An Interesting Story

An Interesting Story Leonard Ravenhill Told Me

Brother Leonard Ravenhill, author of Why Revival Tarries and other heart stirring books has gone on to be with the Lord. Every time I went down to Texas for meetings we would meet and have fellowship in his home. He has been gone now for several years and I miss those visits very much. He is waiting in heaven for the rapture and the gathering of the saints I can share some things I would not share while he was living because much of the content of our talks were of a confidential nature and we both knew that. On one of my many visits to brother Leonard Ravenhill’s home he told me he was invited to speak at a Charismatic Vineyard convention. He shared with me some of the things he saw and heard that grieved him. As they announced him to greet the convention, he slowly approached the pulpit and said, “I am going to write a sequel to Why Revival Tarries, and I will name it, Why Revival STILL Tarries.” The thousands in attendance roared their approval with praise, laughter and clapping. When silence fell over the great gathering again, brother Len raised his skinny little finger pointing at them and said, “And YOU are the reason!”I miss you, brother Len.

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