Hell is Winning



Bill Burkett

The world you live in has more than 6,559,941,272 billion souls as of 9:40 am Wednesday November 29, 2006 and growing at 15 people per every six seconds. The Earth is swarming with humans by the millions that have not heard that Christ has redeemed them from sin and to a wonderful new life. The only way any of them will see the Kingdom of God and be saved from hell is if they make contact with the gospel and believe it accepting Christ as their redeemer. It is in every Christian’s power to give eternal life to the lost they come into contact with around them.

In India there are more than 300 sub-nations. It is estimated that there are 200 of these tribal peoples buried deep in the mountains of India who have never been reached with the gospel. Some Indian Christians are working in these areas trying to reach them for Jesus. Be sure these nationals are not wanting Jesus to return today. They want to reach these people and win many more of them to the Lord before He returns. There are 14 major languages and 1600 tribal languages now numbering over 1 billion in population, most of whom have never heard the sound of redeeming love.

It is estimated (because they keep finding more) that there are 16,750 hidden peoples (tribes) buried in primitive tribal cultures in the interiors of the world. They will never see heaven if the church does not rise up with a new Holy Ghost baptism causing it to plunge into the darkness of their lost state and tear and rip through the strange prison walls that hold them. We are the children of light and they wait for us as they sit in their darkness.

Hell is enlarging it’s mouth while we gorge at McDonald’s
Some Christians talk more to their dogs and cats and other pets than they do to God for the lost. Many professing Christians spend more money for animal care and dog food than they give to missions. Literally thousands of Christian missionaries are languishing for the funds to reach remote and un-evangelized areas in their nations for Christ while we who are so “blessed in the west” don’t give a tinker for these struggling heroes suffering on the front lines of evangelism. All we care about, really care about, are the good things we have and enjoy, about the great fellowship we have Sunday nights after the meeting. While the world goes to hell we gorge on Big Macs and make small talk without a single thought of the warfare – of the souls streaming into hell at thousand per hour.

In A.D. 33 when Jesus walked the earth it is estimated there were 250,000,000 people in the known world population.

In A.D. 1800 the world population had grown to reach the first 1 billion in population.

By 1930 the world population had reached 2 billion.

In 1960 there were three billion people over the face of the earth.

In 2002 the world population had gone beyond 6 billion people.
The law of increase in population is that the more people there are reproducing, the more births.

Note that it took 1800 years to reach 1 billion people on earth.
But there was an increase of 5 billion people in only 70 years between 1800 and 2002!

At this rate of population growth the world population will be 12 billion by 2010.

By 2014 – 2 years later, the population will be 14 billion – 2 billion in 2 years!

With the increase in population will come an increase in taxes, wars and crime. Sin and unbelief will be rampant everywhere and Christians will come under disfavor. The cry for a world leader will become stronger as the world governments become more complex and difficult to manage.

Human rights will be lost to control the masses with high technology surveillance and governing to bring order to chaotic societies.

In 1995 there was an International World Population Convention held in Cairo to discuss ways of controlling the population and birth rates. World leaders are becoming more and more alarmed about our planet becoming unable to support the world population with food as they look into the future … 14 billion population by 2014 – an increase of 7 billion in only 8 years!

BUT GOD is in charge and if world leaders would have faith in the word of God they would see that there is going to be a great reduction in world population during the seven year reign of the Antichrist. During his sadistic reign, which fortunately is only seven years, God’s judgments will be raining down on his head and his satraps!

At the sound of the sixth trumpet, what may be a mutant disease, will kill one third of the world’s population. Revelation 9:14. That means that more than two billion people will die from that judgment at today’s population figures! Follow the horse of death through the trumpets and vials of divine judgment in Revelation and you will find that there is a drastic reduction in the world population coming during the reign of the Antichrist. He will have major problems trying to rule over a world under constant judgment and interventions from diseases, solar disturbances and the acts of God’s continually present through that seven year period denying the Antichrist his claim of deity. Revelation 11:7-13. Antichrist will struggle to govern for only seven years over a terribly troubled world of gross sinners Revelation 11:10. under divine judgment.

God is in control and this planet shall never become overpopulated. The end of all things according to God’s plan of seven ages as laid out in Scripture will be kept and timed before there is an over-population. That is another indication that we are now close to the coming of Antichrist because the world population will soon reach a danger point in only a few years – -perhaps only a few decades at the most.

Taking the death stats from the United Nations we make the following calculations regarding the loss of human life in this day we live in, 2006. The figures will be higher if anything, but surely not lower than we use here to prove that hell is winning and the church doesn’t care.

Each year 81,993,600 souls leave this world and are taken into a Christless eternity.

Three souls plunge screaming into the belching mouth of hell every second !!
While you were reading this, about five minutes, 780 lost souls fell headlong into hell!
In the last three minutes 477 souls left this world bound for hell.
While we listen 10 minutes to the news 1,590 souls go into eternity without Jesus!
While we leisurely shop and snack on candy and popcorn 1 hour in the mall 9,540 souls lost to hell!
You like to fish? Six hours enjoying the quiet of splashing water while 67,960 souls went to hell.

While I was telling you these figures 780 souls went crying into hell.
This is how we should evaluate time – souls per minute. 156 dying souls a minute.

How are we spending our minutes?
The Devil gloats with glee at our indifference.
Do we care that hell is enlarging it’s mouth swallowing the lost faster than we can reach them?

According to the Israeli tourist bureau more than 300,000 Americans visited Israel in one year.

Americans, mostly Christians, spent more than 1 billion dollars feeding the Israel tourist industry.

These figures do not include Christians of other nations who also tour there by the thousands.

In a twelve day tour 2 million and 695 thousand and 680 souls went to hell because missionaries didn’t have the funds to reach into the interior regions to win the lost.

While the world goes to hell the church is going to Israel!

The church is simply not taking hell seriously.

74,850 souls slip through the veil of death each night as we sleep.
How can we be so adamant about abortion and other atrocious acts practiced by our society when we go through daily life for months without a single thought of the perishing souls taking their fateful leap into a blazing hell? How can we be so oblivious to our calling to save the world and then censure others?

Another 600 souls just went to hell while I was telling you this.

2,340 souls go to an eternal hell while you glance only 15 minutes at the paper.
4,680 souls went fearfully into eternity while you lay 30 minutes in the sun.

The hour we spend together over a food laden supper table laughing and enjoying God’s blessings 9,360 slipped silently into the darkness of eternity without Jesus.

Every minute we fritter in idle jesting 156 souls have passed into eternity.
What are we doing to stop the flow of lost souls going to hell?

We must stop dreaming about our own good fortune that we have the blessings of the Kingdom.
We MUST start thinking in terms of hell’s success.

You spent an hour picking out your clothes for the new season and in that hour 9,360 souls went to be clothed in the flames of hell and you give a fraction to missions you spent on your clothes – shame!!

Many Christians have fallen into the hands of Satan doing his bidding … NOTHING to save the lost!

Every minute we spend primping in front of a mirror 156 souls are dropping like lumps of lead into the flames of hell.

3 souls a second.
9 souls every three seconds.
30 souls every 10 seconds!
And the big question is, what am I doing about it?

If you would like to do something about it then let me tell you how to get started.
Order a rubber stamp with the words, 156 souls a minute on it in CAPITOL LETTERS.
Buy some pressure sensitive stickers and stamp each of them, 156 A MINUTE.
Now you’re ready for action !!
Stick one by the mirror, another by the magazine rack and another by that TV. In fact, stick several on the TV – in fact just stick them all over the screen until nobody can watch it. Stick a couple in the car where they can be seen.
Put one on the tackle box and the fishing rod.
Stick several near the computer.
Stick several on the golf bag and one on each club.
Surely your friends will ask what the stickers mean … 156 a minute?
That’s your chance to win them with the fact about dying without Christ.
Stick them around the house so we can remember the war we have with hell.

Oh, how we need help !!
Pastors, Christians, churches as a whole – are we backing the men who are leaving home and it’s comforts to meet the enemy on the front lines of evangelism? The single greatest need of the end-time missionary are committed backers who will pray and give in support of their work. As I write these lines I am under horrific pressure to accomplish vital projects to help the church in Russia and evangelize there. Poor Chinese students need help, many invitations in different quarters of inland China are beckoning to me – opportunities to teach the holy life constantly coming but no way to pay the cost of going. Brazil, Russia and China are calling and I am helpless. This is not only my situation but literally hundreds and thousands of needs by very genuine people who are effective in snatching lost souls from the flames of hell.

Hell may be winning against some Christians but some of us will not be deterred! A man once asked me where I was a missionary to? At the time I was working several projects in several countries and I said half seriously, I guess I am a missionary to everywhere. He looked at me and snarled, “Oh, you’re going to save the whole world all by yourself, huh?” I was a little startled at first by his attitude because it was at a missions convention and he was a total stranger to me. I said to him in a rather subdued voice, “No, because I know we need each other.” Then I raised my voice and gave him a hard penetrating look and said, “But I’m going to try!” I discovered later that he was a washed out missionary sent home from the field a failure.

Are we humanizing the gospel? It is immediately asked how can that be? How? by simply exploiting prophecy and those scriptures that tell of His return in such a way and for such motives that are self serving. How it must tear at the great heart of God to hear the prayers of so many Christians today; “Oh Lord, we believe in your promise to take us out of this wicked world.” Then we sing, Jesus may come in the morning, Jesus may come at noooooo-ooo-ooon … We must ask ourselves if we have our spiritual priorities in the right order? Scripture has them? In China alone there are more than 1 billion 300 million precious souls. Millions of them have never heard the gospel once. Would you rather have the Lord come right now and take you to heaven, or would you rather He tarry for some years until millions more can hear and receive eternal life. When we think and talk and sing about the lord’s return are we thinking of ourselves or are we thinking about the lost who have never heard? “Oh Lord, I am so homesick for heaven. Even so Lord Jesus, come! and let China and the rest of the world go to hell!”

I am quite aware that Scripture says, Even so, come Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20. But every Scripture must be understood in the light of other Scriptures and Peter said, The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9. The, Even so, come Lord Jesus was spoken by John as he ended the revelation given him by the Spirit of the end time. It is not a plea for the Lord to come and cut the time short, but rather stating the fact of His coming and that when that time comes it will be quick. Peter’s statement puts the right balance to the idea of the Lord’s return. We have the task of bringing the world to the Master’s feet and that task must be finished before the Lord returns.



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