God Has Only One Bible

God has only one Bible

Perversions are translated from scores of Greek manuscripts discovered in recent years. One such codex was found in a trash can at a monastery apparently deemed worthless. The theological professionals rescued it from the trash can and apparently declared it to be a trustworthy MS because of its age rather than it’s content. Their ridiculous theory is that the older the MS the closer it is to the original. I am amazed at the stupidity of intellectuals! It is a well known historical fact that there were about 900 false epistles floating around in the early church that were fraudulent signed in the name of one of the apostle’s. There were hundreds of scrolls and parchments in the early church also that were copies of copies and badly written with many errors. Even the copies of Scriptures being made by the monks in the monasteries were often corrupted with many errors. The result is that many of the manuscripts now being discovered are badly corrupted even though they are very old. Also, these manuscripts never agree because of their many errors but these “authorities” declare them to be very valuable because they are older and closer to the original. This is splendid idiocy and they continue to declare this knowing it not to be the fact.

You can do three easy things to prove everything I will be explaining to you in this TRUTH ALERT, that there is more factual evidence to prove that the Greek text the Authorized Version was translated from in 1611 by the finest large group of translators organized into three clusters, to be more credible than modern translations.

(1) Make a search on the Internet for KJV and read the mountains of evidence establishing the purity of the Majority Greek text and other fact about how it was translated. (2) Read the book, Final Authority, by William P. Grady – 400 pages of well documented facts giving every detail of how great men brought us the first English Bible up to the present day. You won’t want to stop reading this book! (3) Read the book, The Byzantine Text-Type & New Testament Textual Criticism by Harry A. Sturz of Grace Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana, Thomas Nelson Publishers. George D. Patrick, former professor of New Testament, Oxford University said after reading Sturz’ book wrote on the dust cover, “The Byzantine text . . . going back to the second century could very well be original.” This means the Byzantine text used by the KJV translators could be much older than the corrupted Greek texts the translators use. Let me urge every preacher reading these lines to read William Grady’s, Final Authority if you haven’t already.

There are many motives among translators and publishers for creating new translations from money to fame. The result on the church: Confusion and doubt. To paraphrase the inspired and providentially preserved Greek text is one thing. The secularly minded have replaced faith with humanistic science creating new “bibles” – all of them differing with little messages leaving out whole verses saying, “This verse is not found in the oldest MSS.” 90% of Christians do not realize that the translations are based on corrupted Greek parchments. Translators will also lie about the Authorized Version in order to put down this still popular literal English translation in order to make people believe in their modern language bible as superior to the KJV.

For example; the preface to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible states: “Yet the King James Version has grave defects. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the development of Biblical studies and the discovery of many manuscripts more ancient than those upon which the King James Version was based, made it manifest that these defects are so many and so serious as to call for revision of the English translation.” This statement is full of misleading falsehoods. (1) This man is comparing the majority Greek text with the new corrupt manuscripts. It is to compare Christ with a false prophet and place more authority in the false prophet because he is older than Jesus. I might add that the Jesus of the gospels was a very young man when he was baffling the doctors of the law in His day. Thousands of corrupted MSS have been copied from copies of copies as far back as the first century! Most all of them were corrupted or incorrect. (2) Which brings us to the fact that the majority Greek text our English KJV was translated from was a collection of a large number of ancient Greek texts that agreed with each other in wording, where the Greek texts of the translators are ridden with different wording. In other words, they are corrupted! (3) That Harry Sturz’s book, The Byzantine Text and Textual Criticism, mentioned above proves that the writing form of the manuscripts in the majority text from which God’s English Bible was translated are very ancient and could even be originals! This is verified by a professor of Cambridge University. Apparently the science minded translators do not want to either review these facts or make these facts known even though they are well known in academia. These theologians loan their credentials to the publishers to make the sales of the new translation more credible and then hope the truth does not become common knowledge to Christians and pastors before they can make their profit on adding yet another “bible” to the long list of bibles translated from corrupted Greek texts. If the bible translators and the publisher’s of their bibles would present all of the facts about corrupted MSS they use as well as the facts concerning the Greek majority text used by the translators in 1611 that would be the intellectually honest to do. But they are not and often peddle lies all for the holy buck and notoriety.

Jesus quoted from the books of Moses, 1484 years after Moses.
Jesus quoted the prophets, 743 years after Isaiah.
Jesus quoted the Psalms, 488 years after the last Psalm was written.

God must be slipping. Jesus quoted from the preserved Hebrew text 1484 after Moses. This means that Jesus put complete faith in God’s Word as perfectly preserved and inspired verbally for 1484 years after Moses wrote the original words He quoted. But according to the modern translators God is powerless to preserve the Scriptures, THE FINAL AUTHORITY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH. As for me, God is NOT slipping. He still preserves His word as it was given that the man of God may be perfect and furnished unto all good works.

How could Peter and Paul adjure us to live and die by the Scriptures and imply that pure doctrine was essential to the preparing of the Bride for the coming of the Bridegroom if He could not preserve His Word and insure us that not one jot or tittle pass away until all be fulfilled if He was not able to preserve it and keep it in tact for us?

If you hold a translation that is compiled from corrupted “ancient MSS” by scholars who base their authority on science and then lie about the Greek translation that God providentially preserved motivated by gain with their little notes in it that create doubts and confusion in the minds of God’s children – get rid of it! Get a copy of the King James Version that is translated from the purest Greek text that exists. Forget about easy reading! Thank God He has preserved it word for word in a literal translation. Yes, there has been some evolution of the English language but just get a copy of Webster’s KJV with the English language updated preserving the Victorian English and the pure Greek text. That is what is important and the Bible software programs, several good ones are free, and make it easy to read the original Greek in English. Own a Bible that is translated from the pure Greek text that you can research with confidence when you go to the Greek text – a child can use them and learn. It is that Greek text it is translated from that is of supreme importance that no modern translation has.

I hope that those who read these lines are helped by understanding that these simple but easily documented facts are important and very basic principles that establish this fact; that God Has Only One Bible. Now you know the difference between God’s version and the perversions of the Word of God.

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