Beware the False Prophets



The Apostolic and Apostate Study Chart

By Bill Burkett

An Antithetic Parallel Study
Of the Church of Acts and the
End Time Apostate Church

How to best study this chart:
I. Introduction: Explain the difference between what is meant by the apostle’s doctrine and the apostate’s doctrine to show some clear differences between them, e.g., The apostle’s doctrine is the pattern set forth in the Scriptures and cannot be departed from. 1 Corinthians 3:10; Ephesians 2:20. The apostate is given to the theory of relativism and pragmatism which basically teaches that the end justifies the means – or, use whatever methods are necessary to produce material results. This philosophy is entering all but a very small group of gospel churches. Even holiness churches are turning to using emotional methods of the psychology of worship. Flamboyancy, celebretyism and sensationalism are in and the anointing is out in the modern fundamental church worship. Laodicea is here but those guilty of this perversion will not come clean and repent. They worship the world’s gods of sound, speed and color. Wealth and success are their pragmatic goals. Pragmatism; Whatever brings the desired result is right! BUT, if your desired result conflicts with God’s Word, your accomplishments mean nothing! Matthew 7:21-23.

II. Make a study of the apostle’s doctrines. Study of the doctrines here in both the English and the Strong’s Greek for full meaning. Expand each doctrinal study to include it’s broader all-inclusive meaning such in the study of repentance you must go back and begin at the cross with a full explanation of redemption, rebellion, sin, animal sacrifices, then blood atonement, the Lamb of God and His vicarious death. Repentance is an expression of grief for ignoring God as your maker and supreme authority. To repent is to be sorry for a wrong committed against someone who loves you. To repent is to fully acknowledge that your sins brought the Son of God down from heaven causing Him to live in the squalor and darkness of a world of wickedness and die at the hands of evil men as your substitute providing the only escape from the damnation of hell! To repent is to apologize to God for the trouble and untold pain we my fallen nature has caused Him. Repentance encompasses the entire doctrine of JUSTIFICATION. Note: See the Crucifixion banner on ACTSion’s front page for insights on justification.

III. Finally, make a study of the apostate doctrines comparing them with the pure apostle’s doctrines they have attempted to replace. Example; Praise has replaced prayer, intercession and fasting. The apostate church is a “Praise cult.” most of the contemporary music in the Charismatic movement (including to the denominations and even non-Pentecostal churches they have influenced with their perversions) is lauding and praising Jesus avoiding all mention of sin, repentance and a call to holiness. Church platforms now are arrayed with “performers” who sing before the congregation in a spirit of entertainment to appeal to attracting people to the church. Worship has become entertainment, repetitive choruses have replaced hymn books as people stand for long periods of time in worship and praise. But the highest form of prayer is not praise, it is secret prayer which there is very little of among the theatrical churches. As the apostate traits and doctrinal values are described the diametric difference s should be explained.


Pentecostals are not Charismatics

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