By Bill Burkett

IS THE ANTICHRIST to come out of the Arab resurgence through militant terrorism as we have seen it merge before our eyes in recent years? There are many parallels between the Bible’s description of Antichrist and the radical Muslim terrorism type of government. We saw how it functions when it governed Afghanistan. Could it be that the fundamental Arab terrorists are the platform upon which the Antichrist will appear? In this age of human rights how will a world government return to such gruesome punishments as beheading and cruel control of people? Will the recent Israel war with Hisbolah be forming new conditions that will lead to a stronger influence of the Muslim terrorist movements to form policy in the Middle East? Maybe – just maybe, the prophecy teachers will have to change their ideas about the rise and identity of the Antichrist and who he is. We may be seeing before our eyes the development of a powerful governing force that if united could well be the religio-political movement that will cause men to worship the “beast.” It could become a dominant force against the nations of the middle East and ultimately the European Union (Europe). This would mean the European and middle Eastern continents would be under the direct dominant governing powers of a Muslim regime. We may be seeing the Biblical Antichrist coming into power through the persistent and vicious resolve of the Muslim militants to rule the world. Islam has for it’s goal world domination the same as the Nazis under Hitler – another parallel between Antichrist and fundamental Islams.. We should note that the description of the cruelties such as beheading match perfectly the Biblical prophecies describing the Antichrist government that will rule over the middle East and the European Union. Note again that he will be Antichrist, hating Christians which would be the beginning of new and horrible persecution of God’s people. The Bible says of him, who is able to make war with him? Revelation 13:4. If Iran or any one of the Arab nations should develop a very unconventional super weapon that would make it the superpower of the world, which the statement, who can make war against him could imply, then what the Bible prophecies about his invincibility. the Antichrist could develop in a very short time.

In Revelation 13:7 there is a very significant statement that power was given him to make war with the saints and to overcome them and that his power would extend over all kindreds and languages and nations! Note that a power is given to him. He will have the means militarily to threaten and coerce whole nations to do his bidding. He is possibly given this power by a Satanic intelligence which he will attribute to his Allah. Something in the form of a terrible weapon will bring the world to heel for him. He makes a treaty with the Jews but that peace will only last three and a half years and then the Antichrist breaks it. That is also a characteristic of the Muslim religion – to make agreements never intending to keep them if expedience demands it. The civilized world has become so humane and protective or human rights that we wonder when reading the Bible prophecy of the Antichrist who will take the world backward from civility beheading its enemies as a means of punishment if anyone refuses to take the mark, the name or the number of the beast. But beheading will be reinstated by the coming Antichrist government – also a characteristic of the radical Muslim governments. Could it be after ousting radical Muslims from Afghanistan and Iraq that in the end this radical government will prevail and produce a charismatic world leader inspired by the super intelligence of Satan who will take control of governments from Russia to Portugal? World domination is the plan of Islam. They have openly declared this as their objective and according to Scripture God may allow this to happen but only for a seven year period.

The word Antichrist appears in the Bible only in John’s first and second epistles. 1John 2:18; 2:22; 4:3 and then in his second epistle in 1:7. But he is mentioned and described in the old testament in double reference passages in Isaiah 14:9-16 Ezekiel and Daniel.. the spirit of Antichrist is always opposed directly to Christ. Muslims who follow the literal teaching of the Qum’ran (Koran) openly seek the death and extinction of Israel and Christians. Why? Because the literal and fundamental teaching of Mohammad according to a revelation he received from God, is to destroy both Jews and Christians because Moses and Jesus failed to succeed in their missions to save the world. According to Mohammad, their messages failed. The Muslims are to destroy and replace all infidel Jews and Christians and Islam is to cover the world instead. Is this not the very purpose of the Antichrist! Wherever you try to fit the template of the Antichrist with Islam, it fits almost perfectly with what Scripture tells us about him. Could it be that out of the resurgence of Islam and the immigration of millions of Muslims to countries across Europe that we have the culture of the Antichrist from which he will merge one day soon. The world is in a mess!! But God is very much in control and the world’s history will follow the plan clearly given in HIS Word..

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    That insight would have saved us a lot of effrot early on.

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