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I lovingly dedicate this book to my dear wife and companion for almost 53 years, Ava Marie Davidson.


I’d also like to express my appreciation to Dan Rice for his encouragement to me in preparing the material for this book and getting it ready for publication. Also, to his lovely wife Connie, who was so kind to help in the editing.


Those who know Paul Davidson will understand the objections he raised when I described him the way I did on the covers of this book. I’m sorry, Paul, but like it or not, what I said about you is true. Besides, it just goes to disprove one of your humorous axioms, “He that tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted.” Tooting other people’s horns is what I do best, so you’ll have to indulge me this one time at least. Besides it’s my way of telling others things about you that you never would, and I think they have a right to know.

I have known Paul Davidson for over 20 years, and my parents knew him before I was born. Paul has been a mentor to me; my spiritual father, you might say. Literally countless others could also say this of Paul Davidson; a unique man with an unusual talent for communicating the depth of the scriptures. The Lord of the Book is his first love.

There is no single person who has impacted my life more than Paul Davidson. He walked with me in the night time, down lonely, cold, North Dakota roads, talking of things far beyond my limited understanding. I have often wondered why such a great man in my eyes would choose such an obscure location. Through him I learned that all places and all people are of infinite value to God. Paul Davidson demonstrated this perfectly. If to no one else, then at least to me, Paul Davidson was and will always be a gift from God.

He pulled me up from depression more than once and believed in me when others thought poorly of me. He cried real, warm, and sweet tears as he solemnized my marriage to Connie (Phillips). I loved him because he often spoke kindly to her, especially when she went through her own deep waters. He counseled us. He placed a blessing on the life of my family. He prayed for our three children. He taught me the value of hard work. He taught me how to garden and make compost, and how to deal with the stubbornness of the Canadian Thistle. He taught me the meaning of Pentecost, and he allowed me to argue with him when I didn’t agree with his view points. He has, on many occasions, confirmed the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Paul, to me, and despite his own personal human struggles, is more than a Bible teacher; he’s a real man, a WHOLE MAN.

He knows pain and joy, ecstasy and agony. He has great passion in an age when men’s hearts grow colder by the minute. He speaks frankly and earnestly in an age when being politically correct has stolen the fire from the pulpits of America. The sermons, in this book, are vital and compelling. For those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches … go ahead, lean on Jesus’ breast, feel His great heart beating out the truth, listen to Him through this servant, listen closely … listen with an open mind. listen with a Hearing Heart.

Daniel F. Rice, Kirkland, Washington, 1993

Bill Burkett’s personal comments on the life of Paul Davidson.

I came to know brother Davidson back in the 1950’s. His brother was pastoring the Assembly of God church in Mishawauka, Indiana and through his brother I heard about him. Then in the 1960’s when later I pastored in Indiana I came to meet and know Paul Davidson personally. We became bonded as brothers by our common love for the Word of God. When we would meet at district functions you would find brother Davidson and I off in a corner or in the men’s room sharing insights we had received from the Lord since we last met.

Brother and sister Davidson were missionaries to China for many years. They have served as pastors, missionaries, Bible College teacher and Bible teacher at large. He lived for years in retirement at the Hartford City Indiana, campground where he labored for years and literally transformed the campgrounds landscape as a gardener and keeper of the grounds. In Summer camp time he taught Bible in the tabernacle. His wife later became an invalid totally dependant on others, Each day he spent hours with her in the nursing home just down the street from their little home. Every time we talked he told me how much he loved her, the wife of his youth. Finally sister Davidson went on to be with the Lord and not too long after he also followed her to heaven. Just before he died he sent me a short letter and said, I am so lonely without her, I long to go, and the Lord honored his words and took him.

When I pastored the church in Goshen, Indiana he, Jake Smith and Arthur Gullette were the men I called on to come in and take my pulpit when I was overseas. I never had to worry about my people being fed when these men were filling in.

When I left my last pastorate before entering the mission field full time thirty two years ago, Paul Davidson was the first man I called to take the church before I resigned. It was a new building built just 4 years previous and the numbers had tripled – a good strong church with a fine group of believers. He was sitting on the couch in front of my desk when I asked him to please come and take the church. He immediately, in his abrupt way, snapped, No, brother, I wouldn’t be able to keep so many keys in order. He was always able to know that when something was not the will of God, to want it and string out a decision. He knew the moment I asked him it was not God’s will – and that was it! Brother Davidson was one of the most transparent and honest men I had ever known and he has contributed more to this younger preacher’s life and thought more than he will ever know. He was always known to be an abrupt conservative man with an intense belief in the holiness of God as you can see by his writings. I remember him telling me in detail about a terrible ordeal he went through with other missionaries when he was in China. He later wrote them and apologized for any part he had played in the misunderstanding but they never replied to him and accepted his apology. It broke his heart when he didn’t hear back from them. He and sister Davidson enjoyed a mainstream Bible College ministry but always kept their separation standards.

He remained absorbed in the Word of God receiving rich insights right up to the day the Lord took him. Great men of God sat under his Bible teaching at the campgrounds declaring that, It was like sitting under the ministry of Paul the apostle.



  1. Gordon Williams Reply
    I was a student of Brother Davidson in the late 70's. He left with me a great impression of a great man of God. He was frank when others were earnest. My small children loved him also for he greeted each one with kindness and love. Thank you Brother Davidson for your dedication to disciple and mature a young man with now 36 years of ministry.

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