By Bill Burkett

I keep this photo on my work desk and look at it every time I sit down to my work. I have been wondering lately if my evangelism lacks compassion and have asked God for more opportunities to help hurting people. Evangelistic fervor must be indwelt by a divine kind of compassion born out of prayer. The photo above shows the real life of millions of humans over the world that exist in a state of total and utter hopelessness. I would like to believe this little Sudanese girl born into Islam is praying but she only waits to be eaten by the waiting vulture – probably having never heard about the love of Jesus.

I have been in many dry barren villages like this in several African nations. We found a horrible condition in Northern Nigeria some years back with funerals of village children all around us who were dying of cholera and other diseases from the infested drinking water they gathered from green stagnant water holes. My heart was moved and the Lord gave me brother Abraham Okwe as field director in Benue region. With him building the wells in Africa while I was traveling the churches here in the States telling the pastors and churches about the plight of the Igede people, the Lord enabled us, together, to place thirty wells in the villages of Benue! How many children’s lives were saved only heaven knows.

If this village in Sudan had the Word of God, then this little girl might have heard the story of Jesus. Commission carefully sends Bibles to African Muslims and former Muslims who are evangelizing and telling their people about Jesus. In Benue, Nigeria, there are also many Muslims and when they saw the wells being dug and 24 churches being built by the compassion of you pastors, with brick to withstand the flooding that destroyed the thatch churches, many of them came to the Lord as a result of that work.

As one Muslim husband who had been abusing his wife because she was a Christian, said, ” If these Christian missionaries come here and give us wells and buildings when they do not even know us, then that is the God I will worship!” He and many other Muslims came to Jesus because they saw with their eyes the Love of the Christ flowing from all of you who gave to these and many other projects carried out through the Commission Ministries over the years.

Today the world is bigger and our projects have multiplied many times including the help we now extend to China until we are stretched far beyond our resources. We now have many projects on the table waiting for the funds to come in to carry them out in His name! We need help badly! If you or your church would like to be a part of a very accountable and effective mission outreach working in a number of nations over the world including, Africa, India, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Literature and street ministry, Russia, Ukraine, and prison ministries here in the USA, and China (a world in itself), then we invite you to join me and my family in our labors for Him – we really need a lot more help with many calling to us for help. If you email us or call us, or write and ask for a CoMissionary envelope to look over prayerfully, we will send it immediately. You can write to; Bill Burkett (or Commission)

PO Box 90, Anderson, MO 64831
Or 417 845 6266
. . . . and now . . . .

A Word About Commission Accountability
From the beginning back in 1964 we agreed as a family that we would not take a salary out of the Commission fund made up of all offerings that come in whether they are in our name of the name of Commission. It would all go into the mission fund! Every ministry is divided between it’s two distinct financial needs; (1) is the mission field funds and (2) the cost of administration. The big item in administration includes the salaries of the workers in that ministry. I believe, the last I heard, that the IRS allows up to 60% of a not-for-profit organization to be used for salaries of the administrators. That far too high which means that out of every ten dollars six dollars never reaches the field but is paid as salary to the workers. We have been able to operate far below that 40/60 rule because we do not take a set salary but as we need food or clothing we take only as our needs arise. This allows us to leave monies to remain in the mission fund to be used for the spiritual work of the Lord – and there are plenty.

I see this principle in the life and ministry of Christ. Judas carried the bag and the Lord apparently only took money from the bag when the requirements of life called for it. We are accountable to fine men who serve on our board and review the finances once a year. We are very conscientious about offerings sent in to us and we try very hard to use them as you would expect them to be used. China is a new kind of challenge to us because the work there is not open evangelism but assistance to worthy and needy people who contribute to the spiritual purposes we embrace.

Evangelism is the first order of business for the
church, a close second is COMPASSION
for the hurting, for the fallen, whoever they are!
That’s what this ministry believes

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