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A Biblical Defense of Authentic Christianity 


But, from the fall of man in the garden of Eden God’s redemptive plan of  a new beginning for man was to bring moral transformation of the inner man through faith in God’s Lamb in the Church age.

R. D. Rusk, in his book, Moral Transformation: The Original Christian Paradigm of Salvation, covers the history of the church from its beginning to the present taking us through the centuries of the church’s cultural environments, the reformation and post reformation influences up to the present and how those cultural influences have affected the church as it passed through centuries of history. His objective is to bring the reader to the realization that the original message of biblical doctrine is the moral transformation of the believer in Christ. I have been making this point for decades. Our calling to holiness is in one word our calling to embrace the moral transformation experience as the original message of authentic Christianity as taught by Jesus and the apostles. Classic Christian Culture Commentary (CCCC) is committed to this fact as the grand and supreme paradigm of the true and original message of the gospel the church must get back to! Every subject addressed by God, the Patriarchs, Prophets, Christ and his apostle’s is dealing with the morals of a people in their day and how people and nations relate to the moral law of God. The singular theme of Jesus and the early church according to the New Testament record was and is moral transformation. 

The format of this commentary started with reading a very old and small book entitled, Daily Holiness Textbook (DHT) by Pepper Thompson, back in the seventies that Jack Rettinger shared with me from his library when he was pastor the of Assembly of God church in Tucson, Arizona. Some years later when I had to write my dissertation I decided to use the format of this little book and add my material to his notes which was many times more than was in the little DHT book. Now, after getting this book up on line I will start adding many times the material that it now has in it. At first it was a doctrinal commentary on the moral perfection of man of more than eight hundred pages. I also added a Greek and Hebrew Lexical Analysis of the words used in the Text, divided the Old and New Testaments, included chapter content, a bibliography, a large Study Reference Index listing all subjects touched on inside the text for your search convenience.

Paragraphs beginning with quotation marks will be Pepper Thompson’s original text I left in so that his message continues to live that was in his book. Though brother Thompson has been gone for many years his love holy behavior and his message to keep the early church before the church of his day was very true. The church of Acts has never ceased to be throughout the church age! I am honored to be able to hand these truths on to the next generation along with my studies.

The moral excellence of God and the moral perfection of man was the original theme of the Practical Holiness Commentary (PHC) written first in 1986 with a strong emphasis on Christian dualism, a chief doctrine of the New Testament taught by Jesus and the apostle’s but lost in the second century by the over reactions to Gnosticism in the time of Augustine, A.D.354-430, and later by Luther. Augustine is known by some theologians as the father of Christian doctrine. His doctrinal inventions included celibacy of the priesthood, purgatory, predestination and infant baptism. Much of his theology was not to be trusted. For a man to have these errors in his doctrine disqualifies him to be considered a doctrinaire of truism that can be trusted. He may have committed some heroic acts in the reformation period but if any man deserves veneration his doctrine and character must also align with the Word of God. Augustine and Luther reacted bitterly against the errors of Gnostic dualism and unfortunately labeled all dualism as false doctrine instead of making a distinction between scriptural and unscriptural dualism, the one being supremely biblical and one being supremely erroneous. Unfortunately they turned the church away from biblical dualism which is a vital and voluminous doctrine of the New Testament and also aligned with the Old Testament as well.

Perfecting personal holiness is the redeeming occupation of the Christian and the ultimate plan of God for redeemed souls. The efficacy of the cross is to restore man into fellowship with his creator through the power and grace of the cross. All other endeavors such as evangelism in its many forms and branch efforts to achieve reaching the world with Jesus’ redeeming power must have the undergirding of a moral transformation in those who represent the Lord.

As soon as we get the new web site up and running, and that’s now if you are reading these lines on site, we will start adding large volumes of my notes and sermon material from over sixty years of literally stacks of notes, hundreds of sermon outlines, study charts and audio messages. If the Lord tarries and I go home before He returns, I want to leave something behind that will keep on living and preaching after I am gone

  Bill Burkett     

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