Bookshelf Pastors: Bill Burkett’s books make ideal gifts, mid-week studies, for
Bible school classes, adult Sunday school classes and other church
functions that study Bible themes.
Newest book by Bill Burkett: Law and Love 200 pages.

Smaller booklets; Principles of Purity, The Dog and the Dove and
The Christian and the Law make good handouts.
EACH BOOK OR CD will be sent for a missionary offering of ten dollars.
Books: P.O. Box 90, Anderson, MO 64831

GRACE At and After the Cross. Brother Burkett’s pulpit theme for years layed out in print – a very original approach to the glories of Grace. Probably one of the best and easiets understood explanations of justification and why blood is at the heart of God’s very logical redemption scheme. A Biblical explanation of the Grace of God you will not find anywhere else. God’s mercy made easy to understand. False teachings about Grace and the three dimensions of Grace. The opening chapter give a very unique explanation of the three operations (zones) of Grace. There is included a vivid description of what the human body undertakes during the Roman crucifixion, the most hideous and perfected method of human torture ever devised by man. Actually we can say there are several books within this one book. Excellent as Sunday school adult class study book. Comments by readers say it is the best explanation of Grace they have ever read.

PENTECOSTAL BUT NOT CHARISMATIC: This book (PNC) makes it crystal clear that biblical Pentecostalism and the modern Charismatic movemnt with all of its arms of outgrowth and influence are not the same. They are two very distinguishable opposites. The history, the doctrine and the purposes they each embrace are diametric. If you are confused about these two church movements or know someone that is confused, PNC will make it very clear just how different they are from each other.

PSALM 119: Verse by verse through this great Psalm that is dedicated to extolling the Word of God! It inlcudes a list of virtues that Psalm 119 gives in each verse – an almost incredible fact that so many different virtues are listed in each verse – 176 of them! Another good and thought provoking book to help adult Sunday school teachers, mid-week Bible studies, Bible study classes of any kind. The subjects are varied according to the meaning the Pslamist gives in each verse.

THE VISIBLE CHRISTIAN: A very clear explanation of the Christian’s visible profile as it is given to the church by the apostles in the New Testament. If you want to know why holiness people believe the way we appear before others is so important, then this will give you all the answers you need. A very good reading for young people’s classes and family alter time. We are living in a time of lewdness and open promiscuity that is raging with hatred against the holiness people. TVC explains that there is a divine wisdom to why God’s word instructs us on our visible appearance. In the world movie stars and big corporations place a lot of emphasis on dress and appearance – and so does God! The teaching of Jesus and the apostles on death to self is held in contempt by the apostate church. TVC exposes the error of the crossover crowd that wants to love the cheap and lewd things of this world and then go to heaven when God damns the world.

THE DOG AND THE DOVE BOOKLET – 30 pages that tell you more about yourself than you ever knew! 27 highly condensed chapters packed into this booklet explaining the 2 natures that every person possesses. You can gain of lot of higher ground by following this principle set forth in Paul’s teachings. It has been hailed by prisoners and victorious Christians as one of the most helpful spiritual truths they have ever learned from the Word. This little book has been printed in 5 languages and reprinted by permission in several Christian publications and two prison minitries. It has been read and reread by those who have the booklet. Very good for a bible study or for your kids when they leave home for bible college or secular coillege. Some pastors keep a stock of them in their bookstore or give them to their converts.

PREINCIPLES OF PURITY: A booklet of 27 highly condensed chapters defining powerful principles underlying biblical conservatism.

LAW AND THE CHRISTIAN: A booklet written by a Baptist minister that explains the Christian’s relationship to the moral law in the dipensation of the church. Outstanding and written by a Calvinist!

BECAUSE OF THE ANGELS: An exegetical verse by verse study of 1 Corinthians 11 about the veil covering – something the church has strayed from in the last 50 years. This booklet is not for the proud – only for the children of God. Angels have memories but god’s people forget easily.

INTERPRETERS MANUAL: Explaining the role of the interpreter, the host pastor and the foreign guest speaker, loaded with the actual experiences BB has had with interpreters that will leave you laughing and crying.

LAW and LOVE: An explanation of the nature of the moral loaw and that God’s law and that God’s law and God’s love are synonymous. You cannot accept one and reject the other without destroying the meaning of both. L and L clarifies the different usages of the word law in the New Testament writings and how to tell the difference between references to the ceremonial law (a temporary law for the nation Israel) and the moral law.(the universal moral law, the ten commandments, that is eternal). Land L answers most questions you have had about the law of God and proves that it is not a negative moral system but rather, positive. Many points of information you will not find treated by other writers. 202 pages,

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