Junk Generation


The Post Civilized Generation
Is Here!

Thanks to the low life entertainment industry, television in every home and the educators who worship the global gods.

There are four gods that have merged from the sea of nations with the intent of replacing Christian civility with the humanist doctrines of a global society. They can only do this by creating a whole new mind set in each generation. This means an effort to change the Christian value system that now prevails in the behavior of most western cultures and throughout the world. The world can only change as the thinking changes. The embodiment of evil who is the god of this world uses our brains to achieve mind control.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

The bible tells us about the degeneration of the generations.

There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother. (12) There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not washed from their filthiness. (13) There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up. (14) There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw-teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.

Proverbs 30:11-14.

Paul described the end time character of the last generation of the church.

For men will be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (3) Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, (4) Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (5) Having a form of godliness, but denying its power: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:2-5

The gods of this world do not want man to think for himself. The modern mind has all but capitulated to the influences of the four global gods. Slowly they have been changing a God generation into a digressing savage, erotic and violent society . The perfect sub-human nature that will embrace a world dictator. That generation will demonize Christ and set Satan up as a god. In that setting the message of love and redemption will be persecuted and relegated to silence. The gospel will only be heard at the cost of great persecution. Mind control will be accepted as the Antichrist will be hailed as the brain control of all the people in his realm. Mind control is becoming more and more practiced through television celebrities and megabuck entertainers and slanted liberal media every year. People are more and more thought controlled from sources of thinking outside of themselves through the news media and business psychology advertising. The reason Christians do not fit into the global dream of a one world government is because our minds are under the divine influence of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic truth of God s word.

Man is losing – or should we say – giving up his power to think for himself to powers of influence in the system around him. The evil of television is it’s power to interrupt the inner man’s ability to think independently and interject with constant repetitive suggestions the thinking of others. This is effective especially when people are craving information on some news they have heard, They want to hear more about it with greater detail. The mind is opened and the information they receive they receive as truth! Confusing information with the truth is the common mistake the average person makes. Information become knowledge and knowledge is what we draw on to make decisions and base our opinions. The semanticists and others who write the news know the power of their words and the effect they want them to have on the public – but in most cases the hearer is oblivious to the intent of the writers to control their mind. I have members of my family who I love very much, but they have been profoundly effected by the reports they get from the mainstream media. The effort by the liberal activists in journalism to brainwash the American public against our government leaders is working. I have seen it first hand. Fortunately it’s not effecting the vast majority of God’s people.

To live right I must think right! If the knowledge I have is not true then this has an effect on my decisions, and my decisions determine my rightness before God.

Journalism uses psychological laws to intrude on the person’s thinking process and interject its information and ideas and thinking to control the decision process of the mind. There are several ways to do this. Millerism psychology has teaches that repeating a lie enough times as if it were truth will be believed although the hearer knows it is not true. It ignores any facts that differ with its intentions and keeps beating the drum of repetition until it is believed. It’s an old psychological quirk of the mind.

It is an external stream of thoughts, images and ideas from men unknown by the hearers but given credibility on the basis of junk claims by junk journalists and junk intellectuals who work through junk publications and junk organizations to peddle their junk. Literally millions of people are having their values, their thoughts and their ideas formed by the psychological junk dealers on the outside of them that do not want a man to think for himself.

You may think you are the master of your own fate and the captain of your own soul, but you are not!

Man was made to know a peace that only comes from solitude and inner thoughts. That inner power of man has been violated by the media lords who secretly intend to form the public thinking with sound, color and images that come flashing before us in an endless stream of seductive external influences.

Joseph, Daniel and Solomon found great opportunity by serving the world system they found themselves in. BUT, that time of ignorance God winked at with many other things including adultery. (Acts 17:30-31) NOW we live in another spiritual era and under a different covenant that requires different things of children. This is the New Covenant and in this dispensation God is not winking! Under this covenant He empowers His children. That is, He enables us to live far above the requirements of the old covenant.

He empowers us to live out the Christ indwelling us. They lived in a time of limited revelation with no Christ before them, no cross and no church. It was a time of Jewish nationalism, but now commands all men everywhere to repent of their sins! The human cleverness that has entered the church through the seminaries brings with it an intellectual pride that separates us from God. It is all foolishness to God but the foolishness of preaching is the power of God unto salvation. Some of us remember when the church preached a strong corrective negative message that produced positive living. Now we preach the positive self esteem message that produces negative living.

It’s interesting this writer how liberals so angrily protest against legalism and the law when they discuss Christians who live by the instruction of Jesus and the apostles when discussing certain brethren who live by the Biblical standards of according to the apostles teaching on separation. They go into a tirade! They write hate books against Christians with standards. I have some of them in my library as proof of their ignorance and twisting of the clear teaching of the apostles in the New Covenant epistles. Yet, these same people constantly go back to the legal system under Moses and use Scriptures of that Covenant to justify their life style today under Grace. The old Testament was seeing God through a glass darkly, a partial revelation, an intermediate covenant for the foulness of truth to come in the foulness of time. There are types and illustrations of New Testament doctrine in the Old Covenant pages, but the revelation we live by, and the only revelation we must live by is in the New Covenant pages of God s word.

The church today is obsessed with external ism, with beauty and the body. This mentality has been fostered off onto the church by the entertainment industry that now exerts open influences on politics, education, fashion and the whole spectrum of industries in the western world. This preoccupied with the external body-life in society has brought a flood of intellectual and humanistic ideas into the church in an attempt to become like the world and keep God. This humanism continuously interjects the rabid ideas of the flesh into the life streams of the church. are further strengthened by the world systems obsession with money and gain. If the world population becomes young and the consumer is young and wants bee-bop fashions, then the whole fashion industry, entertainment, academia and politics must bow of that young consumer, the source of the big buck.

The power of the mind to dictate its values upon the consumer industries is past. Money rules and motivates everyone in the modern society. I lived in China when it opened to the world. I watched the western capitalism gradually come into the society and destroy traditional Chinese values. It came as a Trojan horse to destroy first, the youth of China who emulated the Rock culture and the rap bee-boppers on the youth scene. The entertainment junk culture has become an epidemic until the major cities had taken on the same amoral lifestyle as the rock culture in the west. What new thing would come and what value would be lost in China was predictable as the corruption spread its ugly tentacles of greed over the land grasping, wrapping each segment of the Chinese society in its death grip. The pitiful thing is that in China there was no spiritual immune system in place and it fast became corrupted. In addition to that fact was the reality of a godless corrupted political system based on bribes and gifts where a man with money could ascend the ladder party positions by who he knew and how much he could dole out to the men above him. There was no moral fiber to the Chinese society when it opened itself to further corruption from the west in its resolve to develop economically in the world community. When China adopted the Open China Policy it brought the Trojan horse of it s enemies inside it s gates and then went to sleep. Like the Spartans of old they failed to examine the external beauty what seemed externally to be very admirable. But the thing the Spartans admired and aroused their curiosity was the very cause of their demise!

The four fronts of Power X
And who is Power X? Power X is the hidden mastermind behind the scenes controlling even the people that do not know him. His name is Satan. He has used and manipulated kings and potentates through the ages. The men who fight God and the gospel of redeeming love are themselves unaware that they are nothing but puppets with actually two great powers behind them. Satan inspires them and God restrains them. While they think they are in control the truth is they are under the control of Power X and do his bidding. At the same time they are both under the control of a God who watches jealously over His plan of the ages using them to bring all men into judgment. There are four major fronts Power X works through to bring about his plan for world domination.

1. Entertainment: Includes everything from to the low-life sex and violence oriented world of Hollywood to the . This is not a community of artists but it has become a nest of media political activists disseminating anti-American industry. Now more than ever we reject the message of television with ninety percent of it s content mind controlling behavioral perversion advocating incontinence. Modern entertainment sends a stream of immoral and amoral images out to the young forming minds of this generation. Entertainment has become a synonym for sexual promiscuity and violence.

2. Media politics: We link media and politics together in one lump because in the world of politics and modern news they are both singing in the same choir. The great majority of journalists embrace the liberal political views opposed by Christians. Liberal politics embraces socialist and global views many of which are ultimately intended to undermine America s sovereignty. They both think alike and they both want to deceive the minds of the people to bring liberal changes to our nation that they contend are necessary even if they violate the principles of the American constitution. Liberals want to change any law that conforms to the wishes of the people. Conservatives on the other hand believe that principle is the essence of the law and should never change, that people should respect and obey the principles of civility and social responsibility. Liberals want to change everything as the people change – as generations change, ignoring principles.

3. Academia: The mind control center. Liberal free thinkers from the hippy generation in the 1960’s have gone through college and post grad education surfacing in our society as professors, scientists, lawyers and politicians. It is a Satanic plan to take over the minds of the young by exposing them to the thinking of the hippy culture, make love not war.

4. Religion: Evangelical ecumenism , an outgrowth of the Charismatic spirit embraces false brethren who hold and teach doctrines of Devils. The Word of God is clear on the dangers of fellow-shipping with people who practice false doctrines. They ignore pure doctrine and everything the Bible says about those who depart from or violate pure doctrine. It would shock our fathers of the church just a generation ago if they knew what was being said and done in our modern evangelical and Charismatic churches.


  1. Sairene Reply
    Okay, next to my family and my kids, this is my Passion topic! It's what gets my jiceus flowing.First and foremost, I believe that those statistics are proof that the church has fallen asleep. The church has narrowed itself into a corner and unless willing to adapt to some change, this statistic I fear will grow. Churches have been doing what they do because that's the way it's always been done. Some churches hold tight to Tradition. The church can never compete with culture. They will never win. Its just the way it is. But the church can certainly change from "doing" to having a strategy.If You read my "About" section on my blog, you'll see a line where I wrote, "I bleed Orange." I encourage you to check out www.whatisorange.com to learn more about that and to see where my firm stance on what the church should be doing.We (as in Us, Moms, Parents, etc) put So much responsibility on the Church for those poor statistics. I see it as a 50/50 deal. Parents need to wake up and realize that they are the primary spiritual leaders in their kids lives. The church is a "Partner" to you as a Parent. Or at least it should be. There in lies the problem. Churches are failing to see that they need to come along side of us as parents and support us and understand that what happens at home is far more important than what happens at church. I am a product of Christian parents, christian private schools and church all my life. I saw friends come and go within the church. From my experience, The leadership within the church are all on different pages. Nursery, elementary, youth and "big" church are all doing their own thing. There is no strategy. They are silo'd. I beg of the church to align themselves together with parents and have a strategy for how to get a child from birth through college not ever wanting to leave the church! It is possible. It just means people are going to have to adapt to change and let some things go. Sorry for the rant. I warned you that it was a Passion area for me. I could say so much more.... : )
    • Rain Reply
      As a pastor's wife- this topic is near to my heart!First of all, I have to say that I do not bevilee that the "Church" is at fault!! The Bible is very clear, that it is to be us PARENTS that are to be training our children in righteousness!!! Sunday School & Youth Group were started many, many years later & really were started for the "non-churched" kids! Those statistics are sad, but I think they are a lot due to the fact that parents have been relying on the church to teach their children about Christ- instead of taking an active role themselves (& actually living what they bevilee)!A couple things our church does that I LOVE are... when children turn 4, they join their parents in "big" church- children younger than that are certainly welcome, but there is nursery & children's church provided for children under 4. Although I do understand how difficult it can be for some kids to sit so long (we are all about wiggles at our house), we bevilee that having children in the service, plants seeds in their little hearts! :)We also have just started a curriculum (our pastors & elders & teachers have created) that lasts 7 years & walks everyone through the Bible... all Sunday School classes of various ages as well as the sermon are focused on the SAME topic... are memorizing the same verse, etc. In this way, children (along with their parents) will go through an in depth study of the whole Bible twice.Sorry, this is getting way too long! ;)Great question!Jessica

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