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In Jeremiah 6:16 we are told to ask for the old paths. But modern apostate preachers decry the old paths and cast off the authentic apostolic doctrines and holiness lifestyle. I possess books written by charismatics that rant from page to page against the teaching of holiness standards. And while it may be true that there are those labor under the holiness banners teaching that visible standards constitute holiness and often require more of God’s people than God or his Word require, there is a holy life that is visible and conspicuously separated from the world. Below are miracles I have witnessed dating back many years in the Pentecostal movement. When I have shared some of these experiences with young people in our holiness churches they want to hear more. These are true testimonies from one man – just think of the volumes of miracle acts of the Holy Spirit glorifying Christ that are shut up in the hearts of many of the older saints across America and around the world! I will be adding testimonies as time goes on to these pages. Visit us again to read more of the acts of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 58:12

The supernatural gifts as explained by Paul the apostle in his first epistle to Corinth, chapters 12 through 14 was never so miraculously revealed to me than when brother Allen Swift visited me in the Summer of 1961 when I was pastoring in Goshen, Indiana. He was the founder of Eastern Bible Institute that is now Valley Forge College, and a legend among students of Eastern Bible Institute who sat under him and of whom many became well known ministers of the gospel. There were many great spiritual luminaries in the Eastern United States such as Hattie Hammond and brother Follette, but brother Swift, a small quiet man who walked in the Spirt almost unnoticed was one of the greatest spiritual men who knew the ways of the Holy Spirit along with Walter Butler in the earlier days of the Pentecostal movement. Pentecost then did not even resemble the Charismatics of today.

Allen Swift always wore a bow tie, his white hair parted in the middle and walked as though he was walking through a flock of doves around his feet so as not to disturb them. After they retired he and his little wife moved near their children in Canada over the border from Chicago. I traced him down and got him on the phone and invited him to visit me at my new pastorate in Goshen, Indiana, which was not too far for them to drive. They had a little Chrysler Valiant at the time and after praying he called and said they were coming to spend a week with us. A small and precious man with a giant inside!

One early afternoon he had come to my office to go out with me to have lunch together. That was the beginning of one of the greatest supernatural operations of the Holy Spirit I ever witnessed! This was a miracle that would take place before my eyes in a hotel room with four persons in the room; brother Swift, myself another man and the Holy Ghost.

After arriving at my office we were sitting and chatting when my phone rang. When I lifted the receiver and answered the phone a gruff voice came booming from the other end asking to speak to the pastor. I introduced myself and the man’s voice became even more demanding that I come and see him at his room in the downtown hotel and he needed me immediately! I explained to him I had a guest with me and asked if I could bring my friend who was also a minister. The gruff voice quickly replied in an angry tone that he didn’t care but he wanted me to come now. I assured him we would come immediately. I told brother Swift what the man said and asked if he’d like to accompany me. Brother Swift hesitated for some seconds and then said he would go with me.

When we arrived at room 218 at the hotel a huge man opened the door in his undershirt and a beard of several days – rough looking to put it mildly. As we stepped into the room he pointed out two places for us to sit. But the place he pointed out for brother Swift to sit was on the wall opposite the door to the room we had just entered. I sat where the man had point to for me to sit which was nearest to him as he sat on the edge of the bed. It was a cannonball bed with posts extending from all four corner of the bed with the round cannonball perched on top of the posts.

But brother Swift did a strange thing which later made me realize that he was already following some strange leading of the Holy Spirit. He walked across the room and brought the wooden chair that was against the wall back across the room and sat it beside the door we had entered. I thought it was strange as the man and I watched brother Swift carry the chair across the room. I was soon distracted by the man who had started telling me with sharp demanding words that he had no money and had to pay three days of hotel bill before he could check out. He wanted the church to help him. I listened to him politely and then started to explain to him that we worked closely with the Salvation Army in the city and that I would be happy to call the Major at the Salvation …. He loudly interrupted me shouting, “I didn’t ask you to do that! I’m not asking the Salvation Army, I’m asking you to help me!! Are you going to give me the money or not?!?” I tried to answer him kindly and assure him the major would help him. He yelled back at me denouncing any help from the Salvation Army. He had become almost hysterical in a rage of anger!

Brother Swift slowly stood to his feet and pointed at the man and said, I see you in combat in a forest in Europe. The men are behind trees and your commanding officer is behind a tree in front of you and you shot him in the back and killed him. You were court martialed and discharged from the military with a dishonorable discharge.” The man stopped shouting and stared for several long seconds at brother Swift in utter disbelief! He suddenly lurched, grabbed the bed post clutching it with both arms! His face became distorted as if a demon was crying out from him he shouted hysterically, “How did you know that?!! Who told you that? I had to do it, I had to do it! I had to do it!

Brother Swift reached over and turned the knob on the door and opened it and gestured with his hand for me to leave. As I went through the door brother Swift closed the door gently with the man shouting from inside the room, “I had to do it! I had to do it!!” Brother Swift and I descended the hotel stairs together in silence. I had witnessed the gift of discernment and knowledge, and there was no question that what I witnessed was the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit glorifying the Christ.

I was born in the fire and can’t stand the smoke!

At Eastern Bible Institute there was a young lady attending who was legally blind. She wore glasses that were so thick you saw rings of thick glass when you tried to look into her eyes. She later became the wife of Evangelist Bob Waters, a well know evangelist in the Assembles of God in the 1940’s through the sixties. The school was experiencing a tremendous visitation from the Holy Spirit and classes had been suspended under the advice of Walter Beautler, Milton T. Wells and John Tucker as well as the other members of the faculty. Day after day the students remained in the chapel from morning till night experiencing supernatural visitations of God’s Spirit glorifying Christ.

Students only left for personal reasons and then returned. The blind girl had to leave and go to the dorm which was above the chapel. Two other girls accompanied her to help her up the stairs to the second floor. As they came to the first landing between the two floors they were suddenly slain in the Spirit falling on the concrete landing and against the walls. There they laid worshiping and praising God in the Spirit for some time. One by one they begin to rise to their feet but the blind girl started crying, “I can’t see! I can’t see! She was crying historically. The girls with her became alarmed and started praying earnestly for her. Then one of the girls said, “Wait a minute!” and reached over and removed the blind girls glasses from her face. The girl shouted, “Oh, I can see perfectly!! I can see!” She had been miraculously healed and the thick glasses were distorting her vision until they were removed – then she saw perfectly because she had been healed!

A broken and a contrite heart the Lord will not despise. Psalm 51:17.

I was born in the fire and can’t stand the smoke!

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