By Bill Burkett

Fundamentalism not a part of the problem: Fundamentalism is the answer to our social ills and not a part of the problem. Fundamental Evangelicals are seen by many in the political world as having beliefs that will not fit into the New World Order in this millennium. Cults are those religious groups that exist outside the pure doctrine of the apostles teaching. The proper definition of a cultist can be found in any good dictionary; A cult is a religion considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. This is the proper definition. For a religion to be false you must first establish the true. The Bible reveals God’s will for man and presents to the world the highest moral of any religion as reflected in the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross dying as our substitute to satisfy the demands of perfect justice (and not an arbitrary decree of God apart from justice!). It was not God who demanded the blood sacrifice but the principles of perfect justice that always requires a penalty equal to the violation of moral law. In this case it was rebellion against the creator calling for the extreme penalty of extinction. Jesus emptied Himself into a human body (kenosis) in order to be one of us, identify with us and then take the penalty the law demanded in our stead. This was the greatest display of sacrificial substitutionary love ever displayed! Intellectuals do not want to know the truth of this great principle known as the vicarious death of Christ.

The tactic of making fundamentalists look ignorant by intellectuals and politicians only indicates their own degree of ignorance of the intelligent love that is revealed in the cross. It is the shallow theology of all who believe in a sub-culture morality, to depart from the established authority and replace traditional values with their own agenda. These people classify all Bible believing Christians as an undesirable cult while believing in abortion and making homosexuals respectable members of society with the right to adopt children. But we would remind this amoral bunch or world lovers that if everyone in America was a fundamental Bible believing Christian their job as legislators and life in general for everyone would be a lot easier and the government would not have to be adding thousands of police to the streets; nor would they have to worry about the drug trafficking from Burma and Mexico! Seeing These people in high places have taken it upon themselves to smear Bible believing Christians in news releases, speeches and in entertainment then it would seem we certainly have a right to defend ourselves against such vicious attacks and expose their ignorance of the truth. I want to speak in behalf of the Bible believing Christians in my fellowship and declare to all that; Its not our fundamental Bible-believing kids from our churches running in gangs, robbing convenience stores and doing drugs. Its not the Christian kids who receive home schooling that are having abortions and spreading AIDS. Most of our people do believe in preserving our constitutional right to have and bear arms and have them in their homes for protection; But, Ms. Reno, check the stats and see how many of the gun slingers are active church members of fundamental Churches. Its not the kids who go to Bible studies doing the drive-by killings, or joining gangs. Nor do their parents use guns wrongly. Check the statistics! Who is it that’s shooting up school yards and committing youth crimes? Fundamentalists? Its certainly NOT faithful church attending Bible believing, home schooling, tithe paying fundamentalists who believe in the second coming of Christ. Its not our kids having abortions, attending wild parties or pulled over for drunk driving! Intellectuals and One Worlders should get their heads out of the sand and thank God every day that there is such an element of good moral living in America. The fundamentalists are the salt of the earth and probably the only thing that has held off the wrath of God from sending judgment on the world long before now – but it is coming soon!

Its not Bible Christians who drive up the crime stats but to the contrary, crime and violence are lowest among fundamental Christians than any other segment of society! Instead of knocking fundamental Christians intellectuals and politicians should be wishing to God that every American was just like those Bible believing people who live good clean lives, give their tithes to support churches that build character, home school their children and believe in the second coming of Christ. It makes one wonder if men of the world really want to see America ridden of crime or if they have a secret wish to rid America of Christians. Isaiah spoke of such a national condition when he said, Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20.

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