Agape Love is Not Brainless Emotion


Agape Love Is Not Brainless Emotion

Bill Burkett

  The Agape love of God is not a passive love that ignores sin
  The Agape love of God is an intelligently aggressive love
  that bases it’s benevolent acts solidly upon right and wrong

In Romans 12:9 Paul said, Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. In telling people to cleave to that which good and abhor that which evil, he seems to prefix the commandment by referring to a genuine kind of agape. The term, without dissimulation may be a word many Christians who read these lines may not be familiar with. But we have many English words that we know very well that gives the meaning of this word. In the Greek – anupokritos simply means, that our love should not be feigned, put-on, phony, mushy-mouthed, make-believe, not genuine, artificial or putting on a “front.” Paul said our love should be genuine and spiritually natural – without any ulterior nasty-niceness to impress people. Relax, saint and just be your real honest self. Good people who have been in the presence of God and have the Spirit of truth in their lives know when they are in the presence of a phony nasty nice believer.

A Real Person and Real Love Are Synonymous!

A passive attitude toward sin in the church in the name of love will not produce a spiritual power that can resist sin and stand when the time comes to refuse the number of the beast. Soft preaching produces soft saints. Soft on sin in the church is to be spiritually derelict as God’s entrusted overseer of the flock.

Ministers of the flock are to love their people
… but not more than they love truth.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.

Silence about worldliness leads to softness toward sin and softness toward sin leads to approval of sin that sears the conscience and like the hog wallowing in the mud you tolerate loose moral behavior which always ends in the act of sin.

Just little things start us on the road to an apostate life. But once we start down the broad way with so many traveling it, seldom does anyone turn around and go against crowds laughing and dancing their way toward hell and eternal perdition. Once we get on that broad way we are convinced that it must be right because so many are traveling on it! Jesus called it, the broad way that leads to destruction! They can’t all be wrong! But they are. Absorbed and oblivious to the doctrines of the bible they rush on down the avenue called apostasy. I have watched many young men lured from the paths of holiness into the broad way. Some were led by their wives, others by wrong friendships and alliances and still others because they never surrendered themselves to Jesus their whole body, mind and soul.

I recall an old idiom that applies here

For the lack of a nail the horseshoe was lost.
For the lack of the horseshoe the horse was lost.
For the lack of the horse the rider was lost.
For the lack of the rider the battle was lost.
For the lack of the battle the war was lost.
For the lack of victory the nation was lost.
All for the lack of a nail.

Affinity with the world and tolerance toward its habits and values conditions the mind to take the next step downward toward defending the wicked and bashing the prophets. The sign of a hireling is when a preacher defends a “friend” who is living in sin and tramples truth and Biblical truth beneath his feet pitting his judgment against the Word of God. To do despite unto grace and denying the doctrine of godliness (Titus 2:12) are synonymous. On the other hand, truth and Christ are synonymous. My defense of the truth reveals my love for my Lord. When I defend the truth I am defending my faith in Jesus because they are one and the same. Jesus has come to destroy sin while many of His ministers care less about sin or truth tolerating and defending those who commit sin. Jesus paid a great price to destroy sin whether it is in the world or in the church. The church is cursed with hireling today who will not pay the price to do battle against sin. It is this passive and indifferent softness toward sin that constitutes the big change in the holiness churches. But . . .

Paul opposed the Judaizers, demanded discipline for the sin of Corinth,

Paul Commanded that the old leaven be cast out of the church!

He gave the church an ultimatum to withdraw from brothers
who taught against the doctrine that was according to godliness and . . .

John called Diotrephes by name exposing his sin to the church world
throughout it’s history his epistle.

In chapters two and three of Revelation Jesus exposed the sins of the
church telling them they were wretched, miserable, poor and blind and naked calling on them to repent !!

The shameless wrongdoing of many Christians in the holiness churches should not be defended but corrected and disciplined as the Word of God instructs us. It is no wonder the world mocks us when we profess to have faith for miracles of healing but our unsaved neighbors practice a better life with a keener conscience than the Christian next door. We have lost our fear of God and our virtue is lost with it! Like Israel of old we hold the righteous who correct our sin in contempt. When sin is tolerated in the church it reflects badly on our Lord because even sinners know it is wrong! “What does it mean to be born again,” they say, when the Christians I know are shady and dishonest in their business dealings and don’t pay their bills or keep their promises? To refuse to discipline in the name of love is a cowardly cop-out! Pastors should be warned, that it is always easier to prevent sin before it happens than to try and correct it after it has been committed. Soft leadership allows sin to become entrenched in the church. Read Jeremiah chapters 21 -26.


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