God is Out


By Bill Burkett

All through recent years there have been student and schoolhouse shooting with students killing students and teachers on high school campuses. One state recently passed a law allowing police to patrol the high school campuses with automatic weapons. We are fighting a war on our high school campuses! Another school district is authorizing their teachers to carry guns on their person while in the classroom. What a tragic state our schools are in when guns become necessary for a teacher to defend his/her self from violent demented kids. The answer is simple; restore character training! We took the Bible out of the classroom and now our teachers have to carry guns into the classroom instead to protect themselves from their students. The Bible was put out and sex education came in with violence. We have some splendid idiots guiding our national educational programs. Fifty years ago when I attended high school we as students NEVER had even a thought about harming our teachers. But in those days we had Bible and prayer in the schools. Over the screams of denial by the freethinkers and humanists these are the simple facts. We took the Bible out of the school environment and in one generation the minds of many kids have become so twisted by rock and “liberation” theories brought on by the new morality that violence has replaced prayer in the classroom.

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