The Marrow of Sensuality

What Master Cosmetologists Say about their art; The human emphasis on accentuating physical beauty has always been related to sexual desire according to the world’s authorities on cosmetics. A prominent modern cosmetologist and expert on beauty and glamour, Luygi Giacometti states, “beauty plays a crucial role in sexual selection. It would seem, then, that unless the senses are first aroused by beauty, attraction between the sexes cannot become operative. The eye must be fascinated and the ear charmed by the person who is to be pursued. Hence both sexes develop a constellation of physical attributes harmoniously interspersed with the secondary sexual characteristics. It is these attributes…bodily form, grace of gesture and walk, voice, face and lips, the color and texture of skin and hair, eyes … that provide the initial stimulus to sexual passion and the guide to sexual selection” “In human beings, the sexual characteristics that embody the most conspicuous elements of beauty and therefore arouse the strongest sexual response in the beholder are prominently and uniquely displayed on the front of the body. But…no part of the human body mirrors ones feelings, passions and sexual desire as faithfully as the face. Sexual prologue begins in the face, which expresses the language of yearning with great eloquence. Complimenting the facial expressions produced by the mimetic muscles are the expression in the eyes and the movement of the lips.” So a master cosmetologist tells us the reason why the eyes and lips are artfully colored; to arouse the sensual desires of the opposite sex.

The World Thrives On Physical Attraction; SCRIPTURE OPPOSES IT! – The world’s authorities on the subject speak of a natural erotic attraction between the man and the woman. Then add to that natural attraction the sensual accentuating of the feminine features the cosmetologists teach and you increase the power of attraction and arousal many fold in a very unnatural way. When rational Christian people professedly “filled with the Holy Ghost” use erotic methods handed down from the masters of the world to effect attraction between men and women, they are being manipulated by evil worldly powers; they are practicing unclean and provocative conduct.

The Unnatural Sensual Look Increases Physical Attraction – The sensual look sends a message to the male instincts that is purely sensual. God gave all the feminine charm to a woman that she needs to find a mate and be happy. Body language is not a Biblical language! Proverbs 6:12-14.

Carnal Christians Plead Innocence – Carnal Christians become indignant when their lust for the sensual look is exposed. They quickly deny any wrong doing as to the effect their sensual appearance has on the people around them, and especially men. When a women makes herself sensual by altering the face and the cut of her clothing she is very aware of what she is doing! To pretend she is not aware of her provocative appearance only adds to her shame.

Perverting The Selection Process – A woman is the attractor while the man is the attractee in the process of biological selection. When a materialistic society becomes morally corrupted it becomes preoccupied with the body and it’s sensual powers perverting the purity of natural selection and the proper function of the libido and extends erotic behavior beyond propriety and beyond the marriage bond. The Charismatic movement is characterized by touching, embracing and other kinds of physical contact that satisfy sensual desire and have no founding whatsoever in the Word of God. Physical contact in worship and fondling another man’s wife in the name of Christian love is a doctrine of the devil.

To Be Holy Is To Be Natural – When the natural and pure process of attraction between one man selecting one woman to be his wife becomes a game of attraction carried on after and beyond marriage, in the form of sensual and provocative external adornment, it is unclean and licentious! Natural attraction as God created it to be, is contained within marriage as He ordained it…not beyond! Cosmetic externalism is sensual attraction that effects men outside the marriage bond. That sir, is not natural and godly behavior! It may be perfectly acceptable to the world’s value system but it is an abomination to a holy God. Isaiah 3:16

Moral Decline Increases In Ratio To Sensual Externalism – As externalism in the form of the sensual arts increases so does social immorality. The increasing use and acceptance of the sensual arts precedes the moral decline of societies given to it. As the sensual arts invade the church moral problems in the form of fallen preachers and divorce increase with it. As the world and the church become more external in their appearance, so does social disorder increase. Divorce rates climb in the world and the church as our obsession with body cosmetics and fashion increases.


So while vain people who try to defend their spiritual weakness insist that “evil is in the eye of the beholder,” fail to see that “ego and vanity are in the heart and mind of the user of adornments and cosmetics.” Of course the recent emphasis in apostate circles on self esteem gives support to the idea of creating a false image so that one “feels better about his or herself.” When that becomes the case with a Christian, he or she is no longer finding all sufficiency in Christ – they have returned to the vomits of vanity to achieve a false sense of self importance and pride.

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