Jesus the Terminator


By Bill Burkett

Al Gore often called a tree hugger for his strong ideas about environment and especially global warming insists the world is being threatened by ice caps melting. This week he premiers a film he produced that scares the tar out of people with doomsday scenarios caused by mankind who is not taking proper care of his natural environment. When will politicians stop making fools out of themselves and at the same time be trying to make people believe they are capable of running the country? They are encouraged in their folly by kook activists that further distance them from realistic American voters including many very knowledgeable environmentalist who have good arguments against the theories of global warming. His critics say he has handled the facts carelessly to put over his ideas ignoring facts that don’t fit his scenario. But I have real bad news (but nevertheless true) for Mr. Gore and all liberal politicians of any party that makes him a loser and his movie a big boo-boo! Long before Al Gore came along in this world there was a man who lived in the middle-East by the name of Jesus who gave the world many predictions. To date all of them have come to pass. This makes everything He says about the future and what is in store for this planet right down to the end very credible. For Mr. Gore’s information, I regret to inform him that global warming does not fit into Biblical prophecy at all! Sorry, Mr. Gore, the biblical scenario concerning the end of this world is nothing like your warming scenario. The fact is that sun spots that cause periods of higher temperatures in the earth’s climate is something that goes back to when I was in the sixth grade – and that’s a looooong time ago. I hear no one explaining the change in weather with sun eruptions or, “elephants” as they are also referred to as being normal. But in Revelation we learn that men will be scorched by horrendous fusion activities on the sun’s surface during the reign of Antichrist. This planet is going down with a long groan when God decrees it’s decease! It will be a gradual death according to the creator who wrote a book all about the end of this planet. It will begin with a space quake that’s going to plunge this world into a cataclysm beyond anything in it’s past far beyond what we can imagine – and not with another flood or another big bang as the eggheads theorize. Your warming theory doesn’t hold water (smile). After the global shake-up a brilliant and miraculous man loaded with super intelligence and charisma will merge from out of the smoldering world of smoke and rubble to become the global governor of the world and will attempt to rally the nations of the world around him to raise up a single world government under his control that will be ruthless. The authentic biblical church will be persecuted and a global economy will be introduced based on the UPC (Universal Price Code) system (666) that is now in place and those who refuse to take his mark, his number, or the number of his name will be forced out of the survival system. Revelation 13:17 Fortunately this guy will only survive seven years trying to set up his vicious world government. At the end of the seven year reign of terror Christ will appear and terminate the Satanic Antichrist. He will be cast into the lake of fire with all of his ilk that rebelled against divine government. Revelation 19:20. Jesus came into this world to terminate all sin, all sinners and Satan, and will accomplish it all before the eyes of some living and reading these lines today! So, you see, Mr. Gore, your theory pales in the light of Bible prophecy. You are dead wrong. Sorry again Mr. Gore, but there’s hundreds of thousands of us out here who know you’re barking up the wrong tree – and that’s not intended as a pun (smile). The only scenario that has any credibility is the Biblical scenario that has always prevailed against the rebel man. Go ahead, all you tree huggers and spend your whole life barking up this ecology tree, but in the end it’s the man who died on the tree that wins. Get on the right side before it’s too late, there isn’t much time left. BBB.

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