Abeokuta Nigeria

Ade Shobanke

Ade Shobanke

PASTOR ADE SHOBANKE (Adee Show-bonkee) pastors an outstanding Pentecostal holiness church in Abeakuta, Nigeria, which he pioneered and built. It now consists of several buildings around the Central Church and several satellite churches in the Abeakuta districts that grew out of the Central Church. The church also has a Christian school. American pastors who want to support a godly native ministry that’s reaching millions in the South of Nigeria that is trustworthy with a strong missionary ministry in Africa where I have personally evangelized with brother Shobanke, then here a native work where your offering will be used effectively and conscientiously to win souls for Christ in these end times. Ade Shobanke is a small man but I call him , “The little man with a giant inside.” Bill Burkett ministries recommends this man highly!

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