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Commission is a non-for-profit organization formed in 1972 originally in the state of Texas to take the gospel into difficult areas of the world where Christian missions are not officially permitted. Bill Burkett, founder, has been the director of the operation since its inception. Commission ministries launched its first missionary efforts into Russia and the Communist nations establishing contact with Christians in those countries carrying Bibles and other literature to the persecuted church under Communism. This was not a beaten missionary path and brother Burkett under the leading of the Holy Spirit devised effective ways to give assistance to the hurting Christians and especially families whose husbands and fathers were in the Gulags and prisons. Miraculously God helped the ministry to be effective and accomplish providing Bibles and practical assistance to a number of families in several Communist held nations. Bill Burklett says, “In those days I prayed and waited in anxiety every time I applied for my visas. Miraculously I was never denied a visa to a East European country until after twenty five years when Russia denied my visa – but just about then Communism fell and I was able to continue the ministry unhindered through those many years. Considering my activities and the way I had eluded surveillance by the KGB and my known contact with some official churches, it was a miraculous thing that I was able to continue receiving my visas. I marveled at this and praised God for His control in these sensitive and official areas.” Contact was established with Christian brethren in different parts of the Soviet Union from Lvov, Ukraine to Khabarovsk, Siberia. After establishing good contact across the Communist nations Commission turned to other neglected and difficult areas.

The Amazon region was our next mission endeavor making missions into Amazon with the national Brazilian brethren already working in the jungles and tributaries. We worked there under the great Brazilian man and brother, Alcebieris Voscancalos. Other Brazilians called Amazon the “Green Hell.” Living conditions included deadly piranha in the water, Pythons, crocodiles, candiru and sleeping in hammocks in torrid mosquito infested night air. But in those missions we saw many Amazonians find the Lord in small unreached villages and contacted remote Tabatinga Indian villages.

The ministry then turned to ministering Eastern regions of Nigeria among villages through the great help of Robert Holmes who introduced brother Burkett to the remote villages of the Igede tribe and several of their Christian pastors. Her we were able to help the nationals to build 35 churches and dug 23 wells to provide water in the hamatan (dry Summer) season. We evangelized the Muslim villages with many Muslims finding Christ. We also sent workers to Africa to carry out special courier missions as well as many other countries under our Co-Missionary program.

Today our work, after 34 years and having preached His glorious gospel in 37 nations, on the world mission field has us busy with invitations to many countries in evangelistic crusades, Bible conferences and Bible teaching. Our next missionary journey, for example, takes us to Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and France invitations. Our next mission is to Brazil in several city crusades working with the pastors of Brazil’s large churches.

SELAH PUBLICATIONS is the printed ministry arm of Commission, Inc. Selah Publications is dedicated to collecting and making available carefully selected materials by biblio-centric preachers and authors to provide reading and study materials that preserve the apostle’s doctrine and perpetuate The Church of Acts ministry. Bill Burkett has authored several books with subject material vital to the remnant church awaiting the Lord’s soon return. You will find these listed on this site with information of donations and how to acquire the books.

ACTSion web site is an extension of the Commission ministry making available the doctrine of the holy life as taught by the apostle’s’s and wonderfully preserved in the Word of God as the message of God provided for the posterity of the church. At this point this ministry has just begun! Materials, much of it rare and heretofore not published, will be made available in a continuing expansion of its pages.

Our plan is to put here a gallery of missionary photos showing these missionary experiences. We have started with documentary photos of Russia, Nigerian Igede hut, Relief containers to Siberia and Brazil. The gallery will grow as the Lord tarries.

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  1. R.vinodkumar Reply
    Dearly Beloved Mrs Bill Burkett Family in Christ, I thank God for you and your zealous efforts for the extension of the kingdom of God. We feel blessed by visiting your web pages and commend your efforts in evangelizing the Gospel of Christ to the nations. I am Brother R Vinod kumar preacher in churches of Christ in remote villages known as Ambajipeta, Bandarlanka, and Amalapuram in the East Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh ,India, laboring to win souls and to plant many congregations in this rural area. God blessed me with a wife by name Lalitha and two children Reshma and Avinash.All our Sunday worships are going on in prayer halls. This is also big burden to remake the roofs at every two years and expensive. I use to distribute the Gospel tracts every weekend in town areas and in the villages .Being my close association with the poor illiteral and Idol worshippers and their burdens I realize the need for educate them in all sorts of daily living providing some food clothing to the street children cause the attention of their struggle. I have to borrow some money and supporting two kids who are HIV/aid patients .there are a few women old aged in my congregation the Govt of Andhra Pradesh supporting the old aged that could not meet all the needs of these distressed. I am praying and try my best to stretch our hands to make them feel happy. Realizing the need to prepare the youth, with the help of Brother of J. prasadarao preacher/Bible teacher conducting Bible classes .some of the pastors from the denominations attending the bible classes. The local congregation members hardly provide some rice and rice water for our lunch. I humbly invite your kind attention to keep remember the work in your public and private prayers as we do for you. I think you are the church for good example to many of us. we love you in Christ. we pray for your needs and growing. All the church my family sending their salutations to you all and your dear families. please write me back as and when you can. I remain. Thank you. please pray for me. GOD BLESS YOU Yours Loving Brother in Christ R Vinod kumar .Preacher, Samatha nagar street, Gandhi nagar, Amalapuram -533201 East Godavari dist, Andhra Pradesh, South INDIA

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