Good Man Bad Spirit

A GOOD MAN . . .
but he had a Bad Spirit

By Bill burkett

The story about the two sons Luke records makes the point that what happens when we are being tested is a very serious moment to prove to us our true loyalty to Christ. Just normal life conditions around us will try us and prove what lurks inside many Christian hearts. There is a saying that, You can fool some the of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Sometimes things on the inside don’t come out until we are challenged by some provoking developments around us. That is the moment of our testing. We have a very good impression of this older brother all through the story until … his younger brother returned home destitute and begging his Father’s forgiveness for his disobedience. When his brother returned home to do the right thing the older brother hit the ceiling! About every kind of foul spirit you can imagine suddenly started pouring out of his life.

When I was a young man a very pious elder and board member in my home church was esteemed by everyone as a model Christian with an exemplary family life and as a student of the word. He always carried his Bible in a very special way, as if he was hugging it. He was loved and respected by all. He was also a very good speaker and worked hard to provide for his family. You could not put your finger on this brother’s life anywhere. I came home after I had finished Bible college and the pastor asked me to be his assistant. It was announced to the church and a few days later I came to the church to start my days work. As I stepped inside the foyer of the church and started walking through the empty auditorium I heard someone shouting angrily. My pastor, brother Auldine, was a quiet man and I knew it wasn’t him shouting like that. I started for the pastor’s office and soon discovered the shouting was coming from his office. It was not his voice but the pious deacon shouting at the pastor at the top of his voice demanding to know why I was appointed as assistant pastor and why he was not. I heard something banging again and again while he was yelling his demands at the pastor. He was slamming his Bible on the pastor’s desk as he shouted out one accusation after another against me and the pastor. The only reason I remained at the pastor’s door was because the man’s voice was so hostile I feared for the pastor’s safety! When his tirade ended I slipped away and to this day only my pastor knew that I was standing outside and heard everything. The incident was never mentioned by either of us to anyone. But from that day on the blessing left that brother – a good brother, but a bad spirit. It took my return to my home church to bring out what was actually in that brother’s heart. Neither the pastor or myself ever mentioned the incident to anyone, but we both witnessed the decline of that life as he turned into an angry and broken man within a few years. Brother Auldine and that brother have both passed on to their eternal reward and this is the first time I have told this story since it happened many years ago.

The true life story of the prodigal (riotous; Gr.sotos, unrestrained, indulgent lifestyle)) son and his brother, recorded in Like 15 is loaded with beautiful facets of truth we can be helped by in our everyday practical life experience as God’s children. We have two kinds of Christians represented in the two brothers; the younger prodigal was a bad brother who came to his senses with a good spirit and the older brother was a good brother who lost his senses and proved to possess a bad spirit. We must always be alert to spirits of envy and anger. In the end the bad brother repented but the good brother never did. In the end the bad brother became the good brother and the good brother turned into a bad brother. It’s the way life ends that is important sometimes. It’s not worth losing the crown.

  1. Reena Reply
    Kevin asked “what must a pastor do reanasobly well to be a good pastor?”A while back, I started to notice that some of what I thought was “truth”from the Word of God was actually “traditions of men” “hand-me-down religion,”that makes the Word of God of non effect. ( Mark 7:6-13 ) I started to notice that what I was taught about **today’s**“Pastors/Leaders,” wasn’t lining up with what was found in scripture. For starters When searching for what a “Pastor/Leader” does **Today** in the Bible,I had a very rude awakening. I found NO Pastors in Pulpits Preaching to People in Pews. When folks came together, every one has a psalm, has a doctrine, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. 1 Cor 14:26. Every one can and is expected to participate. Today we have pew potatoes.NO “disciple of Christ” “calling” another brethren Pastor, or “My” Pastor.NO “disciple of Christ” “calling” them self Pastor or Leader. ”ALL” disciples called themselves “Servants of Christ.” Hmmm?NO “disciple of Christ” having the “Title”or “Position” “Pastor/Leader.” Today that “Title” is written on Diploma's on walls, business cards, office doors, Sunday morning bulletin, street signs, and more. And everyone knows who the “Pastor/Leader” is. Why? Jesus, humbled Himself, made Himself of NO reputation, . took on the form of a “Servant.” Could that “Title” be an “Idol?”NO “disciple of Christ” “Exercising Authority” over another believer. I was taught; You submit to me, NOW, your “God Ordained Authority,” And, one day, when you’re a Pastor, people will submit to you. . Power. Profit, and Prestige, is highly esteemed among men. Guilty. Oy Vey!NO Pastors, separating themselves from the body, as “Clergy-class.”NO Pastors counseling anyone.NO Pastors marrying anyone.NO Pastors burying anyone.NO Pastors visiting the sick.NO Pastors wearing special clothes.NO Pastors going from one congregation to another. What’s up with that? Elders, plural, matured within the group, when, if, appointed, they were known. Pastor, Paid, Professional, is hired, NOT known. And the list goes on You could probably think of a few yourself.IMO Not of much of what we see **Today,** with “Pastors/leaders,”has any reference in scripture.Are there any congregations “Led” by a “Pastor” in the Bible?Seems it’s mostly “hand-me-down religion.”Seems “The Traditions of Men” are “mighty” in power to distract and deceive.Jesus warned us about making “the word of God”of non effect through our traditions; Yes?Mark 7:13 KJV Making the word of God of “none effect” through your tradition Mark 7:13 ASV Making “void” the word of God by your tradition Mark 7:13 NIV Thus you “nullify” the word of God by your tradition “We do not just seek what is, but rather what should be.”Of course, these thoughts, NOT new to me, got a lot of believers thrown in prison.Some paid with their life.History declares “Christiandumb” is often a bloody sport. Especially When you challenge the “Traditions and Doctrines of men” in power.Especially When those with “Titles” and “Position” see their “Power, Profit, and Prestige,being questioned and diminished by those who “want to be “Led” by the Spirit,by those who are challenged **to follow Jesus.**Be blessed in your search for Truth Jesus.

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