Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.  Revelation 3:17-18



Come and go with us on a long journey from the heart of God to the very edge of holiness; so far flung from the joys of the holy life that we no more feel the gravity, the pull of the Spirit disciplined life; so far out in orbit that we are experiencing the freedom of a planet broken loose from the laws of it’s sun, streaking through the limitless space of uninhibited freedom . . .until suddenly we find our ungoverned path is hurling us through space on a collision course with a gigantic planet. What we thought to be freedom was a path of helpless destruction. Too much freedom is no freedom at all! Freedom in the flesh leads to becoming a pock on the surface of some moon.

Liberalism promises freedom from being regulated by God’s laws. It is an evil premise, the theory of human intelligence and not the illumination of Scripture of the Spirit that creates such concepts. It is to use some small portion of God’s Word to license your lust, to justify your degeneracy.

(7) And . . . Paul preached unto them, . . .and continued his speech until midnight. (8) And there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together. (9) And there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus.

Eutychus’s name in Greek means fortunate or blessed with good fortune. Holiness was the chief characteristic of the original church and the theme of the apostles teaching. But here we are at the end of the church age and only a remnant of Christians remain holding this original faith of the apostles. When you have traveled the world as I have and find whole nations where there is not a single church teaching the holiness message nor concerned about the principles of godliness, you would be thankful for the holiness movement here in United States! The holiness fellowship, in spite of it’s imperfections, is the gospel of the apostles. It is the original gospel and should be revered and appreciated in a day when apostates within the church and godless men without the church are increasing. We are indeed “fortunate” and blessed having this great heritage of original Christianity, the faith of the apostles which we see in the Word of God.

Thank God for His preserved Word! By it we can prove all things and know that holiness is the true Christian experience. Those who have been attracted to the new contemporary thinking have lost the joy and beauty of holiness.

Three Questions:
(1) How could a modern Christian fall away and accept a charismatic gospel when they have the Word of God in their hands? Is it not apparent to them that many things the apostates taught are not being taught by their pastors and teachers?

Let me ask you an even harder question, (2) How could a man fall to sleep with the apostle Paul preaching to him?

But here is an even harder question directed at professing holiness people: (3) How could a professing holiness Christian be attracted to the flashy and stylish things of the world while professing holiness?

Eutychus Gives Us The Answer – How has the church moved from the power of “preaching” the gospel to entertainment, dancing, Christian rock festivals with bizarre rock groups, crossover songs, clowns and body builders? It all started with inclinations, leanings and experimenting with compromise to see how much of the world we could incorporate into the pure Biblical message and still have the good feelings. It went on unchecked until it became the accepted thing. Of course there are always some who raise their voice in protest but they are quelled by the powerful and more influential men of the movement . . . and then these dissenters are usually older and will soon die off. If not they are ostracized, barred from favor so the show can go on until God Himself draws the curtain on the final act.

How have we become so removed from the original and so oblivious to “what is written?” How is it we have fallen from the “third loft” into this state of worldliness and rebellion against disciplines of the spiritual life of a true disciple? How is it we can invent a whole new gospel and silence those who dare to preach the Biblical message of holiness as the apostles taught it? This story about Eutychus (Acts 20:8-12) gives us a pretty good idea of what is happening to many in the holiness churches today.

being fallen into a deep sleep: and as Paul was preaching, he slunk down with sleep, and fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead.

We insist on living on the edge . . .just as close to the edge as possible.

We don’t really know the circumstances as to why Eytychus sat in the window, but he sure does give us a tremendous object lesson on the dangers of living on the edge.

We have taken on just a little bit of the world so that when we are with the world they will accept us. We have kept enough of the Biblical standards in our lives so that when we are with the brethren they cannot fault us, and if they do, they are being “picky.” But you must understand that the judgment of the elders and the alarm that is felt by compromise is an essential “built-in” quality that preserves the body of Christ from becoming corrupted. It is important what the brethren think and that they show alarm when someone starts violating principles and standards of separation. This reaction of the body and the elders against change that leans away from Biblical principles is a part of the immune system built into the body of Christ. What others think about my compromise does matter and is important!

There are always those who want to live on the edge and just try to see how far they can go into the world and yet remain accepted by the church.

It seems that the biggest problem area with those living on the edge is in their battle with externals, with the flash and fashion of the world.

Those who live on the edge would not think of wearing a short dress but they will wear a tight dress that is immodest.

They wouldn’t wear a short skirt but they will wear a split skirt with the underclothing showing.

They wouldn’t wear eye shadow but they pluck their eyebrows.

Cosmetologists tell us that the most powerful features on the front of the body are to be emphasized in the art of cosmetics and to be used in mating between a boy and a girl. The eyes are one of the most erotic centers of attraction. When holiness girls who have had wrong influence of some kind want to glamorize and move out to the edge of holiness, but they still want to remain in – that is they’re neither in nor out – they will not paint the eyes but they will pluck or shave the eye brows as they move more and more precariously toward the very edge of holiness teaching, yearning more and more for the glamour and the beauty of the world.

They wouldn’t be seen with bright red fingernail polish but they will wear the clear or silver translucent fingernail polish. It starts with clear fingernail polish while they’re still sitting in the holiness pew. The clear fingernail polish turns into the silver and then it’s a light pink and then it gets pinker and pinker and pinker until the pink becomes red. There are some who are reading these lines who say, it will never happen, I wouldn’t do that. It has happened and is happening every day to thousands.

He wouldn’t let his hair hang down over his ears but he’ll cut his burns off and leave his temples shiny, “after all they can’t say anything if I have less hair than they do.”

We could advise these people who are migrating toward the edge of holiness that they’re moving in a wrong direction but it wouldn’t do much good. What will do good is if God tells them about them about the edge. That can happen if we open our altars again to consecration. We had better open up our altars to the sanctifying powers of God and get our young people down to make full commitments instead of bragging them up when their worldly and living like the devil. If they can play video games on the computer then they’re smart enough (if they want to) to understand what ego is and how to find that precious death in Christ where all the affections of the flesh are put to death and die with Him in the agonies of the cross.

Instead of criticizing John Wesley we had better take a bit of his advise and get our people who have been saved back down to the altars for a life changing, nature purging sanctification experience!

The experience of repenting of sin and being saved is plentiful in our churches, but we have lost the message of sanctification. The message that teaches us to surrender all of the affections of the flesh and its affinities for the world over to the crucifying powers of the Holy Ghost, to remain at the altars of sanctification and press deep into God until all of our loves, all of our affections, all of our desires are for holy and for pure things that please God and He becomes all and in all.

Oh God, let us fall in love with the altars and with that special sanctifying presence that is there waiting for us. Oh Lord, bring us back to the altars of sanctification. Just one touch of your sanctifying love and power will change our affections, change our lives, our values and our eternal destiny.

We’ve made the young people in the church feel like they are to be treated special, a part of the church that needs special attention. We have set them apart as being spiritual illiterates not capable of appreciating “adult” Bible studies. Well, whoop-dee-do! Can you show me in the Scripture where young people are to be treated any different than adults. To the contrary, the younger a person is the more energy and strength they have to serve the Lord and make sacrifices for the Kingdom of God. Paul told Timothy that as a young man he was to Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

The real problem is not going to be corrected with legislating what is right and what these people living on the edge of holiness should do. For if we should do that in the age we live in, we would be spending all of our time regulating Christian’s lives. We are living in the time of the positive gospel and the permissive free spirit that indulges in the amoral and then pleads innocent of being immoral. No, preaching truth with authority is not accepted by the modern Christian mentality. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. These people are living on the edge of holiness because they are leaning toward the edge and not toward the heart of God. If they were leaning toward God they would be finding everything they could to do that would please God. Most of modern Christians are not employed at pleasing God, they are employed at seeing how much of the world they can have and still feel saved; how much freedom they can give to the flesh and still speak with tongues.

Speaking of lifestyles; there are two very distinct lifestyles dictated in the world and in the Scripture. If you are living one then it will be in conspicuous contrast with the other. To mix the world’s values with the Word’s values and try and have both always ends up in compromise and being poor examples to those who watch you. Tone it down brethren, you can look distinguished and well dressed without being mod, stylish or flashy.

The young men turn to stylish suits and jackets, modern and expensive clothing with all the pleats and padding and contemporary color. A buck is prouder than a doe. They adorn themselves as well as the young ladies. When they go to the barber they have the barber cut their hair lines according to the most recent style, which are usually dictated by the punks. Of course, they don’t go to all the extremes. They won’t let their hair grow over their ears because they know that’s contrary to biblical holiness teaching, nor will they color their hair green or purple. But they will cover their bodies well with the latest styles and expensive fashion clothing. They will look mod without being immodest. They just, for some reason, won’t move toward Biblical perfection but toward the edge.

Let us say again, emphatically, there is no sense in trying to tell young men that it is better to dress in the classic style and to keep their hair growing within the natural hair lines, because then all you’re doing is adding more “legislation” to the life of holiness. It would do no good to try and tell them they are putting on an image that is closer to the mod and the swinger than it is to Biblical principles. I know a church in Northern Arkansas where every young person walks into the church dressed in a clean godly appearance. The boys are all dressed in suits with ties and look like young gentlemen It’s no use trying to explain to them that they should really pray and ask God to give them a taste for what is acceptable to Him. No, because anything you say against their flare for fashion is just going to be another blow for them to deal with. They’ll go out of the meeting saying, “Can’t we do anything right or enjoy life a little without it being wrong?!?” No, it’s no use saying anything because they are looking toward the edge and have affections for the things of the world. Those who love the things of the world more than they want to please God are not going to be taught, so you might as well save your breath and pray for them.

In many of our holiness churches we will have a group of teen “edgers” who gather together in clusters during church. They wouldn’t think of missing church but they sit in the back and never get in. We’re supposed to just be glad they’re in church and then let them talk and being doing things among themselves all through the service distracting the preacher. They are living on the edge and sitting in the back of the church while their parents never do a thing to stop it.

He wouldn’t wear a short sleeved shirt but he’ll wear a sweat sack with the Dallas Cowboys splattered across the front or some other slogan or advertisement that does not reflect carefulness and wisdom. Like the young minister of music who didn’t believe in Christian rock but wore a T-shirt with a rock illustration on it. Neither in nor out – but asleep and falling in the wrong direction, leaning in the wrong direction.

She wouldn’t cut her hair but she puts enough style into it that would make any soap opera star envious. She keeps it long but kinked, curled and styled.

She wouldn’t die her hair red or wear bangs but tease it and pomp it up until the worldly men look with pleasure and worldly women compliment her. Neither in nor out, leaning toward the outside, inclined toward those things that are vain and worldly. No real decision to fall out the window but doing those things that end up in that direction if you should ever go through a little trial and lose your spiritual balance.

She wouldn’t wear a string of pearls but she’ll wear a hair clip with pearls on it.

She wouldn’t wear lipstick but she smears the shiny chaptstick on her lips to give an appearance as the next thing to it. She does this when she’s around the worldly crowd especially. She blends into the worldly crowd and then goes to church a fits in there as acceptable.

No! No! we know what is right and wrong and worldly and would never wear or do or say certain things. But there are a few little substitutes that surely won’t send me to hell. No, but keep leaning that way, toward little questionable things that will condition you to start liking some of the things that are against your convictions (and don’t forget we are to regard the convictions of others too), and you become slowly corrupted to the point you will not be good enough to make it into heaven. Little by little by increments we move toward the edge and getting sleepy.

A thing doesn’t have to be bad enough to send you to hell but just make you not good enough for heaven.

When a young lady starts experimenting with cosmetics and sensual beauty, and then begins to notice that she’s noticed, her personality changes. She become pseudo, giddy and artificial in her mannerism. She is no longer real. I wish liberal preachers would stop saying these things are just small and unimportant. There’s not a psychologist, a behaviorologist or a cosmetologist that is not able to tell you how far reaching and complex are the effects of cosmetics on the personality and character upon individuals and society as well as society as a whole. It makes the man of God sound stupid to deny the deep psychological and behavioral abnormalities caused by altering the natural appearance.

Living In The Gray Zone – Between pure white and solid black. There are a thousand shades of gray but there is only one white. Tolerate an off white that you see isn’t drawing any fire, then move on to the next shade of gray until you’re in the dark gray zones. If someone says anything to warn you, you can tell them you’re not living in the black area and that they’re being picky. But they see how many shades of gray you’ve already moved through and that you keep moving closer and closer toward that black end of religion. Some of us know when someone is moving toward the edge – we’ve seen many fall off when they got to it . . .and tragically they often pull someone else with them as they go over the edge.

Get close to the Word, just as close as you can get! There’s one thing that’s real sure about being at the feet of Paul, right up front, as close to the Word as you can get without getting up on the preachers shoulders . . .you can’t fall out of the window sitting at the feet of the apostles so close you may have to wipe a little spittle from your face.

The dangerous thing about the cross-over holiness look is that it makes us acceptable to liberal environments. Then they are asking us to take part among them, we start affiliating and before you know it we are fraternizing with them and talking their language being very careful to preach their gospel to them. At that point you have fallen asleep and falling out a window you had no intentions of falling out of when you climbed up onto the sill.

Many holiness churches have many teen edgers
No, they don’t want to go all of the way . . .just far enough they are still accepted on either side of the window they’re sitting in. You know, something that is so small and harmless that the preacher or the saints wouldn’t dare mention because if they do, then they can be accused of being “picky” about just small things that don’t really matter.

It’s not the fact of the kind of wrong friends your running with or the kind of things you wear, or the new words or attitudes that you are suddenly drawn to; no, it’s not that so much but the fact that something inside of you is happening to make you think in such a way that you would do them.

When a Christian is neither in nor out or start showing a fancy for fashion that is contrary to what the normal consensus of the holiness fellowship practices, it indicates a leaning away from dedication to the Lord, a leaning away from living to please Him and to live by the Spirit of the Bible.

It is this “leaning” toward the things of the world that bothers the strong and the godly that have a firm commitment to a pure sweet holiness of resolve.

Being neither in nor out shows a lack of definite conviction.

To lean toward something is something admired. It is something you are inclined toward. It is something you support by opinion.

He or she who leans toward worldliness (mind you, not all the way back into the world but just leaning in that direction) reveals a definite tendency that has just not yet matured to the point of decision . . . but it’s only a matter of time . . . unless you get out of the window push through the crowd and take a seat up front at Paul’s feet!

The Temptation Of The Young
The lust for glamour and the attraction to fashion and fashionable expensive dress is a lust of the flesh. It is just here that all of our trouble begins. It’s the evidence of the inner value thinking of the person who displays it. In young people it also reveals how little teaching and quiet talks the parents are having with their children.

With Eve it was a desire to taste the fruit;
With Balaam it was the house full of gold dangled before him;
With Judas it was revenge that he wanted;
With Solomon it was women and with Samson it was a woman.

Like Eve, they all reached out for what they knew was forbidden and foolishly lost what they gained and should not have. They lost what they could have had as well. This is where our trouble all begins. Like leaven it is only a small infinitesimal matter, but later becomes something so binding on us that we are willing to give up a wife, our children or God to have it!

Glamour and fashion are both a part of the man-made world created by man to gratify egotistical desires of the depraved nature. You can be very sure that when the antichrist is persecuting the church and Christians are being cast into the prisons and beheaded, that there will be no concern about fashion and glamour then.

What happens – there is a tendency in young ministries to pull away from the consensus of the last generation of holiness convictions.

It is only the liberal minded person who wants to break away from the consensus of the brethren and launch out into the area of glamour and fashion that brings the alarm of the brethren.

The last state of wrong associations with liberals is that we start thinking of things we once thought wrong to be right and the things we once thought of as being right we begin to think of them as being wrong.

We start thinking of godliness as being “holier than thou.”
We start thinking of moral commandments as “do’s and don’ts.
We begin to think of standards as legalism.
We start thinking of holiness as self righteousness.
We start think of separation as being bondage.
We think of traditional Pentecost as “left over from the forties.”

This is spiritual cynicism: it signals a complete change in the affections of the heart. We have gone from thinking of moral purity as essential to salvation to the faith doctrine apart from the moral commandments of the apostate teachers.

Young preachers would do well to not ever, ever find themselves criticizing their elders. On the other hand they would do themselves a great service and fulfill a Biblical commandment by creating every opportunity to be with the elder brethren and absorb all they know and all they have experienced. It is not a wise preacher who feels that he is living in a much greater day than his church Fathers and has nothing to learn from them.

Mt daughter, Penny discovered a very aged sister in a little town in Missouri near where we live. She discovered also that she was a widow of a pastor in the Slavic churches in Pennsylvania and attended Walter Beuttler’s classes at Glad Tidings church Bible School many years past. She and Penny get together and she tells Penny of the great miracles and moves of God back in the thirties and forties of Pentecost when the movement was anointed and had for its theme HOLINESS TO THE LORD. Here is a great lady! Her husband spoke seven languages fluently and was mightily used of God. Penny loves the opportunity to be with her and listen to her pass down to her the Pentecost of two generations past. It caused Penny to desire to see that kind of God come forth again today and manifest Himself as He did then. Sister Lena transmits the power of a pure Pentecostal faith to the heart and mind of my daughter.

As holiness people who believe in the Word of God and the teachings of the Apostles we believe that long hair is a part of the holiness lifestyle and that if it is so instructed in the scripture then it will bring peace – it is the will of God and that our desire to please God will bring a peace when we do what we find is written in the Word. But then there are a lot of things you can do with long hair. And the little holiness girl thinks that as long as she keeps her hair long and doesn’t cut it that she can do with it what she pleases. This is the first big mistake. There is really no sense in going into how a girl should wear her hair and to legislate to young people, having these problems, exactly what they should do. The answer isn’t in telling them what to do. Each young lady needs to take these things to the Lord and He will guide you into what you should do. I know a lady who was converted and wanted to wear her hair in a proper way and to please the Lord. She prayed and asked God to help her to know how she should appear. One morning when she went to the mirror to prepare for the day the Lord spoke to her and showed her how to put her hair up. She started getting compliments from the other sisters and wore her hair that way the rest of her life. Their problem is in their thinking, in their affections, in their heart. That can only be changed when they make a final submission to the Lord.

When the affections of the flesh keep reaching out to imitate the world and at the same time try to comply with standards of lifestyle revealed to us in the Word of God, then it indicates that, that heart has not fully surrendered to the Lordship and is not satisfied with pleasing God but still has a longing and a yearning to be like the world.

So, there is this tendency in those who live on the edge of holiness to try and be both things at the same time: to abide by the lifestyle taught clearly in the Word of God and at the same time enjoy the glamour and the fashion of the world. This attempt to mix what pleases God and what makes one acceptable to the worldly crowd should be admitted and put to death at an altar of prayer.

There is no sense in trying to tell these people what they are doing wrong, because they will feel they are being picked on and sight the fact that they are doing what the bible teaches. They will only conclude “what in the world can I do to please these holiness people? If I don’t do it just the way they want then they jump on me.” That is just the point! We don’t do things to please the “brethren.” The heart must be surrendered to God and completely severed from the world. Until all severances are made and all the affections for the things of the world, including glamour and design, are completely destroyed and out of the heart and out of the affections, you are falling asleep on the edge between the church and the world, and God only knows where you will go after you once yield to these devilish influences, because you have never completely surrendered the affections of the heart – you have never really completely denounced and developed a spiritual hatred for the things that are in the world.

When John said love not the world neither the things that are in the world…two of the most “obnoxious” things is glamour and style! These are the two most powerful seducers of the world enticing the younger generation of the church.

This leaning away from what is pure and holy, toward the beauty and fashion of the world may be in “good taste” as far as appearance goes but be sure it leaves a “good taste” with those you consider to be godly and is not influencing those who watch you and admire you.

What you’re doing that bothers those who want to see the standards of the church kept high, is a concern for what is happening inside of the person who is starting to admire these little things that come to us from the world and which are the first signs of an affection for the things of the world. Glamour and style oppose godliness. That is the real point.

We may think that the testimony and evaluation of young people concerning spiritual conditions in the church is a valid evaluation. But we must be careful that we do not accept the glowing and positive remarks of young people who are in their teens over the evaluations of the elders of the church. A teen has not seen nor known the same Pentecost as those brethren who remember the earlier days of Pentecost when holiness was the strongest doctrine to preach and influence the lives of the saints in the church. There is a Pentecostal power and experience that this generation nor the last have any knowledge of. Most of the advocates of Charismatic movement came from non-Pentecostal backgrounds and have never had the teaching of classic Pentecost. They have become critics of a Pentecost they know nothing about.

In evaluating truth we must take some very important facts into consideration: First that everything spoken is said by someone to someone. Who are these parties? What was their character or authority? For example, in the Scripture we have God speaking to man and then we have man speaking to a snake. It is that combination of who is speaking that determines the reliability of what is said. We have a Balaam speaking to a heathen King, then speaking to God, then speaking as God and finally speaking for the devil in giving counsel to the Midianites instructing them how to corrupt Israel.

We’ve Come A Long Way.
At first we preach what we believe. But then we see, after we have “matured” in the ministry, that there is more money in the liberal churches. By just streamlining our appearance a little we’ll fit into both types of churches. But wait a minute: Let me tell you that you have just made a little teeny tiny mistake in your thinking that leads to a colossal catastrophe. It is the first little step toward the edge of holiness. You were raised in a holiness pew, preached your first sermon in a holiness pulpit and spent years enjoying good holiness fellowship. Life was sweet. But you had some natural things going for you and had a few big ideas to go along with your charms. The liberal crowd got their eyes on you and it wasn’t long until you begin to feel the pull toward them and besides, they’re not as bad as I thought they were. They’re not as bad as I was told they were. You become more and more disenchanted with the holiness brethren and more and more enchanted with the liberals. Soon you are closer to the liberals than you are with the brethren. Now it is only a matter of taking one baby step and you’re on the other side. Does that scenario sound familiar? (Matthew 26:14) You have fallen off of the edge of holiness and you are now floating free in the limbos of liberalism!
It seems that some get tired of being right and want to just become wrong for a change. When that choice becomes preference, or whatever makes us break camp in the heartlands of holiness and head for the edge, we are throwing off a doctrine and not a fellowship of men. What snaps in a man or a woman who suddenly wants to be free from the joy of truth they once knew sitting in the holiness pew in years past? Suddenly salvation has become something you believe with the head, not something you do from the heart.

Then when their compromising becomes apparent to all and has reached a point of flagrant contradiction of what they once believed and preached, those who love them and are close to them will bring these things to their attention. Of course others notice the change in their lifestyle and comment with wonder what is happening to them. Then they very cleverly and conveniently start saying that these people they are fellowshipping with are being critical and judging them maliciously. This is the last stage of backsliding before they slip over the edge and to the apostate side. It is where they were heading all the time lusting after that lifestyle. But they couldn’t really make the break until they could blame the brethren for what happened to them, for fleeing from what they know to be the truth.

Then these younger preachers come under some criticism from the older and more conservative minded men. An attitude develops in the younger men that, “It seems that I’m always trying to please these strict holiness brethren.” But if this young flashy preacher with a wife who has never lost her lust for glamour and fashion would be broken and contrite in the heart and be dedicated to pleasing the Lord . . . he wouldn’t have to worry about the brethren being alarmed. When a life is pleasing the Lord it never has to worry about pleasing the brethren.

They know that holiness is a doctrine of the Bible and that there is no fleeing the truth. If the brethren are truly at fault then they would simply avoid that particular brother or element and go on living a separated life as Scripture teaches. But they have left the doctrine of holiness! They have “gone out from us” because of reasons that had nothing to do with the attitude of the brethren. If they had been fleeing the hypocrisy of the holiness brethren they surely would not have chosen the hypocrisy of the liberal camp TO FLEE TO!

These people who fall over the edge and denounce the hypocrisy of the brethren, only used that as an excuse. What they are really doing is trying to find a justifiable reason to “fall out.” Actually they have denounced the sound Biblical teaching of sanctification. Their bone to pick is not with the brethren but with the pure doctrine of sanctification and separation they want to abandon.

There are several reasons why laying the blame on the brethren is very false.

First, we all know that there are indeed certain brethren who may be a little “off” or have some extreme teachings, aloofness or a huffy spirit toward those who do not match their particular convictions. It is also a fact that we all fail to perform at times just the way we ought to. But no matter the faults of those who profess holiness, holiness is a doctrine that is Biblical! How people live who profess to be believers in holiness does not change the fact that it is a doctrine required of all men who will see God. (Hebrews 12:14)

Secondly, if these people who leave the holiness ranks and join the worldly church were really leaving the holiness movement because of holiness hypocrites and then join charismatic hypocrites! There will be hypocrisy and inconsistency where ever a man goes in the church world today. If you leave a fellowship because of the hypocrites that are in it and then join another fellowship with hypocrites in it, you have only moved to another fellowship of hypocrites. So it isn’t really hypocrites you are fleeing from – they are everywhere! What you were doing was fleeing from doctrine; from a Biblical doctrine to a fleshpot doctrine that in many cases is the cause for terrible things happening to marriages and ministries.
Thirdly: Just as there are some very unkind brethren in the holiness ranks, so are there some of the most dedicated and godly men who are patient and wise and have not done anything to offend you. You could have gone to them at any time and confided in them if you had really so desired. One fine young preacher confided in me and followed my advice – briefly and the suddenly made the move downward. Later he told a church where he was preaching, No preacher is going to tell me where I can and can’t preach. It was an apparent reference to me but he didn’t tell them the truth in that he called me to come and discuss an issue he was struggling with. Dishonesty was at work in this case – a bad sign for a very fine brother. There are enough good men (the vast majority) within holiness ranks that are not guilty of offending you. Why didn’t you stick with them and identify with them instead of those few who did not treat you with love? You would have identified with the godly brethren and counseled with them if it was in your heart to remain true to God and the faith of your mother and father who had deceased.

(10) And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing {him} said, Trouble not yourselves; for his life is in him.

When Eutychus fell from the third floor of the building a cry went up from the people around him who saw him fall. There was a skirmish of people and soon the excitement had spread through the crowd. Paul’s message was cut off and the church filled out of the upper room and onto the street below.

The church was distracted from the ministry of the Word and absorbed in now with the man who “fell out.” When someone falls out, the whole church is distracted from its primary objectives to give this special attention to these people who live on the edge.

 (11) When he therefore was come up again, and had broken bread, and eaten, and talked a long while, even till break of day, so he departed.

The church goes on whether Eutychus had lived or died! The crisis Eutychus created once past left the church to proceed as normal breaking bread, attending to fellowship and moving on in God.

(12) And they brought the young man alive, and were not a little comforted.

The church rejoices in those who come back from the dead; those who have fallen away and then return to seek the way of holiness, moving toward the Word and avoiding hanging around the fringe of the church. It crushes our hearts to see those who have known the holiness way to fall out. We can see it coming; we know what’s happening.

Eutichus fell out – what did the early church do when somebody has a “fallout” The Bible record says that the church all rushed outside down to the ground floor and gathered around Eutichus and Paul fell on him and prayed and then he rose up and said, His life is in him.

I was standing outside of a church one evening having some parking lot fellowship with a few of the other saints who were the last to come out after an evening service and was asking them about a brother that I remembered the last time I was at that church in meetings. Their answer to my inquiry was, “Oh, he stopped coming here about two years ago.” I asked them if anybody had gone to visit him or why he left the church. They explained to me that they didn’t know anything about him, he just stopped coming and we haven’t heard from him since. I inquired further, “Has the pastor or anyone gone to visit him since he stopped coming?” They looked at each other in silence and then shrugged their shoulders and said, “Well I guess not.” If Eutichus had been going to this church and fallen out of the window no one would have paid any attention. He would have laid there and died.

Eutichus created a crisis by living on the edge of holiness – it is amazing how something is normal as the gathering of the saints can be turned into a state of confusion and crisis all because of the mistake and the wrong choices of one person. Every church problem begins with one person. Every plague begins with the invasion of one germ.

The people who want to challenge the holiness standards of those who live near to the heart of God by going to the very edges of holiness and testing to see how worldly they can be and yet remain in the holiness fellowship, usually ends up causing problems, divisions, and crisis in the body of Christ. We don’t like to see anyone leave from under the canopies of divine truth and grace and move out into liberalism and identify with the apostates. But, it is better for them to do this – to crawl off and die by themselves then to create a situation dragging the rest of the church into a crisis because they have embraced the gray gospel.

There is one supreme fact about true holiness apart from all other things to be said about it: Holiness that has God as its source is linked to secret prayer. So much so, we can say that holiness is an extension of the prayer life. If there is no prayer life then there is no divine character – There will be no heart purity and no God given holy desire toward perfection of the self life. You may have certain values and convictions, but unless they are born out of intimacy with God they fall short of pleasing Him. You may consider yourself as being a “good” person or a “nice” person and “Christian” by profession feeling that you are saved. But without holiness none of these qualities are more than human achievement! They are forms of good works which we detest in others.
We are practicing lifestyles that are proof enough we are not praying with life searching brokenness. Holiness people once had it but are slowly letting down on the secret prayer life. With it goes the softness and sweetness of valid Christianity. Some holiness people are void of true God consciousness and vital biblical qualities as the apostate heretics they criticize. It matters not whether you be a professing holiness Christian or a professing backslidden liberal . . . prayerlessness makes my religion mockery! Secret prayer is the source of true holiness – the loveliness of godly purity.

There is another supreme fact for deep reflection; That to trifle with holiness is to be living precariously on the edges of salvation. I wouldn’t give you ashes for a salvation experience that did not have it’s bags packed heading for the heartland of spiritual life in Christ!

Each day we all move closer to the judgment where every man will face the records angels keep. It will not be a pleasant experience for those who have treated holiness carelessly. The outcome will be determined very much by what we did with the doctrine of Biblical Holiness.

The Holy Life Has Been Established;
1. As Christ announced it (John 17:17);
2. As the apostles expounded it (Romans 12:1-2) and
3. As the Church Fathers experimentally lived it
 through the centuries.
“Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of” God. 1 John 3:9 The holy life of prayer and separation is only slandered and trifled with by those who have no holy concept of God. But it is forever inscribed in Holy Scripture as the ultimate purpose of the cross! Romans 6:19; 1 Thessalonians 4:7. And without it, no man shall see God. Hebrews 12:14. It is the very heart of redemption and yet we live in a day that professing Christians have no inner desire to possess it. How shall they be saved? “because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:” 2 Thessalonians 2:13
It is visibly evident that many modern Christians are living on the very edge of salvation with no interest whatsoever in the holiness experience. Just as the blood is essential to the sinners forgiveness and new birth, so is holiness essential to the eternal destiny of the believer once he/she has become a Christian! Some professing Christians actually detest the subject! They are utterly dead in their spirit toward any truth on the subject! Oh, God have mercy! It’s manifested in;
1.) Attitudes resentment toward instruction in godliness,
2.) Obsessions with worldly fashions and celebrities,
3.) No desire for the secret prayer life,
4.) obsession with and importance placed upon the sensual and cosmetic external appearance of self,
5.) More credibility given to idioms and cliche’s than apostolic teaching in scripture.
There is a popular feeling among many modern Christians that they can disregard scriptural injunction as long as they don’t “feel” any conviction. Others who have had good holiness teaching in their background are seeing just how worldly they dare get and still “feel” saved.

Hidden forms of dishonesty, Soapies, lusty magazines and novels, Obsession with TV and sports, snobbishness toward those who are not so popular or elegant…All such devilish things will only become dung to us as we steal away into His presence. There in the secret place finding the joy that is only found in the tears of Calvary love and fervent prayer with brokenness. This is the how and where of Holiness.
Before the sensitivities of true holiness are restored to the church, it must restore the secret closet to it’s life. The modern church world leadership is cursed with prayerless executives.

Secret prayer moves us “inland” to holiness in the Spirit, far from the precarious edges of salvation where only a short step carries us into the blindness and delusion of humanistic fundamentalism.
How long has it been since you had a long tearful session of searching and confession in God’s holy presence? Do it! and then pack up your little tent and move on in to the heart of holiness where you can hear the angels whispering, and where prophets and patriarchs and archangels mingle;
where the “still small voice” of God can be heard. True holiness does not live near the edge of salvation…true holiness dwells “near to the heart of God.”

To avoid that danger, stay away from the edge of holiness, away from the gray areas and live the life as you know it to be! God made the holy life real plain. He printed it in black and white, trimmed it in gold and great was the company that published it! then made it available to everybody.

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