A Little Good – a Little Bad

There’s always a little bad in the good,
and little good in the bad

By Bill Burkett

Speaking of good and bad brothers, there is good in every bad person and some bad in every good person. Sometimes the good we cite in people is like a clock that’s not working. Even though it’s not running and the hands aren’t moving it is still right twice every twenty four hours BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE CLOCK IS WORKING RIGHT! The difference is that if I am a redeemed person and walking in the Spirit of Christ I will recognize, admit, repent and depart from the flaws I see in myself as I read myself in the mirror of His word. The redeemed Christian works at perfection and self improvement in his or her character. We are perfecting holiness, that is, we are correcting the small details of our lives. This means that I am changing and seeing change in my life for the good from day to day, from week to week and from year to year. But, back to presidents. Many people saw the promiscuity in president Clinton as a reproach to our nation and a terribly corrupting influence on a whole generation of American youth. But former president Clinton must be commended for a couple of very good things he did while in office that Christians should appreciate; things many other presidents did not tackle. First, he aggressively confronted the tobacco industry and made life bearable for non-smokers in public places. Secondly, he signed a bill that insured Americans the right to purchase vitamins and supplements in the health food stores defeating an AMA campaign to control vitamins with prescriptions. I am very thankful for Mr. Clinton’s efforts in these two areas. Then president Bush took office and the infamous 9/11 fell on America on his watch. Mr Bush found himself with many critics but if all Americans would go after the terrorists with the same hatred they have for our president we could easily defeat the murderous Muslim extremist terrorists – easily! Lay off the president and lay into the murderers. They are the cause of the war in Iraq, they are killers and they are the enemy, not Mr. Bush.

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