Another Radio Preacher

Radio Preacher

by Bill Burkett

I heard another radio preacher giving out wrong teaching simply because he was not familiar with his text – didn’t really know his subject. I tell young preachers not to preach beyond their knowledge. Preach around it, up to it and jump over it, but never land on it if you don’t know what your talking about! Speak only according to your knowledge on the subject. If you do this you’ll never give wrong information to God’s saints and you’ll stay out of trouble. If you can’t swim then you shouldn’t attempt any more than do some wading in shallow water. Only then do you have God’s authority indwelling your words. You can run, hack, spit, gasp, sweat and yell till everybody is on their feet shouting but it is no substitute for the ring of truth the Holy Spirit puts into my words when I am resolved to speak only the facts. We are God’s mouthpiece and should approach this responsibility with awe! Our objective is not to make the people feel good but to inspire them to live right by being inspired by the truth! When people are living right they will feel good and won’t have to come to church to be lifted with flattery or emotionalism! Truth is what lifts us into the heavenlies! If it’s a subject that is not settled even in the greatest minds, then graciously explain several views and let your reasons be known for the view you hold. The preacher I heard used sanctified and sanctification as being the same words with the same meaning. Its getting to be a popular error. As a result of this glaring lack of knowledge on his subject he ended up way out in left field! Sanctified in your AV (KJV) Bible is hagiazo (ha-gee-od-zoe) which is a verb referring to a ceremonial act of God in cleansing us from the past and declaring us to be set apart to Himself. It means to be declared by God as God’s possession, as belonging to God and becoming God’s property. Sanctification is ha-giasmos (hagee-os-mose) which is a noun that speaks of the new divine nature that enters my inner man when Christ enters my temple to dwell.

To be Sanctified speaks of being declared holy, while sanctification means to live out the holy life.

One of the serious errors gaining a foothold in the church today is the condition less salvation doctrine, or, “Faith Teaching” that rebels against moral instruction of the Bible angrily denouncing it as legalism. This heresy that teaches faith without works of obedience insist that His righteousness becomes your righteousness as you mentally identify with Christ apart from obedience to any of the 1050 commandments and precepts given to us in the New Testament. But this is not correct, it is not Biblically sound doctrine and damning people who actually believe in Christ but are being misled by a lot of slick theological double talk. Read all of Matthew 7:21-27. Treat the truth well – in the end we will each be judged by it without mercy!

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