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By Bill Burkett

HEALTH TIPS; ROYAL BODY CARE PRODUCTS: Microhydrin, Diosin, Photo-Power, Crystal Energy C1000 powder + many other quality products. INTEGRIS PRODUCTS; Colastin; Riso-triene; Melatonin + and many other quality products.

Dear friends:

With my schedule and the amount of traveling I have been doing over the years I have learned to appreciate Paul’s strong word of instruction to the Corinthians about taking proper care of this body that is the temple of the Holy Ghost. (1 Corinthians 6:19) For more than 40 years I have been taking vitamin and mineral supplements and keeping abreast of the fast growing knowledge and which vitamins and companies produce high quality products provide the body God designed with proper synergistic nutrition. As a help to Christians who would like to know more or get started I write these pages. My long experience may help someone to a healthier body resulting in the spirit and soul strengthened. What happens to one of the three parts of your total person (spirit, soul and body) effects the other two parts. A sick body restricts the effectiveness of the spiritual life. Here are some helpful tips, true experiences and my regimen. After four decades of providing proper nutritional care for my temple I may have something here that you will benefit you.

TIP: To have good and immediate results use quality products. Low cost vitamins and minerals may provide some nutrition but the FDA only requires that 20% of a vitamin or mineral be natural for the manufacturer to put the word natural on the label.

TIP: A provider of good nutritional products will have modern and reliable research facilities with professional endorsements. This is one of the first things you want to know – what kind of know how and documentation do they have behind their products. After many years of taking food supplements I have joined only two companies. I can recommend the following nutrition products. I am sure there are other companies but do be careful of claims.

TIP: If you have a condition such as arthritis and you, for example, wanted to try COLLASTIN (mentioned below), and you want to see results, then do these two things; (1) Take it as recommended and, (2) STICK WITH IT at least three months. Usually you will see results sooner as I did with COLLASTIN, but stay with it at least three months. Your chemistry and condition may need more than the three weeks it took for me and others.

TIP: Some nutrients such as MICROHYDRIN give almost immediate results – sometimes in only minutes or a few hours. But other nutrients the body needs badly may take more time to build in the system.

The First Company we recommend

Royal Body Care (RBC)

The Royal Body Care (RBC), Dallas, TX provides a full line of nutritional and body care products. I now use two of their products which are outstanding! I describe them here briefly:

1. MICROHYDRIN: A natural containing all natural ingredients known as microclusters 1000 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN PYCNOGINOL. In one capsule there is more antioxidant power to destroy the cancer causing free radicals than in a truckload of vitamin C! Here are some things it did for me personally:

a. Reduced all of the lumps in my body and related pain.

b. Burning eyes from working on the computer gone!

c. Regular monthly headaches have gone.

d. Dr. Norman Smith will attest the fact MICROHYDRIN removed an abscess from my tooth that penicillin would not touch! I have the before/after X-rays to document this.

If you order any of these products you can help this missionary by giving my PIN number. By joining you get the lower prices. I am often out of the country but you can get all information by using 800 numbers listed here:

RBC has a catalogue with many other excellent products that may be what you need for a special personal condition. If you join any MLM company they furnish you with samples and catalogues of everything they have in a packet when you join. The fee is small and the material you get is very educational.

STANDARD HOURS (Central Standard Time)
Monday-Friday: 7am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Or, you may call Janie who told me about RBC and she will help you get an order in and get started.
1-(800) 417-7351 Extension 1210.

Please mention my name or extension No. 1210 to Janie

Phone Orders: (800) 722-0444
24 Hour Fax Orders: (800) 835-256
Internet Orders: www. rbclife.com
Call Customer Service for details on Internet Ordering!
Customer Service 1-800-350-9497

The Second Company we recommend


I recommend three excellent products by INTEGRIS which I list here;

1. KONA GOLD: 57 minerals taken from deep sea mineral beds at 2000 feet which must be in the body if vitamins are assimilated. Kona Gold gave me noticeable new energy. Minerals of good quality are essential to the absorption of vitamins. Unless minerals are in the body to assimilate the vitamins the vitamins do ver little good. There are pluses to the sea mineral in that it is highly bio-degradable (easily absorbed by the body) and has no traces of mercury, arsenic, lead or other toxic minerals. If you take bottled coloidal minerals you can check the label for these ingredients. Some of the coloidal waters are mined from fossilized vegetation and may contain the toxic traces but some companies have removed them. The sea minerals I take are bio-degradable and very handy in dry capsule for travel.

2. EVERLASTING: product name for COLLASTIN a vital fatty vitamin that actually rebuilds the cartilage in the body joints! There are other natural products that claim to do the same but this one I can endorse because it restored painless joints and strength to me withing several days dramatically! Since I have been taking Collastin I can tell you that every knee and joint pain or give-aways that aging people experience has disappeared! The aches and pains of the joints that comes with age were with me until I started taking COLLASTIN. It HAS helped restore strength to my body.

3. Life Solubles RISO-TRIENE is the by-product of the rice husk that has been burned and and considered useless until just recently they found ways of extracting a wealth of vitamins and minerals from this rice husk. RISO-TRIENE is loaded with nutrition! There are over 70 antioxidant (the nutrients that destroy free radicals in the body which are now known to be one of the big causes of cancer). I order the 100% RISO-TRIENE although they have an orange flavored version. The pure RISO-TRIENE is tasty and sweet and has a nut/malt flavor. Those with DIABETES problems should know that RISO-TRIENE has bee endorsed by the diabetic authorities as effectively lowering and controlling diabetes

TIP: SYNERGISTIC effect; Synergistic simply refers to two or more vitamins and mineral working together to accomplish the maximum amount of good from vitamin intake. For example, calcium should be taken with magnesium for the calcium to reach the bone cells. Calcium needs magnesium to accomplish its synergistic good. Just as prayer and meditating in God’s Word compliment each other, so do vitamins and minerals. The reason one nutrient may work so well is because it is taken in a combination with other nutrients. In the case of COLASTIN I take it with MICRHYDRIN and since I have been doing so the energy and strength I enjoy physically is probably because I take them together.

Because I also belong to INTEGRIS it will help this missionary if you make a purchase or join the company to give them my PIN number.

My PIN No. is 11191
Phone numbers to learn more about INTEGRIS:
FAX on demand: (415) 273-6214
National Conference call: (415) 273-6051
Visit the Integris Website: www.integriscorp.com

To order Integris products:
Toll free order entry number: (888) 737-7307
Order by FAX: (888) 737-7303
(Members can order by FAXING a personal check to this number)


The Third Company Product I can recommend


From my own personal experience I recommend Dr. Wachter’s products! Six years ago I was suffering from worsening chest pains that were evidently caused by blockage of heart valves and plugged up circulatory system. I was resolved not to have open heart surgery but to find God’s natural way. I told no one of my pain or the numbness in my left arm, not even my wife. I put my will up to date and went on. The pains increased. One day Ray Smith told me about a man that avoided open heart surgery through an all natural vitamin/mineral formula called oral chelation therapy. Not having told anyone I contacted the man brother Smith told me about. He told me his story and that convinced me. Bill told that the doctor that had scheduled him for open heart surgery also examined him after the three month oral chelation therapy and found his valves and circulatory clear. I started the three month program (therapy of 4 tabs with the first meal and 4 tabs with the second meal and eight glasses of water daily). After five weeks and in Ukraine on a mission, I realized the chest pains were gone, my huffing and puffing was gone and the damaged vessels in my left leg had surprisingly lost all discomfort and returned to near normal! Since that therapy four years ago I have suffered no discomfort in my chest and have enjoyed a pain free life even in times of physical stress. There are several oral chelation products out there, and I am sure they are all good if manufactured by a reputable company, BUT, because Bill and myself experienced such relief (his case under a Dr.s observation, mine was not) I stuck with the product that I knew had worked.

THE CLINCHER: I was driving through Poland on my return from Ukraine and stayed overnight with a pastor and dear friend in Olesnica, Poland. I told him that night about my experience with the Watcher’s oral chelation. He was excited and told me one of his deacons was dying in the hospital with heart valves so badly blocked they would not even attempt surgery! His wife was a Dr. staying at his bedside. We sent three bottles of Dr. Wachter’s Formula D by air express. I told them I had big doubts it would work under such severe circumstances. BUT his wife reported that as soon as he started taking the formula that signs of his recovery started! Six months later the pastor emailed me and told me this deacon was home riding his bicycle and was recovered from his circulatory problem without surgery. These are true testimonies of the therapeutic good of Dr. Watcher’s Formula D. There are tablets in one bottle for one month. It takes three bottles and three months. BUT if you enter this program STICK WITH IT!! If you do, there is very strong evidence it will clear plaguing from your circulatory as it did for me, for Bill and the man in Olesnica, Poland. Don’t enter such a therapy for 5 days or two weeks and then quit and say it didn’t do anything for you. You MUST take the tabs faithfully as prescribed!

Natural vitamins and minerals costs a lot less than open heart surgery and prescription drugs. We recommend that you consult a health care professional or your family doctor before taking the nutrients above mentioned if you so wish.

INTEGRIS has many other highly researched natural products you should investigate by ordering their catalogue. Both of these companies (RBC and Integris) have provided products with corrective power which you would do well to look into, especially if the medical profession has not been able to help you. You can take any product by Integris or RBC to your physician for their approval. Products by these companies are highly endorsed by many in the medical profession.

The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion
to his commitment to excellence. Anon

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