A Disclaimer of Sort

A disclaimer of sort:

By Bill Burkett

Evangelical Views of the News – Hundreds of bloggers are on cyberspace voicing their personal opinions often cleverly worded and truthful but usually void of any mention of the bible or spiritual values or any appreciation of what God says about world conditions today. Bill’s Bible Blog is not political, that is, representing a political party, but representing the righteousness of God to a world trying to make things work right by excluding it’s Maker and blaming Christianity for all the nation’s woes. All of the prophets, more than thirty mentioned in Scripture were critical of governments and rulers over them when they sinned against God’s commandments. Nathan pointed his finger at king David saying, Thou art the man. John Baptist rebuked Herod, the governor, for adultery (Matthew 14:1-3). Jesus called Herod, the governor a fox (Luke 3:1; 13:32). God often called men to expose the corruption of political leaders calling them to repent. We evangelical Christian are thought by the high minded liberal thinkers, whatever their party, as being a bunch of ill informed dummies dangerous and threatening to their political agenda. Actually, those who hold the biblical principles of government embrace the wisdom of the living God, hated by ambitious humanists. Despised by Hollywood and liberal politicians, bible believing Christians have a far better understanding of the world’s problems because we hold in our hands God’s plan for the ages and we know where this world is headed and how it will end and when. Today’s politicians, even those who claim to be “born again,” are more motivated by votes than they are by values.

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