Brief History of the Bible

A Brief History of the Bible.

By Bill Burkett

Do you think God’s Kingdom is more efficient than the Sony Corporation? If you buy a CD player from Sony and they gave you several different manuals with it, wouldn’t that cause some confusion for those who buy the product? and what would be your opinion of the Sony Corporation? You would say, “Mickey Mouse!” God created one world and He gave only one users manual with it! The Bible is the User’s manual God issued with the world when He created it. God’s people have always had a pure Word from God. Moses received the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) for the people of Israel. The Canon of the Old Testament came to the church age preserved and then the gospels and epistles written by the early apostles was carefully added under extreme examination and authenticity rules until we had the complete and final revelation concluded in the final amen of Revelation. That Antiochan document we know as the Authorized Version (AV) and the KJV that you hold in your hands has come through fire and blood. God only issued one manual – not many differing ones! It has changed forms as the human race increased and filled the earth. It just stands to reason that when the God of Omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipotence (all-powerful) created this world that He would provide a User’s Manual with it. At first it was handed down orally from generation to generation but brooded over by the Holy Spirit being carefully preserved and later took written form when He gave birth to His own holy nation, Israel. When the Messiah came to lay down His life on Golgotha and take it up again, the men who lived with Him through more than three years of His earthly life wrote biographies of His birth and ministry. Then for the next ninety years the writings of the apostles who were witnesses of His atoning death and resurrection left the doctrines of Christ and the full meaning of Jesus’ death in writing for the posterity of the church. Today we have the pure and preserved unerring and verbally inspired Scriptures with us that is called the Textus Receptus (Received Text). God didn’t preserve several differing manuscripts! He is not the author of confusion. But in recent years of the church’s history a terribly flawed Greek text was pawned off on the church by a couple of phony baloney modernist theological “experts,” that were terribly flawed by monk translators. This badly corrupted text was fostered by a man named Hort who was an apostate of the worst kind. A search on the Internet for the Westcott and Hort’s beliefs and you will find plenty of reasons to reject them as capable scholars or men that God the Holy Spirit would use to handle his Word. You can also check the excellent book, Final Authority authored by William P. Grady. Yet many modern scholars treat the Westcott and Hort Greek text as if it is more trustworthy than the preserved Majority Greek text that was canonized hundreds of years before the Westcott and Hort text was written.


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