Character And National Leadership

Bill Burkett

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

I think its time that a Christian view examines this statement and denounced as just another one of those philosophies that is destroying America from within. To believe character is detached from political leadership is a throwback to the hippy mentality of the 1960’s. It is not a coincidence that the people now running the white house have their roots in the anti-government activism of the Viet Nam war period. They have put off their Granny glasses and donned shoes and expensive clothing but they still blame Christians for the worlds problems and cling to doctrines and philosophies of the new morality of the 1960’s.

AMERICA’S ONLY HOPE – CHARACTER RENEWAL: The idea that leadership can be without moral character needs to be examined and answered because it is basically a false statement that flies in the face of many moral principles of good behavior and what is vital to the future of our nation.

CHARACTER AND GOOD JUDGMENT: Life is made up of a long chain of decisions that each of us make. It is this ability to make good moral judgment choices that predetermines what I am and what I will accomplish in life. Everything I do demands a choice. We might say that life is constituted of choices, thousands of them every day! There is a very important thing about making choices that we should not overlook. Every choice we make has moral implications. If my motives are pure and my character is morally sound then those choices will reflect good moral judgment on my part and produce good moral influences on those they effect. All choices are moral in essence. It doesn’t matter whether you are making a decision that involves your personal life or your nation if you are a person in a position of authority. Bad morals is bound in bad character and bad character is incapable to making good moral decisions. The same man who shows the bad judgment in fondling women is not going to show good judgment in handling national issues. If a man in a high position is a known libertine breaking his marriage vows, embarrassing his children with his immorality; this same man will condone homosexuality and partial birth abortions.

THE STRONG ECONOMY NOT JUST ONE MAN’S DOING: As far as a president being responsible for the flourishing economics of a country, there are too many factors that he has nothing to do with that also play a big part in that economy. The previous administration, the party majority in the Congress, and countless elected people from state to federal level of government all have a part in the country’s economics. There are also the international political factors that change the financial picture. For example, under the Reagan administration Communism collapsed in 1989 soon after Gorbachev toured the United States with President Reagan. Gorbachev returned to the Soviet Union to introduce Parastroika and the new reforms that would permit free enterprise to be mixed with Leninism. When the reforms turned into revolution and the great Soviet Union disintegrated the doomsday clock was set way back from one minute till midnight for the world. Military expenditures were cut back drastically under Mr. Bush and then under Clinton more cutbacks were made and more funds for the military were freed. Many factors (not even mentioned here) have contributed to the economic success of the United States that have nothing to do with the policies of just a single man being responsible for it. The final factor is the many men who surround the president as well as an intellectual wife. He may approve and claim authorship of his bills but all such bills are the product of the intellectual think tank he has surrounded himself with and many of these programs are the product of others and not just his. He may prescribe and idea, but the details are usually produced by the battery of men who do his thinking for him and put his (or her’s) original ideas on paper.

MARRIAGE: The righteousness of a nation is measured by the character of the people; their honesty and sense of righteous judgment, and above all, the moral purity they each possess in their relationship to each other. This character involves fidelity toward our married partners, the honoring of the marriage vows, and avoiding sexual promiscuity toward those outside our marriage bond. To say that man who is immoral does not effect the country’s well being is a rather stupid thing for someone to say who has the authority to represent national policy and theory. A man in leadership who has allegedly fondled around him all through his life and career as a politician is undermining the marriage institution, fidelity to each other as married partners and teaching the same values to his children and every young person in America.

IMMORAL LEADERSHIP IS MOCKED: A man who will display such immorality will finally come to his terrible end when he is brought down in disgrace by those he used his power to exploit. If Mr. Clinton exposed himself to a state worker he had called to his room and asked her to perform a perverted act, and then have those allegations emblazoned around the world followed by one accusation after another by women who were also fondled sexually by the man who occupies the White House, then IT DOES make a difference if the national leader has personal character! His alleged immorality is effecting our nation and gives us a leader that is being mocked by the foreign press and publishers.

FOREIGNERS SEE CLINTON AS IMMORAL: When Mr. Clinton recently visited South Africa a sign was seen in the crowd that welcomed him to Johannesburg, South Africa, that read, Watch your daughters, Clinton is here. The amoral and eggheads who hate the teaching of Christ may go on in their song and dance about personal morals and national leadership being unrelated – but a man who can’t make right moral decisions personally is not capable of making right decision for the nation either. The African trip was often showing strong evidence that our leader was not morally comitans and therefore not to be trusted.

THE MILITARY CODE: The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States also. He actually has the highest authority and rank over all of our military forces. While the military was prosecuting the army major-general for sexual harassment, several more women came forth accusing him as the commander-in-chief of the military of harassing them. How is it we incriminate the sergeant major for his conduct and then fail to indite the commander-in-chief for his violation of the military code of conduct?

BAD WOMEN: Regarding the accusation by Mr. Clinton’s friends that these women were all party girls and bimbo types with no credibility, we ask a simple question; Would you expect him to try his sexual tactics on decent women or women he knows would be offended by immoral advances on them? And another thing, in some cases these were women who came into his company and not women who threw themselves at Mr. Clinton. He advanced on them because they were there in his presence and noticed by him. Those who accuse these women of being the type who have are without credibility should stop and think – it is alleged he advanced upon them and not they upon him. What kind of party girls are on the president’s Air Force 1 aircraft? Who selects these pretty girls to make the flights alone with the libertine president, anyway? If these women have no credibility, then someone in the White House is showing some pretty poor judgment. But they way it looks, these are the type the president likes to have around him.


The above observations of Presidency of Bill Clinton are now history and we are under a president now that has circumvented the constitution and ignore constitutional law invoking executive orders contrary to executive power. The Benghazi debacle proves. Along with other administration orders, that Mr. Obama is a Muslim in his heart and a Christian only by his lips. In this Christian nation large corporations such as the Walmart refuse to play Christian Christmas hymns for fear they will offend Muslims and Hindus – immigrants to our country that are of different religions. And when you go to a Muslim country do they avoid praying in public or playing their religious music because it offends Christians? The United States is a Christian nation and when foreigners come here they can expect to see and hear our Christian customs and beliefs. It is our culture and they must integrate into our society and expect to do so. But this policy (because it is not a law – yet) is an intentional ultimate part of the Muslim 50 year stealth program to develop Muslim communities and control them under Sharia law not only in America but also in all the nations around the world. Mr. Obama apparently wants to help advance that Muslim stealth program here in America by making this country a multi-cultural nation that will include large areas, if not states, that will be dominated by Muslims under Sharia law. Mr. Obama has said in public statements on video that he gets great comfort from reading the Koran and has also spoken of, “My Muslim faith,” on public record. You professing Christians who vote for their man will see the day when you will regret having been a part of his dictatorial administration with deep in a deep sense of distress. You are betraying your children and all of the future generations of young people. The United States is fast becoming another super Sodom begging for the judgment of God.

Immorality and crime keep surging. Liberals using guns to shoot up the schools killing teachers and students and corruption filling the news daily in corporate business, the sports industry and the foul entertainment world; the three gods of the modern high tech world. Idiot legislators blame guns for their abuse by the insane that have been mentally programmed against the God of moral excellence, when all the time it is a character problem we have and not drugs, guns or pornography. These are only the natural developments that depravity turns to when it is not taught the moral precepts of goodness, kindness, respect and moral values contained in the moral law of God’s word. The liberals who protect minnows and mice and then let our kids grow up in a secular educational system with any character development programs or a principled system of virtue values and proper ethic values keep pushing immoral programs and policies as the system keeps falling apart becoming more and more dysfunctional. What they are promoting is destroying America because there are no Christian character values that once existed when we could leave our homes and never lock our doors. Can’t they see that their Sodomite politics is not working? Can’t they see that immorality is destroying the nation? What they have done to America is tragic and deadly compared to the America they are destroying.

We can fix the weaknesses and flaws that develop in a free society. But the Sodomite world they are creating will not be easy to fix and it will continue until divine judgment suddenly falls on them and then they will be taught by fire and suffer losses greater than the righteous they persecuted.

It is better to be divided by truth than united with error.

The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. Matthew 13:41-43.



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