all other voices. Some insist that Christians must listen to the evidences of science if they are going to honest and open. We will, if that evidence supports what the Word of God states! But if science declares something that is contrary to any principle proclaimed in the Word, we will wait till science finally catches up with what the Word of God has declared and agrees – which has happened often! For centuries the church spoke against the use of tobacco. Now, finally, the surgeon general has made the tobacco industry print on their labels that tobacco is a cause of cancer. Science is good so long as it compliments and supports the facts declared in the Word of God, but when science conflicts with the revelation, every Christian who places his or her Faith in the Word of God should stand faithfully by the Word and fight against any such scientific claims.

When we consider textual criticism (authorities on determining authorship and origin of ancient writings), we must remember that it is a science. Because some learned men, many of them professed Christians, are textual critics of the Holy Scripture does not mean that it is no longer a science. Textual criticism whether it be secular, historical or religious is a science! It is based on scientific process and laws to establish by physical and historical evidence what appears to be. It is this science of textual criticism that is behind the whole modern trend to pluralize the Word of God.

Textual criticism is also called Higher criticism. Back in the 1950’s the modernist seminaries taught this higher criticism. These same theologians deny the deity of Christ and the resurrection. But now we have so “advanced” in our quest for educational status and accreditation that our own Pentecostal seminaries are teaching this science of textual criticism in their classrooms which a few years ago was denounced by the Faith of the Pentecostals. What has happened to us? We have lost the Faith! Our seminaries are now teaching our young men that we do not have the Word of God as it was originally given to the men of God who received it. “It was verbally inspired when it was given, but it has been lost through being copied countless times through the ages of the church’s history.”

We have retreated from our position of LOWER CRITICISM to the more prestigious and scholarly position of faithless HIGHER CRITICISM. LOWER CRITICISM believed that scientifically compiling evidence to determine whether the Word of God was true or not was a pursuit of unbelief. We Pentecostals (when I was sitting in the classroom) were taught that God’s Word had come to us preserved by a supernatural God who was daily manifesting Himself and the truth of the Word through the miracles that filled our meetings when that Word was preached. LOWER CRITICISM is interested in the textual meaning of the Word and transmitting the truth found in the Word to the people. HIGHER CRITICISM was engrossed in determining through historical evidence if the Biblical text was actually true. In those days we were Protestants who believed in the purity of the Byzantine collection known as the Received text which historically we knew originated with the Antiochian school of Christian theology – Yes, the same Antioch recorded in Scripture. HIGHER CRITICISM took a position that Faith had to be verified by scientific evidence. LOWER CRITICISM assumed the authenticity of the Word by the supernatural evidences accompanying it each time it was preached.

Concerning principles of the Word conflicting with the science of textual criticism, let us consider certain Scriptures and note how the science of textual criticism, which has produced the whole idea of there being many different variations of Bible text, conflicts with Scripture.

1. Jesus nor the disciples ever spoke of the Scriptures being lost or fragmented. It would seem that if something such as this supreme revelation of God to man was going to suffer some kind of obscurity, that it would have been mentioned.

2. When the Word of God was lost in Israel it was because the nation Israel had discarded it and lost interest in the things of God.

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