Big Bucks in Bibles

There’s Big Bucks in Bibles

By Bill Burkett

The Big Cover-up in the translation industry:

If you carefully read the story of Mr. Hort on our home page Only one Bible link, you will discover the big difference between intelligence and knowledge.

The simplest Christian with a pure heart and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ knows that God is not the author of the translation industry by the publishers of today. It’s very clear that Mr.. Hort did not have faith or humility. He was a highly intelligent man led astray by faithless humanism. He simply did not understand the principle of divine justice (equivalence) and blood redemption based on life (blood) and death (sin/rebellion) and because of his ignorance of this doctrine missed the whole doctrine of justification through the blood of God’s Lamb. He started looking outside of the Bible for his answers ending up denouncing the blood redemption of Christ. Any knowledge of man that is contrary to the revelation of God’s knowledge is fatally flawed and inferior and will ultimately produce misery. God’s Word never changes because it is authored by the God of perfect love! It always thrills me when I hear or read of a man of great intelligence who has based his life on God’s word. Hort along with many other intelligent men through the history of Christian theology could not stoop to intellectual humility and their intelligence was led astray causing them to denounce the deep knowledge of God only to be found by the humble mind – by the lowly souls who may not have possessed the intelligence of some crooked minds. It is a folly most obnoxious that admires men of intelligence and gives them credence when that man defies what Scripture implies and teaches! Only the humble have truth revealed to them fathomed only by faith. A lack of humility is the curse of intelligence. See KJV Bible, God has only one bible. Intellectuals have produced a Bible industry that makes a lot of money for the publishers. Most large publishers do not have the goal of establishing the Word of God, but to the contrary use the Christian’s craving for the Word of God a means of big bucks. Translations are “good books” but they are not “THE good book.” Some translations do away with the masculine gender of God making HIM a neuter – neither man or woman. Other modern translations actually make their god a woman and in that case it becomes a cult and their bible is as holy as old newspapers and fit for the trash! Christianity is a big consumer market in America and these people are going to keep creating bibles to sell to that market. Their objective is money and not providing a pure text that is the Word of God. These publishers don’t want one pure Bible – that would reduce the size of their market and profits. I counted 47 different kinds of Bibles in a large Bible book store in Dallas! Just one pure and preserved KJV in many formats would be enough. In recent years several very ancient MSS of Scripture was found in the Vatican library that predated the codex B and were found to be the text we have in the KJV. But this was hushed and we never heard any more from this sensational find. There is a syndrome of enemies who do not want a pure text determined. Such men and endeavors are Satanic! All one has to do is get on the Internet and search for KJV and you’ll find literally tons of irrefutable evidence that the Greek Textus Recepticus from which we have our English KJV. In the light of the wall of evidence favoring the Greek Textus Recepticus, until all of those strong evidences are explained away by proofs I will place my life in the words of the Greek Textus Recepticus and the KJV English translation. 

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