I Knew I should have Stayed Home

Didn’t I tell you before we came out here that we shouldn’t be messin’ with these bulls, anyway!

Montemor’s forcados bullfighters hang onto a bull during a bullfight in Lisbon’s Campo Pequeno arena July 13, 2006. [Reuters]

Things have gotten badly out of hand, it just ain’t goin’ right!

 The bullfight is a cross between a sport and entertainment. Of course these two pursuits of man have almost become synonymous. But it’s considered entertainment in some quarters of western Europe (Spain,Portugal). Here is a bullfight that’s not going very well according to plan. But the people in the arena are really getting their money’s worth today! What you see here is a real bullfight! The bull has succeeded in being more than a match for the seven intelligent men fighting him! The Matador, knows the weaknesses of the bull and uses deadly deception to trick the bull into bringing about his own death. It’s not the intelligence of man that wins in a bullfight but rather the dumbness of the animal. I was told by a hotel clerk in Madrid, Spain that Americans don’t like bullfights because they don’t understand that a bullfight is a contest between the intelligence of man and the strength of the bull. But when I asked him why don’t they have lion fights or bear fights – why is it the bull, he couldn’t answer me. What happens at bullfights? The picador come out on horses and taunt the bull throwing lances into his body until he is raging mad and exhausted. Once the bull is weakened the matador appears with sword and cape thrusting his sword into the bulls chest each time he charges past the matador’s cape, until finally the bull drops. The crowd cheers madly and the bull is dragged from the arena into a butchering room where he is butchered and his meat is sold to the spectators as they pass from the arena. Is this intelligence? Born again Christians do not attend bullfights. Here is one bull that seems to be stronger AND more intelligent than about seven men. I count three up in front, one behind the bull, one under the bull and two behind the bull. It proves that if a man has to “fight” the bull he is no match for the strength of the bull. The depravity of man as the Bible teaches, can be pretty well proven by what he chooses as his “entertainment”.

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