China Being Corrupted

China Being Corrupted By The Western Culture! Mercenaries inside and outside of China corrupting the land. For several years I have included China in my travels. I have come to love and appreciate the Chinese people and especially their temperament. I have many very good Chinese friends now in different parts of inland China. The only thing I lament is to see the fast encroaching and corrupting influences of the Pop and Rock culture from the West sweeping over China’s young people. There are better things we could be exporting to the world than an amoral sub-culture bee-bop lifestyle. Unfortunately there is depravity in the Chinese nature also that causes many innocent young people to buy into the evil influences from the West – things that cater to the lower nature in man. As the rock culture encroaches China’s youth the very rich and civil qualities of traditional China are disappearing. Rock sound and X-rated videos are everywhere! China’s leaders are trying to stem the tide but powerful evil forces are promoting the lucrative music and modern video markets that appeal to the young as it is doing all over the world. Men follow the dollar wherever the market takes them. Societies morals and where that corrupted generation is taking the country has no bearing on those who worship the dollar. Pray for China!

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