Apostate Church

Between the Apostolic and Apostate church

Apostate Church

  1. Emin Reply
    tha"by grace [we] have been saved THROUGH faith " (.8, NRSV) not 'and' faith. The question is what does it mean to recevive salvation by grace through faith? The answer to that question is a big one, to big for this comment. However, in light of a biblical context that thoroughly stress salvation as God's work alone (not cooperative effort between God and man), any answer to that question must avoid speaking of salvation as somehow our work either in part or whole. And this is where the contentious rub would be. I firmly believe that baptism is the means through which God intends to raise us into the saving vicotry of the crucified and resurrected Jesus (.3-7) but I believe that God is the one doing the work for us in baptism (which is why Paul uses the passive voice to speak of the Christian's baptism " all of us who have BEEN baptized into Christ ", .3, NRSV). However, much of the language that has been used to describe baptism in the CoC has spoken naively of baptism as though it was our work (and for that, those who accused us of works-salvation had a point). Do we recall the phrase "God's part and Man's part"? Grace and peace, Rex
    • Simone Reply
      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Fear to Faith ~ the difference bweeetn riding the waves and getting knocked down by them. Not only does this apply to surfing (because it definitely does), but it applies to our obedience to Christ. Fear or Faith? The second is the best my friends!Fantastic sermon Bobby!
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