By Bill Burkett

There were 23,000 homicides committed in the United States in one recent year. Why isn’t that making headlines! These are senseless murders, thousands of which are young men – not to mention wives and children and family members. In one year, mind you! We have been fighting terrorism on it’s own soil for 5 years with about 4,000 deaths of young men who gave their lives in a service they volunteered for. That is the military. It is considered an honor to enter the military and defend your country against enemies who violate our territories. Radical Muslims attacked our nation killing 3000 fellow Americans in an attack on our soil.

BUT, homicides (murders in America) are senseless and born out of hatred and blind anger. That is the real problem in our country – the murderers and the gangs and senseless violence . Why aren’t we going after the real injustices and the real enemies stalking the innocent on our streets? Why isn’t the media targeting the hundreds of homicides committed right here on American streets everyday? Why are they counting the dead in a war but they’re not counting the dead laying in their blood on our streets, a number far higher than the war – WHY, I ask! I never read a journalist’s report on how many homicides have been committed right here in America. I have never read a journalist showing concern over those murdered senselessly on our streets and in out schools. Why? because their concern is their political agenda to smear their political enemies. They have no compassion for the boys who die in the war, because if it was a compassion and concern for the dying, they would have far more interest in 23,000 killed on our streets! But making the boys in Iraq victims they can promote their dingy liberal propaganda and if they can do that, who cares about those being slaughtered here in America on our streets.

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