The Lamb of God



John 3:5-7. John 1:29; Isaiah 58:4-7; Leviticus 1:3.

Deep down in the infinite knowledge of the omniscient mind God the father and creator of all things devised a plan to redeem man that was only possible by a righteous manipulation of three forces under his power and authority; The nature of man, the nature of God and the just application of perfect justice.

First, He concluded that he would have to create a God man.
The creation of a human body that would be conceived by divine insemination in a carefully chosen maiden who would conceive that seed which would be very God and very man.

That baby boy was indwelt by the divine nature of God so that he would be a God-man thus representing both God the violated and man, the violator.

As a man he would become a blood sacrifice martyred and slain by a depraved and sinful human race through their hatred of his words of truth.

By this rejection of truth the sinful human race would prove it’s depravity by executing a sinless man who only did good proving the hopeless sinful state of mankind. God provided the God-man, sent him among his people Israel and they put him to death on a Roman cross to silence God.

They thought they were dealing with a mere man who threatened their power hold on the people but they were actually dealing with God!

But, in that death on the Roman tree Jesus of Nazareth, the son of God, the unblemished Lamb of God dealt a double blow to Satan and literally crushed the head of the serpent by proving all men sinners and then offering the blood (life) of God’s Lamb without blemish to atone for the very people who mocked him, spat upon him and put him to death when they shed his blood (life).

According to perfect justice based on equivalence, i.e, that the punishment be equal to the violation committed against the moral law God achieved a redemptive result for man at a great cost to Him but a free gift to man. He took the sentence of death that was upon us that we had to pay and paid it for us in that one death.

The unblemished lamb that brought to the gate of the tabernacle was a blood sacrifice for only that one Israelite who brought the sacrifice. And it was temporary until the Messiah would come as God’s Lamb that would take away the sins of the world!

When Israel began to backslide one of the first signs it had become distanced from God and lost it’s personal intimacy and love for God was seen in the sacrifices they brought to the temple that were blemished, sick and diseased, the runts and malformed. They were keeping the unblemished for themselves and offered God the blemished. They lost their desire to offer to God the perfect sacrifice and their willingness to suffer a personal loss in their servitude to God. When they lost that desire they lost the blessing God would return for their love and sacrifice.

GOD’S LAMB HAD TO BE SINLESS WHEN GOD OFFERED HIM. If Christ would have fallen and sinned against God and failed to remain committed to the truth he came to proclaim, then he would have become imperfect and if sin had been attributed to him HE WOULD HAVE GONE THE WAY OF ALL SINNERS VIA THE GRAVE AND SHEOL WITH THE PATRIARCHS, NOAH, THE PROPHETS AND RIGHTEOUS KINGS OF ISRAEL WAITING TO BE REDEEEMED THERE IN THE INNER PARTS OF THE EARTH!

He would not have been qualified according to the moral laws of God and the perfect justice of Kingdom jurisprudence to be resurrected and return directly to the Father’s right hand to make intercession for the saints.


Only a sinless redeemer having returned to the Father could send the Holy Spirit anointing back upon his waiting disciple; Only a sinless Christ could continue appearing for forty days after the crucifixion and resurrection to his astonished disciples!

There would have been no angels at the tomb and the stone would have remained in its place sealed and guarded with the body of the Messiah lying on a cold stone slab.

There would have been no accension, no great commission. There would be no Communion table set for the saints to remember his death till he come and there would be no meaning to water baptism.

Our prayers would not be in Jesus name and the ceremonial law’s animal sacrifices would still be our only faint hope of seeing heaven; shoals would still be the destiny our souls. There would be no church, only the law of Moses with all of its types never to be fulfilled.

Mansions promised would never happen and all the promises made by our redeemer would be empty and meaningless. YES, SO MUCH DEPENDED ON THIS ONE FACT, THAT GOD’S LAMB BE UNBLEMISHED AND WITHOUT SIN.

All of those classic things Jesus said would fade into the mists of broken promises. He told Nicodemus, Ye must be born again, but there could be no born again experience without the unblemished Lamb of God.

More than two hundred prophecies would be lost in darkness of oblivion if there was not the Lamb of God became blemished with sin.

The resurrection depended on Jesus, the Lamb of God being sinless and by that fact only he could return to the Father to carry out the redeeming plan. Because he lives his blood prevails as our legal provision to live with him, to serve him and to see his face! Just everything! Every miracle, every prayer answered, the return of Christ for the church and the destruction of the Antichrist, the new heavens and the new earth could only happen because HE WAS THE UNBLEMISHED LAMB THAT GOD THE FATHER OFFERED UP FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD. Behold the Lamb of God!

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